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Yes! Yes! Yes!

WWE announced Tuesday that the current Smackdown Live! general manager, Daniel Bryan, has been cleared to return to in-ring action. Bryan has been sidelined for over two years after he was forced to retire due to multiple concussions. According to, several prominent neurologists, neurosurgeons, and concussion experts gave Bryan the okay. Among them are

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Royal Rumble Predictions

It’s that magical time of the year again. The time of year that even non-wrestling fans seem to come out and show interest in the product. The Royal Rumble pay per view marks the beginning of Wrestlemania season, which theoretically is supposed to be the climax of the “WWE year.” All storylines and rivalries are

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WWE Tag Team of the Year

When I say Oose, y’all say ooohhh. Oose ooohhh! Oose ooohhh! Yes, we understood. The Uso’s were Samoan and enjoyed tribal dancing and painting their faces. Their entrance was cool. They sang a jaunty tune. Some pyro went off. They had some colorful shorts. They smiled a lot. They made their way to the ring.

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