With The First Pick of the 2018 NFL Draft, The Cleveland Browns Select: Lamar Jackson.

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Lamar Jackson seems to be the least talked about high-end prospect the 2018 NFL Draft has to offer.  Make no mistake about it, Lamar Jackson deserves consideration to be picked first overall, or just the first round in general.  The fact he isn’t getting much attention is very weird.



Now, the easy comparison here is obviously Michael Vick.  They are both run-heavy Quarterback’s, with athleticism through the freaking roof.  At any second Jackson could take off, and run the ball 90 yards to the house.  In college, Mike Vick had one huge knock to his game.  His ability to throw the ball down the field.  Vick lacked the down field accuracy, and power if he were to stand in the pocket.


Now, based on what I have been watching of Jackson it seems as if he is ahead of where Vick was just throwing the ball down the field.  His passes have more zip, and accuracy than anything Vick threw at Virginia Tech.

lamar jackson stats 1

lamar jackson stats 3

Looking at Jackson’s’ stats here I am pleasantly surprised.   Obviously his best year came in 2016, where he threw for 30 TD’s, and rushed for another 21.  That’s your Quarterback accounting for 51 total touchdowns.  That is insanity right there.  In 2017 his stats dropped………barely.  In a season where he was hyped less than the year before, Lamar came out and balled.  Interestingly enough, he ran for 3 less TD’s, AND threw for 3 less TD’s than 2016.  However, his total yardage increased for both rushing and passing.  In 2017 he threw for 3,660 yards.  That is up from 3,543 in 2016.  2017 saw Lamar rush for 1,601 yards, which is an improvement from the 1,571 in 2016.

holy lamar.gif

All of those stats, and insane highlights bring us to the main Question: Should the Browns take Lamar Jackson at number 1?  Short answer: No.  I would have no problem with the Browns if they decided they wanted to pick Lamar Jackson.  First overall would be a bit of a reach despite the Heisman Season, highlights, and numbers.  Drafting Lamar Jackson so high would require the Browns to tailor the entire offense to him.  This is fine and all, but the gimmicky read-option/pistol offense seems to only work in spurts in the NFL.  Defenses are just too fast for it.  If you draft Lamar Jackson that high you don’t force him to become a pure pocket passer.  That would ruin the kid, and is just not doing his talent justice.  I feel like it’s easier to ask a Pro-Style quarterback to run more, than it is to ask a running quarterback to stay in the pocket.

If Dorsey decides Lamar is the guy, by all means draft Lamar Jackson.  I would prefer they tried to trade back into round 1 in the 15-32 area.  They have the draft capital to do so (Thanks Sashi, love you mean it).  But, Browns fans should not sleep on Lamar Jackson.  This dude is fucking electric, and I was shocked to see he virtually matched his Heisman winning season.  Hell, 2017 was probably the better year.  Fewer TD’s, but total yardage increased.  Will John Dorsey show some serious balls, and draft Lamar Jackson to be the Browns Quarterback of the future?

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With The First Pick of The 2018 NFL Draft, The Cleveland Browns Select: Sam Darnold

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Here we go with the second Quarterback on my Rookie QB wish-list.  Sam Darnold from USC.  Darnold is coming off a 4,000 yard Sophomore campaign.  Coming into the year Darnold was seen as a unanimous #1 overall pick.  Both USC, and Darnold himself disappointed in 2017, but not bad enough to ruin his draft stock.  USC finished 11-2, and got waxed in the Cotton Bowl by Ohio State.

History has not been kind to USC Quarterbacks.  They are consistently pumped up as the next great thing, and it never pans out.  They are all seen as the (my favorite word!) prototype NFL signal caller. What is the prototype?  It’s a 6’4 225 pocket passer, who has a rocket arm.   All USC Quarterbacks fit that mold when their slinging the rock against the fucking Oregon State Beavers.

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(Look even John David Booty made it to an SI cover)

In the NFL it is a different story.  More often than not, they amount to shit.  Occasionally, guys are able to carve out a decent career (Carson Palmer, Matt Cassel).

Lets take a brief look back at USC Quarterbacks past:

Matt Leinart:

Selected 10th overall in 2006, by Arizona Cardinals. Career record: 8-10.

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This guy straight sucked.  First of all this is nothing but pure bias on my part, but NEVER EVER take a lefty Quarterback.  He was one of those guys labeled the “prototype” NFL QB.  Problem is he threw like a Sally.  Leinart toiled around with the Texans, Raiders, and Bills before calling it quits.

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Matt Barkley:

Selected 98th overall by the Philadelphia Eagles.  Career Record: 1-5

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Another USC QB, another bust.  Barkley was regarded as a sure fire first round draft pick in 2011.  That didn’t stop him from returning to USC for his Senior season in 2012.  Big mistake.  Going into the year, Barkley was the unanimous number 1 pick with all the draft nerds, and leading Heisman trophy candidate.  His team was ranked #1 in the country to go along with it.  By years end USC had lost five games, Barkley had a shoulder injury that ended his season, and he had fallen out of the first round in draft projections.

Barkley was drafted by Philadelphia 98th overall in 2013,  and he never saw the field.  Philly traded him to Arizona in 2015, who cut him weeks later.  As a backup Matt got a few starts with Chicago in 2016, but still went 1-5.  He was on the Arizona Cardinals roster in 2017, but was inactive for all 16 games.

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Mark Sanchez: 

Selected 5th overall by the New York Jets in 2009.  Career Record: 37-35

buff fumble


Ahhhhhh yes!  The Sanchize.  I remember it well.  Mark Sanchez came on to the scene with slightly less fanfare than the other two hacks.  However, in his draft year he soared up draft boards right behind the consensus #1 overall pick, Matt Stafford.  The Jets took Sanchez 5th overall after trading up with the Cleveland Browns.  Sanchez had an immediate impact.  The Jets went 9-7 and 11-5 his first two seasons as starter.  He even managed to take his team to the AFC Championship twice.  The kicker?  They beat the Patriots in Foxboro, in January.

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It all went down hill from here for Marky Mark.  The Jets would miss the playoffs each of the following two seasons, and finally Sanchez was traded to the Philadelphia Eagles in 2015.  Since then, he’s been a journeyman backup.  He’s suited up for Denver, Dallas,, and Chicago.  I’m sure he will pop up in some camp this August.

These are the three most recent examples of over-hyped USC stiffs.  Carson Palmer gets an honorable mention, as his career turned out to be mediocre at best once he took that shot to the knee in the 2005 Wild-Card game against Pittsburgh.

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Just goes to show you there is enough of a trend for me to have MAJOR doubts picking a highly rated USC Signal Caller.  However, there is something about Darnold that leads me to believe he could be the exception to the rule.  Of course, once again he is seen as the “Prototype” NFL QB.  The kid is a fucking Mack Truck standing at 6’4, 225lbs.  That will come in handy at the NFL for sure.  Darnold has a big arm, and he is not afraid to stand in the pocket and sling it.

A few things standout watching these two clips, Sam has some fuckin’ confidence in his arm, eh?  He is willing to stand in there, and fit the ball into tight windows to make plays.  At 2:05 of the second video, Sam is being pressured from the outside on a four man rush.  He is able to use his vision, and footwork to evade pressure, and he fires a missile to his receiver in the back of the endzone.  The throw at 2:05 seriously gave me a chubby for Darnold.

I also noticed that he is surprisingly good using his legs.  Not only can he move around the pocket to create throwing lanes, Darnold can take off and get chunks of yardage.  It also appeared like USC ran some designed QB running plays to get him into space.  He rushed for 332 yards and 7 touchdowns in his two years at USC.  Not bad all.

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What I do definitively like about this kid, is his attitude.  There were reports that he would head back to Southern Cal for his Junior season simply to avoid the Browns.  That’s not the case obviously, as he and Josh Rosen declared for the draft this past January.   Seems like the kid has a good head on his shoulders, and it’s not lodged up his clam like Josh Rosen.  Rosen walks around with the stench of prick following him around.  Darnold is humbled, well spoken, and seen as a true leader by his teammates.  After-all, he does have the “C” on his jersey.

Will Dorsey and the gang find all this enough to grab Sam Darnold with the 1st or 4th pick in the draft?  We’ll see…

Browns Hire Scot McCloughan as Draft Consultant

Interesting move by the Browns here.  I assumed once Eliot Wolf was hired, that would probably be it for Dorsey and company until Free Agency.  I was wrong.  Dorsey went out and made another Front Office hire. Dorsey has brought in ex Redskins General Manager, Scot McCloughan.  So far, it’s been reported that he is only being hired as a 2018 Draft Consultant, and no other duties have been specified.

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Kind of a surprising move hiring this guy.  I thought for sure they had their Front Office all lined up, and ready to rock.  It is a nice addition to the Organization, as Scot is highly regarded for his ability to identify talent.  The man is Football Scouting Savant.  Seems to fit the M-O of the front office, a collection of Football Lifers, who are known for identifying talent.  The more the merrier here in Berea, OH.

A few highlights from Scot’s career are as follows:

  1. Identified, scouted, and drafted Russell Wilson with the Seattle Seahawks.  Wilson was picked by Seattle 75th overall in 2012.
  2. Drafted Alex Smith first overall in 2005, when he was with San Francisco.  He took him over Aaron Rodgers, but it is still very difficult to draft a successful Quarterback in the first round.  Even if it is the first round, success rate is 40% league wide.  He found a successful NFL starter.  That earns you a statue in Cleveland.
  3. Along with Wilson, the Seahawks front office with McCloughan found Kam Chancellor, and Richard Sherman with later round picks.  Image result for Sherman Chancellor

Bottom line here is, the Browns are terrified of fucking up what is ahead. The amount of picks, and cap space make this off-season absolutely vital. They have added some big-time names to the executive staff, in hopes they won’t fuck it up (Mainly fucking up selecting a Quarterback).

If the Browns could add a few starters in free agency (you’d play for us on Super Bowl Sunday, Malcolm!), parlay that with a good draft, and look out! We might even win a game?!

Or maybe a reunion with TP11?

Of course our man McCloughan will focus on the Browns draft plans, rather than Free Agency.  The Browns draft plans revolve around Quarterback, and drafting twice in the top 5 he will have a huge role in scouting, and interviewing all the QB prospects.  Early on in there seems to be one rookie QB Scot has the hots for.  He’s already sucked off one of the top Quarterbacks verbally during Senior Bowl week.

In an interview with Pro Football Talk McCloughan drooled, “He reminds me of a shorter version of Brett Favre,” McCloughan said. “Tough guy. He can throw it. And he’s very confident, and he’s not afraid whatsoever, whatsoever. He’s a battler. I know saying Brett Favre’s a big name, and I was around him for a while, but this guy has talent.”

Should be an interesting couple of months. New Year,  new Browns baby!!

Well…We’re Fucked.

In case you have been living under a rock the past couple of days, The Kansas City Chiefs have traded Quarterback, Alex Smith to the Washington Redskins.  In return, Washington received a 3rd round draft pick in 2018, and second year Cornerback Kendall Fuller.  In addition, Alex Smith signed a four year $91 million dollar contract extension with Washington.   The trade cannot be officially completed until March 14th, when the new league year begins.  Theoretically, there could be “take backs” called by one of these two teams between now and then.

This is a massive deal for many reasons, first being Kirk Cousins is officially out in Washington.  I will never understand that organizations’ contempt for him.  From the very second he was named starter over Robert Griffin III, Kirk was never really respected as a true Franchise Quarterback.  All while Kirk was showing them wrong on the field.  After 3 seasons, the Kirk Cousins saga is finally over in Washington, it’s going to very much heat up around the league come March.

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I initially thought Alex Smith would be the first big move of John Dorsey’s tenure as Cleveland Browns GM.  Like with many acquisitions, the Browns were beaten to the punch by another team.

Oh fucking well.  That’s the way the ball bounces for the Cleveland Browns.  Like the Jimmy Garoppolo deal the Browns were frozen out.  Likely this is a case of the Chiefs doing Smith a solid.

Sounds like Smith would not have been thrilled to play in Cleveland, not that he has any reason to be thrilled.  I am not overly frustrated because, well it’s Alex Smith.  He just got an albatross of a contract extension, and it seems as if the Browns were only willing to commit short-term.  The problem with this deal is that it likely takes 2 quarterbacks off of the “Veteran Bridge Starter” short-list for Dorsey.   With every Quarterback needy team salivating over Kirk Cousins, I thought for sure the Browns would swoop in and silently trade for Smith.  The Browns simply due to cap space are still likely in the conversation for Kirk, but I can’t imagine him not picking Denver.  How could you not?  The more I thought about it, the less I can see the Browns landing captain Kirk.  They should do everything in their power to land him, but I just don’t see it happening with Denver sitting there all QB needy.  John Elway is going to rob the Browns a third time.  You just know it.  The Broncos had offered a 2nd round pick, AND Aqib Talib for Smith, and that was turned down.  You can certainly see Elway pulling out all the stops to land Kirk.

The Jets and Bills feel like viable landing spots for him too.  Both teams are solid on the defensive side of the ball, and have a few quality pieces on offense to intrigue Kirk.  While I desperately want Kirk to dawn turd colored pants, it just doesn’t seem like a good landing spot for him.  They are likely on this list due to the shear amount of money available to spend.

Now that those two are out of the way, lets take a look the remaining Unrestricted Free Agent Quarterbacks this off-season:

  1. Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints.
  2. Hasn’t re-signed with the Saints yet. Would expect him back in NOLA.**
  3. Jimmy Garoppolo, San Francisco 49ers.
  4. **Technically has not re-signed with San Francisco.  He will re-sign there no doubt.**
  5. Image result for jimmy garoppolo 49ers
  6.  Kirk Cousins, Washington Redskins.
  7. **Will be a Bronco on 3/14.** 
  8. Image result for kirk Cousins 2018
  9. Case Keenum, Minnesota Vikings.
  10. **This guy blows.  Hard pass.**
  11. Image result for keenum skol
  12. A.J. McArron, Cincinnati Bengals.
  13. **Sashi Brown is rolling in his hypothetical grave**
  14. Teddy Bridgewater, Minnesota Vikings.
  15. **Will re-sign in Minny. Youngest QB on their roster with positive upside.**
  16. Image result for teddy bridgewater sucks
  17. Sam Bradford, Minnesota Vikings.
  18. **Viable option in the Alex Smith mold.  Can see him being high on the Browns wish-list**
  19. Image result for Sam Bradford 2018

Overall, considering what is normally out there for Free-Agent Quarterbacks, it’s not a bad list.  There are a few other names that could be moved as well.  Tyord Taylor could be released or traded by Buffalo.  Initially, I was all-aboard Team Tyrod.  Then this years playoffs happened.  Boy oh boy did he ever suck in the Wildcard game against Jacksonville. He couldn’t hit check-down routes in the hands.  A brief look at his playoff stat-line:

Tyrod playoff stats

Image result for Tyrod Taylor playoffs

Depending on his contract situation, and how he plays this Sunday, Nick Foles is another prospective bridge guy.  Big Dick Nick would have to put on one hell of a display for me to want the Browns to go after him.  If he is a Free-Agent, by all means give it a go.  If not, don’t sell the farm to bring him in.

Image result for nick foles nfc championship

I seem to be changing this prediction as to which Veteran Quarterback I would like the Browns to bring in.  First I wanted Tyrod, then Kirk, then check down Alex, and back to Kirk.   It’s exhausting really.  I guess with new developments I will make a new prediction:

Based off of prior events, I would think that AJ McCarron will be fumbling snaps next season in Cleveland.  Just remember:

Image result for Hue Jackson AJ MccArron

Welcome to Cleveland, Katherine Webb-McCarron!!!!!!

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With the First Pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, Cleveland Browns Select: Baker Mayfield.

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This is a time of year that is just the worst for sports.  Football will be over this time next week.  That means we’re stuck with silly Draft hype.  We will be getting slammed with Senior Bowl, Combine, and Pro-Day bullshit until our ears bleed.  Figured now is as good a time as ever to break down the top Quarterbacks in this years draft class.  Let’s kick it off with Baker Mayfield, 2018 Heisman Trophy Winner.  Is he qualified to be selected number 1 overall?

There is something about this kid, man.  I’ve said it a few times, but Mayfield is really the only Quarterback that intrigues me to a high degree.  Darnold, Rosen, and Allen just don’t move the needle for me.  Maybe it is because those guys are more of the “Prototype” Pro Quarterback.  Tall pocket passers with good arm-strength.  Mayfield is anything but tall.  Mayfield stands at 6 feet tall, and 216 ponds.  Certainly not built like most Franchise Quarterbacks.

I certainly understand the risks with Mayfield going in.  Much like Johnny Manziel, Mayfield took the College Football world by storm with electrifying play.  Much like Manziel, Baker is considered shorter than the ideal NFL Quarterback, but still electrifies.  They both have had issues with off-the-field issues in the past as well.  With all the similarities, there are differences to point out.

The first major difference is the way in which Johnny and Mayfield ran their offense.  Johnny was running a college based, read-option offense.  It involved a lot of Johnny improvising, and chucking the ball up to Mike Evans.  Evans was a man playing among boys at that time.

Taking a look at the highlights, it is pretty clear how simple Johnny’s offense was at A&M.  He was a one read and run guy.  He hardly ever stood in the pocket, and made his progressions.  At the slightest bit of pressure, or sign the play was breaking down Johnny took off running.  In the This lead to many highlight reel plays in college, as in the open-field Johnny was so hard to stop.  The Texas A&M offense set him up to fail in the NFL.  It was too improvisational, and he had an NFL ready Wide-Out at his disposal in Mike Evans.

Johnny in the NFL was nothing short of a disaster, particularly outside of Football. The second his name was announced, his time in Cleveland was a media circus.  On-field wasn’t great in 2014. Despite what many will tell you, 2015 Johnny was mostly good on the field.  The only real disaster performance came in his first career start in 2014.

After a tough start in 2014, and entering rehab; Johnny came back strong in 2015. Despite having next to no weapons, or belief from his coaches, Johnny put up solid numbers in his first chunk of playing time in the NFL. He finished 2015 with 9 games played.  He threw for 1,500 yards, 7 touchdowns, and 5 interceptions.  He added 230 rushing yards on 37 attempts.  Johnny’s off-field issues took off during the middle of the 2015 campaign, and got so bad he was released in March of 2016.

Image result for Johnny Manziel Court

With Baker displaying tamer, albeit similar off-field concerns you would think the Browns would scratch him off their QB Short-list ASAP.  Based off the sound bites from this past Weekend’s Senior Bowl, Browns GM John Dorsey is intrigued with the Oklahoma Signal Caller, and maybe enough to take him with the number 1 overall draft selection this April.

First things first, Baker Mayfield is nearly a spitting image of what Johnny Manziel was in some ways.  He’s a fiery competitor, who isn’t shy with words or actions.  Manziel had his patented “Money Manziel Sign”, and Mayfield stuck his teams flag in the middle of Ohio State’s field, which got a lot of heat for reasons unknown.  Grow up you fucking pussies.  Oh, and he’s grabbed his junk on TV clear as day.

Image result for Money Manziel sign     Image result for Baker Mayfield junk

Image result for Baker Mayfield flag

To the naked eye, Manziel and Mayfield look like one in the same.  Mayfield runs a similar offense to what A&M was running in 2012-2013.  It is a lot of read option, run-pass option type plays.  While the offense is similar, Mayfield plays the game completely different than Manziel did.  He has balls.  By balls, I mean he doesn’t take off at the slightest sign of trouble, or his number 1 read is taken away.

Take a look at his 2018 Rose Bowl Highlights.  Mayfield expresses the pocket presence and poise that Johnny never had.  You can see on multiple big plays, Mayfield is in the pocket moving his eyes downfield, and eventually hitting his 3rd/4th option for a big gain.  He doesn’t rely on scampering through College Linebackers once the play breaks down.  He does run, but it feels like he runs more on design, than improvisation.

Baker has done it these past two years with a group of JAGS at Wide-Receiver.  I think this has actually helped himself.  He hasn’t had the downfield options that Johnny did, so he’s had to develop better deep throw accuracy.  I feel like the placement on his deeper throws is far superior to Manziel.  Manziel had the luxury of turning his head and throwing it as far as possible in the direction of Mike Evans.

Mayfield Stats 2

Manziel stats 2

These are the career college stats for both Johnny, and Baker.  Those who have been saying these two are a cut from the same cloth are just wrong.  Johnny caught fire in 2012, and carried it into 2013.  Baker has consistently performed at a high level.  With each year, you can see Baker’s stats grow.  The most impressive growth I see is, Average Yards per Attempt.  Baker’s grew from 10.4. to 12.3, and finally 12.9.  It shows that he developed into a quality downfield passer as he learned the college game.  Manziel’s Average Yards per Attempt was, 8.8 in 2012, and 10 in 2013.  Not even in the same ballpark as Mayfield.  It goes to show you how different they really are.

Should the Browns take Mayfield with the number 1 overall pick this fall?  I think he is as good an option as anyone to be drafted by the Browns this spring.  There is is something about the kid that makes me so intrigued.  He has the desire, and drive to lead his team to victory.  He isn’t afraid of anyone, and it shows on the field.  Is he cocky?  He absolutely is, but you can see how much he motivates his teammates on the field.  Baker has had an off-field incident, but it hasn’t plagued him nearly as much as Manziel’s issues.  Everything about Mayfield leads me to believe he really has the motivational drive in him, whereas the confidence Manziel displayed was more or less a front.

Mayfield has even expressed desire in being the Qaurterback to turn things around in Cleveland (Hey Josh Rosen, he ain’t scared ya fucking pussy). Whether this is just Pre-Draft bull-shit being spewed is yet to be determined.

Will Baker Mayfield be the Browns Quarterback in the Future when they hit the podium in April?   We’ll see…

Browns Hire Eliot Wolf as Assistant General Manager

Image result for Eliot Wolf

John “big dick” Dorsey has made his final off-season addition to the Front Office, before we get into the Combine, Free Agency, and the Draft.  Wolf had been interviewing with both the Browns, and Raiders.

Wolf, like Alonzo Highsmith comes from the Greenbay Packer organization.   He is the son of former Packer General Manager, Ron Wolf.  Ron Wolf is most famous for trading for Brett Favre.  Wolf traded a first round pick in the 1991 NFL Draft to the Atlanta Falcons for Favre.  Wolf initially wanted to draft Favre, but was was he was taken one pick prior by Atlanta.

Image result for Ron Wolf trade

This has absolutely nothing with Eliot’s hiring, but it shows that Eliot has come from a strong background.   In 2004 Wolf became a Pro Personnel Assistant for Green Bay, and worked his way through the ranks.  He was promoted to Assistant Director of Pro Personnel in 2008, and then finally in Director of Player Personnel.  Wolf comes from the Pro side of things, rather than drafting/scouting.  The idea of over $100 million to spend this off-season has to be intriguing.

Per spotrac.com, the Browns have a whopping $109,696,292 in free money.  It will certainly be interesting to see how Wolf will help spend that.  After all, this is what I want him to bring.  I want him to identify talent at the pro level, and bring them in.  Whether it be a guy who is on waivers, or an eight figure signing when free agency opens.

Seems as if the overall reaction is that this is a great hire.  The trio of Highsmith, Dorsey, and Wolf give me something to feel somewhat decent about.  I will certainly give these guys some time to figure it out.  These are three EXTREMELY well respected executives, who know what it takes to build a sustainable winning program.  First order of business, Quarterback.

Image result for Alex Smith browns

Swallowing my pride here.  I think Alex Smith is a must get this off-season.  With it being pretty clear he is on the market, The Browns have been mentioned as a potential landing spot.  Dorsey was the man who brought Smith to Kansas City for a 2013 conditional third round pick.  Now, with Smith coming off arguably his best season the price might be higher.  This where my man Sashi Brown deserves some credit.  Bill Belichick won’t call The Browns to have them overpay for Jimmy G, but I bet Andy Reid calls the Browns first if trading him is the option they go with, rather than cutting him out-right. Sashi built up draft capital for a reason.  Let’s use it.  I’m ok with a bit of an overpay, as Smith is coming off a damn good year, as reflected in the stats below.  While Smith isn’t going to get you a Super Bowl, he could bring major stability to the Quarterback position, while we groom either Darnold, or Rosen.

Hopefully the organization is starting to stabilize.  See if we can attract a few free agents (hello Terrlle Pryor), trade for Smith, and pick your future Franchise Quarterback.  Use the ass-tone of picks to continue to build roster.  Let’s get this ball rollin’.  The off-season is our season baby!

Image result for Terrelle Pryor browns

P.S. But seriously, bring back TP12…Or

Any of these guys…

Absolutely Nothing Goes the Browns Way

I came across this article today, and threw up immediately after reading a few paragraphs.  It was written by Cleveland Plain Dealer’s, Terry Pluto. Pluto is not Adam Schefter, but I’d go to him over Mary Kay Cabot, or Tony Grossi.

Background information on the failed Jimmy Garoppolo trade, for those who don’t want to read it:

  1. The Browns had interest in Jimmy Garoppolo for quite some time. I’d say speculation started by October of 2016.
  2. The Browns and Patriots had been common trade partners the past few seasons (Jamie Collins, Barkevious Mingo).
  3. It was made clear that the Browns were negotiating hard for the single caller towards last years draft.  Nothing materialized.
  4. THIS SEASON: Pluto reports the Browns first round pick previously owned by Houston was on the table.  That pick turned out to be 4th overall.  (At the time it was not clear)
  5. The last contact the Browns had with the Patriots  was on the 28th of October.  The Browns had Houston’s pick on the table, along with, “other goodies” per Pluto. Hell, the Browns offered to find the Patriots a backup QB. They’d sign him, and offer them up in the trade to go along with picks.
  6. It was made clear he was not for sale. Two days later, Jimmy was on his way to San Francisco.

This story has really crawled up my tail-pipe.  Nothing, and I mean nothing the Browns try, works out. Nothing will go their way.  Make it 18 years and counting.

This trade, the Browns were made to look like complete fools.  Hell, Browns coaches cited how upset they were Sashi couldn’t pull off a deal for the young signal caller.  They were upset he was “At home playing with his kids”.  He did everything in his goddamn power.  Bill ego-maniac Belichick stuck his middle fingers in the air directed at the Browns. Not sure if he is directing them at the Patriots as well.  With multiple sources reporting fishy Jimmy G trade details, it sounds like there could be SOME tension in, Foxboro.  The extent of which, will forever be unknown.

I’m still not completely sold on Jimmy, after-all he’s played only 7 and a half NFL games.  He’s looked damn good with dog shit skill players around him.  The most frustrating aspect of the situation is that this is just another missed opportunity at a Quarterback.  I mean, how would Jimmy look with David Njoku?  How about Josh Gordon?  It’s extremely frustrating, when every single door the Browns open is not correct. The missed draft choices are inexusable, but the failed Jimmy G trade was cited as a main reason Sashi Brown was fired.  So fuck you, Bill Belichick (Unless you come home to finish the job 😉 )

Hopefully, one of these days the Browns will catch a break.

Image result for Bill Belichick browns

Jimmy Garoppolo highlights to make me want to kill myself:

Josh Rosen & Sam Darnold Both Declare for the NFL Draft

The California QBs that were touted as top picks before the season have both officially made their statements and declared for the draft within 1 hour of each other. Rosen, the UCLA product, made his statement on twitter first — followed up by USC’s QB Darnold doing the same but on Instagram.

There obviously was talk of both of them not wanting to go to the Browns because of the state of the franchise and I’m not going to get in depth in their abilities because Danny did so here. However, these two were selected as pre-season favorites to go early in the draft for a reason. Both slumped a little during their seasons and the records aren’t exactly eye-opening, but they both managed to have solid seasons.

If I had to choose one? And I’m sure Cleveland or the Giants will select a QB, if not both — I’m going Rosen. USC QBs never really pan out well  in the NFL(see: Leinart, Barkley, Sanchez, Kessler). I’d be shocked if the Browns went Darnold here as I feel even Josh Allen is a better prospect than him.

Either way, it is now official and the Browns are on the clock — let’s see if Rosen can be the game-changer to turn a franchise around.

Browns Hire Alonzo Highsmith for VP of Football Operations.

Well, it looks we have our first John Dorsey hire of the off-season, in Alonzo Highsmith.  Highsmith announced that he would be joining John Dorsey’s staff, as Vice President of Football Operations.  He spent the last 19 years in Green Bay working to build a Super Bowl contender.

Good to See Mr. Dorsey getting his ducks in a row here before a long, and very lonely off-season for the Cleveland Browns.  By all accounts, Highsmith, like Dorsey seems more than qualified for the job.  He is a well respected Football lifer, who is known for his ability to identify, and develop talent.

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Let’s take a quick look at some of the highlights from Highsmith’s interview with ESPN regarding the move:

“We discussed so many ideas and all kinds of stuff,” Highsmith said in a phone interview from Cleveland. “I was exposed to so much stuff today. That’s why I thought it was as great opportunity. It feels good to go somewhere that you feel like you’re trusted…

This is an opportunity to build something from the ground up, having an input, working with John Dorsey, who I respect a great deal,” Highsmith said. “To watch his work ethic today — we watched film all day. He made me feel rejuvenated. It was a lot of fun today”


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Seriously, that quote made it move.  Alonzo has made a name for himself, especially in the draft.  It was documented in the ESPN piece that he convinced the Packers Brass to pick Donald Driver in the seventh round of the 1999 draft.  He was also instrumental in scouting, and bringing in un-drafted free agent Cornerback, Sam Shields.  Shields was a major contributor in the Packers Super Bowl win over the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2011.

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As second thing that stands out is taking a look at Wide Receivers drafted, and developed by the Packers.  Donald Driver, Greg Jennings, Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, Devante Adams, and James Jones just to name a few.  Just a bunch of guys that were starters, and contributes on very good teams.  A couple of number 1 receivers in that list as well.

Lets take a look at what they got running routes in Berea, Oh.  The Browns have Rashard “Hollywood” Higgins, Bryce Treggs, Jordan Leslie, Jordan Payton, Ricardo Louis, and Kasen Williams, and Bug Howard.  I’d like to think Highsmith will help turn this group of mush into something, or draft new guys.

Again I don’t have the slighest clue how this dude will fair in Cleveland.  I pray Dorsey know’s exactly what is needed, and is lining up his people in place to execute the plan.  Highsmith seems like a positive step forward.

The off-season is our season baby!



0-16.  Oh and fucking sixteen.  This past Sunday was the worst Sports related event in my lifetime.  What happened is exactly what I did NOT want to happen.  The Browns played the Steelers hard, as Brown, Bell, and Ben did not suit up.  The Browns were driving late in the 4th quarter to take the lead.  It was 28-24 Steelers with under 2 minutes left to play.  Kizer was leading a march into Steeler territory, where they found themselves a 4th and 2 from the Pittsburgh 27.  After a timeout the Browns shockingly drew up a play that left Corey Coleman WIDE OPEN for an easy first down, and probably a touchdown.  The ball went right through his hands ending the game.

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Again, not much to analyze.  They lost.  Again.  You try to prepare for 0-16, but never really can.  The pain, anger, and sadness felt once the game was over just can’t compare to anything I’ve felt sports.  I hope to look at back at this season one day, and be able to smile.  I highly doubt it I’m afraid.  The Browns secured the #1 overall, pick and #4 overall pick with a Texans loss on Sunday.  Great!  There isn’t a QB worth my morning shit coming out of College.  Great, just fucking great.  They’re going to pick some bag of milk like Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, or Josh Allen (? No idea if that’s even his name). Anyone watch Darnold on Saturday? WOOF.

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I am not going predict who they take, or even give you some BS as to who they should take. Whoever they pick better be properly developed, and the team built around him.  Godspeed whatever poor bastard gets chosen.

Unfortunately, it looks like it will come down to Sam Darnold or Josh Rosen.  Leader in the clubhouse seems to be Sam Darnold, simply because there isn’t rumblings of him having a swollen camel toe like our man at UCLA, Josh Rosen (What a pussy).

Again, what a pussy.  Look dude, part of being drafted high is the fact that 90% of the teams suck.  It’s nothing new guy.  He apparently would prefer a more stable frachise in the New York Giants.  Yeah Josh, the Giants are a real model Franchise right now, huh?

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Despite Rosen apparently being a massive loser, he does have OK numbers:

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Solid enough numbers that’s for damn sure, but UCLA sucks in a garbage Conference.

Darnold has put up similar numbers:

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Not much there, but Darnold has 387 more passing yards than Rosen with 3 more interceptions.  Overall, the numbers are eerily similar.  There is one stat that stands out to me.  With the same exact numbers Rosen’s UCLA went 6-7 overall this season.  Darnold lead USC to 11-3. So, I guess it will come down to which player is less of a pussy?  Which ever one declares, and open about being ok with going to Cleveland will be picked.

So, everything really hinges on whether or not he will come out.  Who knows if he will.  I don’t follow College Football closely, especially Schools on the West Coast.  Hopefully does so we can take him #1 overall, and get this thing going.  If not, take some other QB (Baker Mayfield, Rosen, Allen).  Either way, no dicking around with the QB position this year.  Pick a guy, and direction for fucks sake.

Finally, to coaching.  Hue Jackson.  Wow.  I have never hated someone as much as Hue.  Hue came out, and blamed all of the players for this 0-16 campaign as par for the course.   He spews nothing but incoherent bullshit.  He even had the balls to pat himself on the back for the job he did:

Job well done Hue, you vile weed.  He couldn’t be more wrong.  Is the team bad?  Yes!  Absolutely they suck, but they are not 0-16 suck.  How many games over the past 2 years should have been won had the team had half a clue? upwards to 10.  I hope soon his players completely turn on him, and trash him in the media.  He deserves it for constantly blaming them.  The players aren’t the ones who completely ruined DeShone Kizer.  Kizer is fucking good.  He has all the tools, ability, and toughness to be a starting QB in the NFL.  Had he been coached properly, they probably win against Green Bay, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh TWICE, Jacksonville, and Detroit.   DeShone had a rough year, but he is not as bad his stats would indicate.  There were a lot of boneheaded decisions, but not all were on him.

Kizer stats

Hue refused to dial down the offense to acclimate a rookie QB.  Despite having arguably one of the worst Wide Receiving corps in league history, he’d still have Kizer chuck it up to JAG’s.  The Browns were in the top 10 in the league in passes attempted over 30 yards.  Inexcusable.  They refused to run the ball, or gave up half-way through games.

DeShone exhibited the ability to make plays with his legs this season, amassing 417 yards and 5 rushing touchdowns.  Solid.  Definitely a foundation to build on.  Poor kid was set up to fail. Say it with me again, “Fuck Hue Jackson”.  I hope they hold on to Kizer whether they go in for a Darnold/Rosen draft pick, or Cousins/Taylor free agent.

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It is going to one hell of an off-season for the Browns.  Over $100 million in cap space to waste, and two top 5 draft picks. We’ll see how it goes.  Hopefully they don’t, “drop the ball” 😉

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