Transfer Madness: Virgil van Dijk Completes £75 million Liverpool Move.

Madness!!! We are shade over 48 hours from the opening of the January transfer window, and Liverpool captured the central defender they have been been hunting for nearly 6 months.

Quick breakdown of transfer business briefly before I get into a rant. There are two opportunities teams can add new players. The Summer window is the first opportunity to purchase players. The window is open from July 1st, with deadline day coming on August 31st (think trade deadline in U.S. sports). The second, is the January Window, open from January 1 to 31st.

The Virgil van Dijk saga had been going on since the summer began. He had made it clear he wanted to move to a bigger club than Southampton. A move never materialized as he was under contract with Southampton, and they were intent on keeping the player instead of selling. Liverpool were 1 of 2 teams interested in the summer. Manchester City were the other.

The transfer has been completed at long last after months of speculation. Even though it is a few days before the window opens, the clubs agreed to the £75 million fee, and Virgil passed his Liverpool physical. The club even announced it a few days early, but he won’t be able to join Juergen Klopp’s side until January 1st.

Let me be the first to say that this transfer is an absolute joke. The £75 million pound fee is the highest ever paid for a defender. Not just in the Premier League, but the WORLD. Utter nonsense!!! Virgil is a very good player, and will vastly improve Liverpool’s trash back-line don’t get me wrong.

(^ LOL clowns)

He’s not the best defender in the world. For the longest time, that title went to Sergio Ramos of Real Madrid. Now, you could throw a few other names in the mix.

Let me just name 10 defenders I’d rather spend big money on. In no particular order:

1. Mats Hummels

2. Sergio Ramos

3. Raphael Varane

4. Gerard Piqué

5. Cesar Azpilicueta

6. Jérôme Boateng

7. Dani Alves

8. Thiago Silva

9. Leonardo Bonucci

10. Marcelo

Now, I would take each one of these guys in a heartbeat. I would NOT pay £75 million for ANY of them. Those 10 are world class too. Best of the best defenders money can buy. Notice how the majority of them played for Champions League teams. Bayern Munich, Paris Saint German, Barcelona, Real Madrid, and none from fucking Southampton.

Virgil will certainly help Liverpool, and at the end of the day, there’s no salary cap. What the fuck do I care? He definitely can play. He’s got good mobility for a defender, and posses great ball skills. Traits not owned by many defenders, let alone big central defenders. I don’t really care about the price tag, I am just shocked. All I can pray for is this man flops under Klopp. Fuck Liverpool man, fuck ’em.

Update: Philipp Lahm retired, never fear Thiago Silva is here. I guess I’ll go screw now.

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