Packers Cut Jordy Nelson & Bring in Jimmy Graham


Yesterday was the most wild day of free agency I can remember in a long time as the NFL continues to dominate headlines even in the middle of March. One of the bigger moves of the day saw the Packers cut ties with their longtime #1 target Jordy Nelson.

The Packers of course however would not release Jordy without a reason. And that reason was due to a former basketball player (if you haven’t heard 30 times every season)

FINALLY, a weapon for DeShone Kizer (jokes). The leader in red zone TDs for tight ends has found a new home in Lambeau. There was a massive amount of talk of a reunion in New Orleans for Graham but they were unable to agree on a number. The Packers took this opening and swooped in to sign the dangerous TE to add an interesting weapon in Aaron Rodger’s arsenal. I actually like the move because Jimmy Graham was being wasted out in Seattle. They refused to throw to him and then would toss a fade every time they got in the end zone. Painful to watch. The Packers are going to be a pretty fun offense to watch now (their defense is still garbage — but hey who cares!). However, the fallout from Jordy Nelson is sure to hurt Packers Nation.

Jordy Nelson had unreal chemistry with Aaron Rodgers which I think will hurt them a bit. Nelson no doubt will be a hot commodity on the open market, despite being 32 years in age. If he’s looking for a new home, there’s another cold weather team that wouldn’t mind having him suit up — and it looks like it’s mutual.

Browns Hire Eliot Wolf as Assistant General Manager

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John “big dick” Dorsey has made his final off-season addition to the Front Office, before we get into the Combine, Free Agency, and the Draft.  Wolf had been interviewing with both the Browns, and Raiders.

Wolf, like Alonzo Highsmith comes from the Greenbay Packer organization.   He is the son of former Packer General Manager, Ron Wolf.  Ron Wolf is most famous for trading for Brett Favre.  Wolf traded a first round pick in the 1991 NFL Draft to the Atlanta Falcons for Favre.  Wolf initially wanted to draft Favre, but was was he was taken one pick prior by Atlanta.

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This has absolutely nothing with Eliot’s hiring, but it shows that Eliot has come from a strong background.   In 2004 Wolf became a Pro Personnel Assistant for Green Bay, and worked his way through the ranks.  He was promoted to Assistant Director of Pro Personnel in 2008, and then finally in Director of Player Personnel.  Wolf comes from the Pro side of things, rather than drafting/scouting.  The idea of over $100 million to spend this off-season has to be intriguing.

Per, the Browns have a whopping $109,696,292 in free money.  It will certainly be interesting to see how Wolf will help spend that.  After all, this is what I want him to bring.  I want him to identify talent at the pro level, and bring them in.  Whether it be a guy who is on waivers, or an eight figure signing when free agency opens.

Seems as if the overall reaction is that this is a great hire.  The trio of Highsmith, Dorsey, and Wolf give me something to feel somewhat decent about.  I will certainly give these guys some time to figure it out.  These are three EXTREMELY well respected executives, who know what it takes to build a sustainable winning program.  First order of business, Quarterback.

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Swallowing my pride here.  I think Alex Smith is a must get this off-season.  With it being pretty clear he is on the market, The Browns have been mentioned as a potential landing spot.  Dorsey was the man who brought Smith to Kansas City for a 2013 conditional third round pick.  Now, with Smith coming off arguably his best season the price might be higher.  This where my man Sashi Brown deserves some credit.  Bill Belichick won’t call The Browns to have them overpay for Jimmy G, but I bet Andy Reid calls the Browns first if trading him is the option they go with, rather than cutting him out-right. Sashi built up draft capital for a reason.  Let’s use it.  I’m ok with a bit of an overpay, as Smith is coming off a damn good year, as reflected in the stats below.  While Smith isn’t going to get you a Super Bowl, he could bring major stability to the Quarterback position, while we groom either Darnold, or Rosen.

Hopefully the organization is starting to stabilize.  See if we can attract a few free agents (hello Terrlle Pryor), trade for Smith, and pick your future Franchise Quarterback.  Use the ass-tone of picks to continue to build roster.  Let’s get this ball rollin’.  The off-season is our season baby!

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P.S. But seriously, bring back TP12…Or

Any of these guys…

Browns Hire Alonzo Highsmith for VP of Football Operations.

Well, it looks we have our first John Dorsey hire of the off-season, in Alonzo Highsmith.  Highsmith announced that he would be joining John Dorsey’s staff, as Vice President of Football Operations.  He spent the last 19 years in Green Bay working to build a Super Bowl contender.

Good to See Mr. Dorsey getting his ducks in a row here before a long, and very lonely off-season for the Cleveland Browns.  By all accounts, Highsmith, like Dorsey seems more than qualified for the job.  He is a well respected Football lifer, who is known for his ability to identify, and develop talent.

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Let’s take a quick look at some of the highlights from Highsmith’s interview with ESPN regarding the move:

“We discussed so many ideas and all kinds of stuff,” Highsmith said in a phone interview from Cleveland. “I was exposed to so much stuff today. That’s why I thought it was as great opportunity. It feels good to go somewhere that you feel like you’re trusted…

This is an opportunity to build something from the ground up, having an input, working with John Dorsey, who I respect a great deal,” Highsmith said. “To watch his work ethic today — we watched film all day. He made me feel rejuvenated. It was a lot of fun today”


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Seriously, that quote made it move.  Alonzo has made a name for himself, especially in the draft.  It was documented in the ESPN piece that he convinced the Packers Brass to pick Donald Driver in the seventh round of the 1999 draft.  He was also instrumental in scouting, and bringing in un-drafted free agent Cornerback, Sam Shields.  Shields was a major contributor in the Packers Super Bowl win over the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2011.

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As second thing that stands out is taking a look at Wide Receivers drafted, and developed by the Packers.  Donald Driver, Greg Jennings, Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, Devante Adams, and James Jones just to name a few.  Just a bunch of guys that were starters, and contributes on very good teams.  A couple of number 1 receivers in that list as well.

Lets take a look at what they got running routes in Berea, Oh.  The Browns have Rashard “Hollywood” Higgins, Bryce Treggs, Jordan Leslie, Jordan Payton, Ricardo Louis, and Kasen Williams, and Bug Howard.  I’d like to think Highsmith will help turn this group of mush into something, or draft new guys.

Again I don’t have the slighest clue how this dude will fair in Cleveland.  I pray Dorsey know’s exactly what is needed, and is lining up his people in place to execute the plan.  Highsmith seems like a positive step forward.

The off-season is our season baby!

Aaron Rodgers Placed on IR

Aaron Rodgers’ return was cut short. He will be placed on IR due to a broken collarbone. With the Packers sitting at 7-7, they are officially eliminated from the playoffs. Green Bay will rest their star QB for next year.






The rest of the Packers’ season will be in the hands of Brett Hundley who has a record of 3-5 since taking over for Rodgers. He continued to comment on Brett Hundley he said it is a great opportunity for Hundley who gets to make his starts against division opponents.