Bill Belichick Restricts access for Tom Brady’s Trainer

After weeks of speculation, it appears that we are able to confirm that the New England Patriots have stripped Tom Brady’s trainer Alex Guerrero of various team privileges.

Since 2013, Tom has trained and received medical treatment for Alex. The two are partner’s in Brady’s TB12 Center, which is located next to Gillette stadium. Part of the problem might be that Guerrero is now treating more players on the Patriots roster and that is causing friction between Alex and the Patriots training staff.

According to the Globe, Guerrero, who has an office near the Patriots’ locker room in Gillette Stadium, is no longer permitted to treat players other than Brady in the office. He also is reportedly banned from boarding Patriots team planes and no longer has sideline access.

Although, Guerrero is now restricted within the locker room, he is still allowed to meet with Patriot players, but it will have to happen at the TB12 facility. A player receiving treatment from a person other than the teams’ trainer isn’t something that is uncommon, but for a personal trainer to cause friction and ultimately get banned from a team is what makes this story peculiar.

This story isn’t over and as more leaks get made public, we will find out more information. No matter how you spin this story all parties come out looking bad in the end.