The Real Winner From Today?

Contracts were being handed left and right today by different teams but the real winner from today was in fact a QB in the NFL.

Is there anything this man can’t do? Sure the interview was a bit weird .. but he’s a weird guy. If there was any doubt in people’s minds that this was real — we got this tidbit from Mike Reiss earlier.

Don’t get me wrong — he definitely went to the bathroom to promptly throw up and not screw up his exclusively avocados and grass diet. But still, is there anything this man can’t do? I’ve never been more ready to ride with Tom Brady into the helm of the 2018 season.

The ESPN Report of Brady, Belichick, and Kraft is a JOKE

For those living under a rock today, Seth Wickersham released his magnum opus on ESPN this morning. A whole big piece on how there is trouble in paradise because all the Patriots do is win and keep everything shut air tight.  I know this may seem shocking as ESPN was the outlet that pushed the ‘Deflategate’ agenda way past where it should have been.

But according to interviews with more than a dozen New England staffers, executives, players and league sources with knowledge of the team’s inner workings, the three most powerful people in the franchise — Belichick, Brady and owner Robert Kraft — have had serious disagreements.

I went into this with an open mind because that actually sounds plausible. All three of the powers in New England are human, whether they have reached an extraordinary amount of success or not. It only makes sense from time to time that there may be a rift or someone thinks they deserve more credit — it happens. I read this article and considered believing it for a few minutes. It was well-written, made some logical points, and described scenarios that very well can happen.

Then I remembered who this is from, and the timing of it. ESPN published this right before the playoffs. Sketchy right? What time did they post this? 1 AM — despite reports yesterday that they were publishing this at 8 AM. What else came out in the middle of the night when nobody else was watching? Deflategate. The fact that there were reports of this coming up and the internet was buzzing about it was exactly what ESPN wanted with this article.

I believed it for a long time while reading the piece — but this is wrong and there’s really no hot takes to take from it.

Image result for alex guerreroHonestly, I do believe that there is some rift between Belichick and Brady. Brady loves his weird guru Chinese medicine scientist pliability coach — fine. Brady’s a weird dude anyway. Guerrero is exactly the type of guy that Belichick hates. Some guy who thinks oils and scents will heal a player or some shit like that. Brady and Belichick aren’t best friends, they have a coach-player relationship. There is a massive amount of respect between the two of them as there should be.

Image result for jimmy g belichickThe part about Garoppolo? It was clear that the organization wanted to keep him — why wouldn’t you? The problem was that he was a free agent. According to the article, they offered him 4 years with 16/17 mil per year. A great contract for a backup and clearly shows the Pats had him in their plans. The problem was the when. Jimmy G is young and wanted to start — can’t hate on that. They were unable to come to an agreement. The Pats had to move him and Belichick gave a friendly discount to San Franscisco. Not much to see here. You can’t move on from Brady right now because he wants to keep playing and is doing so at a MVP caliber level.

Image result for brady kraft

Brady, though, seemed liberated. Kraft hugged Brady when he saw him that week, in full view of teammates. A few days later during practice, some players and staffers noticed that Brady seemed especially excited, hollering and cajoling.

There most likely to some truth to this part because Brady was probably relieved that he doesn’t have competition for him to finish up his career in New England. It’s natural to be a bit happy — he’s allowed to be happy for Jimmy to get his shot across the country too. At the end of the day, Jimmy G was competition for Brady’s spot next year and it’s human to have some relief that he wouldn’t have to be competing for his spot next year.

We even heard from Don Yee, Tom Brady’s agent —

“I don’t really know what to say — it’s tough to have a response since it didn’t appear to me to have one on-the-record quote,” Yee said. “All I can suggest is don’t believe everything you read.”

He’s right. Not a single quote from someone inside the organization. This entire sting piece comes off hearsay from Seth Wickersham. Not Adam Schefter, not Mike Reiss, hell not even Felger. This is a joke and just shows the level ESPN, the “worldwide leader” is willing to go.

31 teams in the NFL would kill to be in the Patriots’ situation. If this is the biggest issue going on, I think that’s fine. Through this whole season of “controversy,” the Patriots managed to casually go 13-3 and wrap up the 1 seed in the AFC on the back of a huge win in Pittsburgh. Nothing will come out of this and I’m sure the next media day — not Brady, Belichick, or Kraft will say a damn thing about the report. Why? Because that’s what the Patriots do. They’ll continue to win and keep everything in-house as it should be. Is there a problem between the three of them? I’m sure they don’t agree at times but they all have one mutual goal and that’s success for the New England Patriots franchise. This article only showed that ESPN has never quit their mission to undermine the Patriots. It hasn’t worked in the past and it won’t work in the future. Brady and Belichick will both be back next year.

Tom Brady Recorded His 100th Regular Season Win At Gillette Stadium on Sunday

With the win over the Bills, the greatest quarterback of all time recorded a staggering 100th win at his home stadium — becoming the only QB to win 100 games in one stadium. Another notch in the book for someone who just keeps rewriting the record books in the later stage of his career.

Crazy to think he has won 100 games at Gillette during the regular season. Just how hard is it to beat Brady at home? Let’s take a look at who else has wins at Foxboro since Brady’s entered the league.

  • Matt Cassel (5)
  • Chad Pennington (3)
  • Peyton Manning (2)
  • Brett Favre (2)
  • Brian Hoyer (2)
  • Sixteen QBs (1)


Cassel obviously started the season where Brady went down with an ACL tear — so not surprising there. The next person with the most success is Chad Pennington — with 3 wins. That, in its self I think is most impressive that Brady’s rate. There has not been a QB that has been able to win 3 times at Gillette other than Pennington. Brady is 100-16 in the regular season and 16-3 in the playoffs. If there was any doubt you had that Gillette is not a fortress, that should now be gone.

For perspective, it would take 12 and a half years of sweeping the home games (8 per year) to reach 100 wins. Granted, Brady’s been along for a long time but this is still no minor feat. Brees is in second place with 61 wins at the Superdome. That’s a gap of almost 40 wins. Brady goes for 101 wins this weekend in a home-field clinching win against the Jets.

James Harrison Officially a Patriot

It didn’t take long for the rumors to turn into reality. James Harrison posted on Instagram announcing he will be signing with the Patriots for the remainder of the season. The terms of the agreement haven’t been released but the move will most likely be for 1 year and then a retirement announcement from Harrison.

The Patriots aren’t asking much from him but lets hope he has 4 games left in him.

Bill Belichick Restricts access for Tom Brady’s Trainer

After weeks of speculation, it appears that we are able to confirm that the New England Patriots have stripped Tom Brady’s trainer Alex Guerrero of various team privileges.

Since 2013, Tom has trained and received medical treatment for Alex. The two are partner’s in Brady’s TB12 Center, which is located next to Gillette stadium. Part of the problem might be that Guerrero is now treating more players on the Patriots roster and that is causing friction between Alex and the Patriots training staff.

According to the Globe, Guerrero, who has an office near the Patriots’ locker room in Gillette Stadium, is no longer permitted to treat players other than Brady in the office. He also is reportedly banned from boarding Patriots team planes and no longer has sideline access.

Although, Guerrero is now restricted within the locker room, he is still allowed to meet with Patriot players, but it will have to happen at the TB12 facility. A player receiving treatment from a person other than the teams’ trainer isn’t something that is uncommon, but for a personal trainer to cause friction and ultimately get banned from a team is what makes this story peculiar.

This story isn’t over and as more leaks get made public, we will find out more information. No matter how you spin this story all parties come out looking bad in the end.

Week 14 Top 10 Power Rankings

With 3 quarters of the season in the books, the good teams are starting to separate themselves from the pack. We’re going to highlight the top 10 teams and who will be contenders in the playoffs that are fast approaching.

Image result for new england patriots

  1.  New England Patriots (10-2)

The Patriots are back and doing the same thing they always do.  They started off slow and the defense was looking bad — now they can’t lose and opponents have failed to score more than 17 points in 8 straight games. Dion Lewis is back to form and Tom Brady is well…Tom Brady. Hard to see this Patriots team losing in the AFC playoffs.

Image result for minnesota vikings2. Minnesota Vikings (10-2)

The Vikings being in first place in Week 14 after losing both their starting QB and RB is about as improbable as the way Case Keenum is playing but we have arrived here. The Vikings have looked to be unstoppable and slotted in the #1 seed in the NFC after the Eagles’ loss. This team is for real and has the potential to never leave Minnesota during the playoffs — even the Super Bowl.

Image result for philadelphia eagles3. Philadelphia Eagles (10-2)

The Eagles have been beneficiaries of an easy schedule but have came out and took care of business. A road game in Seattle in the month of December is a very difficult but the Eagles got exposed a bit as they were outplayed in every asset of the game. I’m sure this team will bounce back but for now they’re going to have to accept that the playoffs may not run through the Linc.

4. New Orleans Saints (9-3)Image result for new orleans saints

The Saints check in at 4 after an impressive season sweep against Cam Newton and the Panthers. The Saints are firmly in control of their division race but they still have two matchups left with rival Atlanta Falcons. If the Saints win at least one, it’s hard to see them not on top of the NFC South when the dust is settled.


Image result for pittsburgh steelers

5. Pittsburgh Steelers (10-2) 

The Steelers round out the top 5 after a tough AFC North Monday night game against the Bengals. The Steelers sport the same top record as the top 3 but they have been shaky in recent weeks, barely beating the Bengals, Packers, and Colts. This team does keep winning but the injury to Shazier is a huge blow. The Steelers-Patriots showdown in two weeks will decide home field advantage.

Image result for rams clinch first winning season since

6. Los Angeles Rams (9-3) 

The Rams clinched their first winning season since 2003 with the win over the Cardinals this weekend. Sean McVay has done a tremendous job turning around this team but it’ll be interesting to see how their offense performs when the playoffs are on the line. This is the same team that was only able to put up 7 on the Vikings.

Image result for sacksonville

7. Jacksonville Jaguars (8-4) 

Nobody is scared of Jacksonville’s offense but their defense is scary good. Calais Campbell just broke the franchise sack record .. in week 13. This team is definitely on the rise and probably will not be able to beat the AFC top contenders. Still fun to watch and deserving of the #7 spot.

Image result for seahawks

8. Seattle Seahawks (8-4) 

Speaking of defenses — the Seahawks check in right behind the Jaguars ahead of a showdown this weekend. The Seahawks, despite huge losses of Sherman and Chancellor are still ball-hawks on defense. Russell Wilson is having a MVP caliber season and they may have found their running back in Mike Davis. Watch out for the Seahawks in January.

Image result for carolina panthers

9. Carolina Panthers (8-4) 

The Panthers had a let-down game in which one that they could have made a solid statement in the NFC playoff run. They are however still in prime control of the first wildcard spot and with Cam Newton at the helm — anything can happen. Lack of receiving depth is going to hurt them but the return of Greg Olsen can definitely boost this team to dangerous.

Image result for baltimore ravens

10. Baltimore Ravens (7-5) 

The Ravens are very quietly having a solid season in Baltimore. The defense has pitched 3 shutouts and made the Lions offense look foolish. The season-ending injury to CB Jimmy Smith definitely hurts but nobody should want to play against Joe Flacco in January. The Ravens have a Sunday night showdown against bitter rival Pittsburgh this week which will say a lot about where they’re at.


JUST MISSED: Tennessee Titans (8-4), Atlanta Falcons (7-5), Los Angeles Chargers (6-6)

Belichick’s Reactions to TDs are Prime Belichick

Belichick was mic’d up for the game against the Dolphins and from that we were able to retrieve this gem. This is as Belichick as it gets — divisional rival game and he couldn’t care less about any of the touchdowns. Doesn’t even crack a smile, not even a slight fist bump. There is no schtick with Belichick, this is exactly how the guy is and is why he has been the most successful NFL coach. He’s never satisfied until the whistle blows on a Super Bowl victory. Unless of course it’s regarding special teams…

Nothing gets Bill going like a nice debate about punt protectors. Onto Buffalo.