Patriots Trade Brandin Cooks to Rams For First Rounder

Nice little bombshell dropped by Schefty on a fine Tuesday night — The Patriots’ trade their #1 (maybe?) WR for the Rams’ first round pick.

My first reaction was of course why the hell would the Patriots do that? Cooks was that deep threat that the Patriots always seemed to lack since the Randy Moss days and had a pretty solid season. But then on a closer look, Cooks was still on his rookie contract. If there’s anything I’ve learned from Bill Belichick, it’s that players will rarely get that big second contract with him unless they absolutely deserve it. Was Cooks good? Absolutely. Good enough for 14 million a year potentially? Hell no.

The Patriots shipped him off to LA for a higher draft pick than they traded for him essentially making him a rental and an upgrade in the next draft. Not a bad piece of business. Though after dealing Amendola, the Pats look to be heavily relying upon Edelman returning from an ACL tear and Gronk — who god knows what is going through his head these days.



The real question is if Cooks has even woke up from this yet. All jokes aside, Cooks was a fun addition to the 2017 Patriots team and a guy you wanted to pair up with Brady to win a Super Bowl. I’m sure he’ll slot in right as that DeSean Jackson type mold that McVay was looking for and it’ll be interesting to see if the Rams can take that next step into winning a playoff game. Thanks for the ride Cooks.

Packers Cut Jordy Nelson & Bring in Jimmy Graham


Yesterday was the most wild day of free agency I can remember in a long time as the NFL continues to dominate headlines even in the middle of March. One of the bigger moves of the day saw the Packers cut ties with their longtime #1 target Jordy Nelson.

The Packers of course however would not release Jordy without a reason. And that reason was due to a former basketball player (if you haven’t heard 30 times every season)

FINALLY, a weapon for DeShone Kizer (jokes). The leader in red zone TDs for tight ends has found a new home in Lambeau. There was a massive amount of talk of a reunion in New Orleans for Graham but they were unable to agree on a number. The Packers took this opening and swooped in to sign the dangerous TE to add an interesting weapon in Aaron Rodger’s arsenal. I actually like the move because Jimmy Graham was being wasted out in Seattle. They refused to throw to him and then would toss a fade every time they got in the end zone. Painful to watch. The Packers are going to be a pretty fun offense to watch now (their defense is still garbage — but hey who cares!). However, the fallout from Jordy Nelson is sure to hurt Packers Nation.

Jordy Nelson had unreal chemistry with Aaron Rodgers which I think will hurt them a bit. Nelson no doubt will be a hot commodity on the open market, despite being 32 years in age. If he’s looking for a new home, there’s another cold weather team that wouldn’t mind having him suit up — and it looks like it’s mutual.

Patriots Announce What Color They Will Be Wearing in Super Bowl LII

The moment everyone’s been waiting for…the jersey reveal (not really though). The Patriots took to twitter to announce the news.

No surprise here — the Patriots seem to play their best in the white jerseys so better to not ruin tradition. Little surprising because they are the home team in the game but this goes to show someone in the front office is a little superstitious.

The Patriots are favored by 5 points over the Eagles.

The Patriots Complete the Comeback En Route to Their 10th Super Bowl

The Jaguars carried a 20-10 lead into the fourth quarter and had a chance to stop the Patriots on a key 3rd and 18 backed up in their own territory.

Let’s rewind real quick.

CBS hit us with a fantastic opener with almost countered the fact that we had to listen to Tony Romo all day

The Patriots opened up with a quick FG on a productive drive to make it look like they weren’t going to have any issues with the Jaguars defense. The Jacksonville offense, however, had other plans.

We saw Marcedes Lewis catch his only pass of the day on an easy, wide-open TD.

And then we saw a Fournette TD to put the Gillette Stadium on edge.

14-3 is not the greatest look against one of the best defenses in the league. The Patriots however did manage to drive down the field and get a TD before half (as they always do well) to go into the locker room at 14-10.  The bad news however, was that they lost Gronk to a brutal hit by Church.


It was a lackluster third quarter which saw the Jaguars take a 20-10 lead after two Lambo FGs.

The Patriots looked to be in trouble after a double-pass play from Amendola to Dion Lewis resulted in a fumble caused & recovered by Myles Jack. The Patriots got the ball back and were faced with 3rd and 18 and as all NFL fans know, this went exactly how you thought it would.



Amendola then capped the drive with a touchdown.

The Patriots then got the ball back and well .. you know how this one goes as well.

The Jags did put up a small drive to end the game but ultimately could not get the pass to Dede Westbrook as Stephon Gilmore (who has barely made a play all year) made the deflection of his career. The Patriots got the ball back and Dion Lewis finishes the job on third down.

Hats off to the Jags — Belichick is never that happy so this game was clearly in danger of being lost. However, in the end it just wasn’t enough to stop the Patriots for going for #6. The Jags will be back but it’s still the Patriots’ time.


P.S. Get that trophy the hell away from Bill if it’s not the Lombardi.


16 Years Ago Today, Tom Brady Won His First Playoff Game

Snow Bowl. Tuck Rule Game. January 19, 2002. Whatever you want to call it, it was the debut of the greatest quarterback of all time in the playoffs.

The game, of course, was not very high scoring with the Patriots winning on a Vinatieri field goal 16-13 in overtime.

Nobody hated the Patriots back then but this was the game where we learned of the tuck rule where Raiders fans will take to their graves that Brady got away with a fumble.

Image result for tuck rule game

The rest is history — the Patriots went on to upset the Rams in the Super Bowl and start a near 20 year dynasty while the Raiders went on to lose the Super Bowl the following year and fade into irrelevancy.

1/13 Divisional Playoffs Roundup: Patriots Destroy Titans

The Titans scored first and actually gave their fans a glimmer of hope that they’d be competitive and then the Patriots showed up. I’ll give credit where credit is due though — Corey Davis’ first TD of his young career was the first score of this game and was what we were hoping he’d be all here.

After that, well…it was all Patriots per usual. The Pats rode Brady’s 53 pass attempts en route to 35 straight points and an easy road win. James White added two TDs and the Pats allowed a garbage time TD to make the score 35-14, which honestly was not even that close.

Business as usual for the Pats as they’ll host the Jaguars next week at Gillette for a 7th straight appearance in the conference championship.

But at least we got to see Gronk and Amendola’s friendship go to the next level?

Fun stat of the night? Brady is 6-2 in the postseason when throwing 50+ times. In the Super Bowl era, all other QBs combined are 3-28.

Absolutely Nothing Goes the Browns Way

I came across this article today, and threw up immediately after reading a few paragraphs.  It was written by Cleveland Plain Dealer’s, Terry Pluto. Pluto is not Adam Schefter, but I’d go to him over Mary Kay Cabot, or Tony Grossi.

Background information on the failed Jimmy Garoppolo trade, for those who don’t want to read it:

  1. The Browns had interest in Jimmy Garoppolo for quite some time. I’d say speculation started by October of 2016.
  2. The Browns and Patriots had been common trade partners the past few seasons (Jamie Collins, Barkevious Mingo).
  3. It was made clear that the Browns were negotiating hard for the single caller towards last years draft.  Nothing materialized.
  4. THIS SEASON: Pluto reports the Browns first round pick previously owned by Houston was on the table.  That pick turned out to be 4th overall.  (At the time it was not clear)
  5. The last contact the Browns had with the Patriots  was on the 28th of October.  The Browns had Houston’s pick on the table, along with, “other goodies” per Pluto. Hell, the Browns offered to find the Patriots a backup QB. They’d sign him, and offer them up in the trade to go along with picks.
  6. It was made clear he was not for sale. Two days later, Jimmy was on his way to San Francisco.

This story has really crawled up my tail-pipe.  Nothing, and I mean nothing the Browns try, works out. Nothing will go their way.  Make it 18 years and counting.

This trade, the Browns were made to look like complete fools.  Hell, Browns coaches cited how upset they were Sashi couldn’t pull off a deal for the young signal caller.  They were upset he was “At home playing with his kids”.  He did everything in his goddamn power.  Bill ego-maniac Belichick stuck his middle fingers in the air directed at the Browns. Not sure if he is directing them at the Patriots as well.  With multiple sources reporting fishy Jimmy G trade details, it sounds like there could be SOME tension in, Foxboro.  The extent of which, will forever be unknown.

I’m still not completely sold on Jimmy, after-all he’s played only 7 and a half NFL games.  He’s looked damn good with dog shit skill players around him.  The most frustrating aspect of the situation is that this is just another missed opportunity at a Quarterback.  I mean, how would Jimmy look with David Njoku?  How about Josh Gordon?  It’s extremely frustrating, when every single door the Browns open is not correct. The missed draft choices are inexusable, but the failed Jimmy G trade was cited as a main reason Sashi Brown was fired.  So fuck you, Bill Belichick (Unless you come home to finish the job 😉 )

Hopefully, one of these days the Browns will catch a break.

Image result for Bill Belichick browns

Jimmy Garoppolo highlights to make me want to kill myself:

The Patriots Open Up As 13.5 Point Favorites Against the Titans

I will admit — nobody really expected the Titans to be gearing up for a trip to Gillette Stadium this weekend. The Chiefs underachieved, sure but to lose to the Titans after being up 21-3? Crazy.

Two touchdowns for a divisional playoff game — and people will still bet on the Patriots. This just goes to show you how their dominance is overlooked at this point. Sure, the Titans don’t really scare anybody but they still went into Arrowhead, which is one of the harder places in the league to win (not in the playoffs though) and came back from an 18 point deficit. That being said, hammer the Patriots line. The Patriots last home game in the playoffs was a 19 point win against the Steelers — combo that with the ESPN headlines and all the negative talk? Patriots win this game by at least 3 TDs.

Also Brady’s last Instagram post?

Final score prediction:


Belichick Reminding Patriots Not To Be Late In Snowstorm Is An Awesome Move

There’s a big snowstorm hitting New England currently and Belichick is still hosting a practice. It’s crunch-time for the Patriots and in reality the season doesn’t really matter until this point — so you can beat he’s not cancelling practice or having a film day even during the bye week.

“You certainly better leave yourself enough time to get here on time tomorrow. We all know there is weather. Coach has mentioned that several times to the team, so I wouldn’t want to be the guy who is late tomorrow,” special teams captain Matthew Slater said Wednesday.

Can you imagine the fear of being a Patriots player that’s on their way to practice and gets held up? I’d honestly rather start running in the snow to practice than have the fury of Bill Belichick during the playoffs on me. That player would have to be cut right? Maybe that’s why Tiquan Underwood got cut right before the Super Bowl one year — the ultimate punishment by Belichick. We’ve all seen what he’s done to players who are late even after they have a stunning game (see: Jonas Gray).

“He’s mentioned that he doesn’t care; ‘don’t call and say your car got stuck.’ I think everyone knows there are two hotels up here at Patriot Place, so stay there for the night. Find a way,” McCourty said.

Love it. I’d sleep in the locker room just to be safe. Everyone always think it’s tricks and trying to get a competitive advantage always which makes Belichick the greatest coach ever. It’s simple — he holds his players to a standard and they need to be accountable. This is the difference between Bill Belichick and a Rex Ryan who would take his team to Chuck E. Cheese the night before a game. The rings speak for themselves.

Tom Brady Recorded His 100th Regular Season Win At Gillette Stadium on Sunday

With the win over the Bills, the greatest quarterback of all time recorded a staggering 100th win at his home stadium — becoming the only QB to win 100 games in one stadium. Another notch in the book for someone who just keeps rewriting the record books in the later stage of his career.

Crazy to think he has won 100 games at Gillette during the regular season. Just how hard is it to beat Brady at home? Let’s take a look at who else has wins at Foxboro since Brady’s entered the league.

  • Matt Cassel (5)
  • Chad Pennington (3)
  • Peyton Manning (2)
  • Brett Favre (2)
  • Brian Hoyer (2)
  • Sixteen QBs (1)


Cassel obviously started the season where Brady went down with an ACL tear — so not surprising there. The next person with the most success is Chad Pennington — with 3 wins. That, in its self I think is most impressive that Brady’s rate. There has not been a QB that has been able to win 3 times at Gillette other than Pennington. Brady is 100-16 in the regular season and 16-3 in the playoffs. If there was any doubt you had that Gillette is not a fortress, that should now be gone.

For perspective, it would take 12 and a half years of sweeping the home games (8 per year) to reach 100 wins. Granted, Brady’s been along for a long time but this is still no minor feat. Brees is in second place with 61 wins at the Superdome. That’s a gap of almost 40 wins. Brady goes for 101 wins this weekend in a home-field clinching win against the Jets.