Absolutely Nothing Goes the Browns Way

I came across this article today, and threw up immediately after reading a few paragraphs.  It was written by Cleveland Plain Dealer’s, Terry Pluto. Pluto is not Adam Schefter, but I’d go to him over Mary Kay Cabot, or Tony Grossi.

Background information on the failed Jimmy Garoppolo trade, for those who don’t want to read it:

  1. The Browns had interest in Jimmy Garoppolo for quite some time. I’d say speculation started by October of 2016.
  2. The Browns and Patriots had been common trade partners the past few seasons (Jamie Collins, Barkevious Mingo).
  3. It was made clear that the Browns were negotiating hard for the single caller towards last years draft.  Nothing materialized.
  4. THIS SEASON: Pluto reports the Browns first round pick previously owned by Houston was on the table.  That pick turned out to be 4th overall.  (At the time it was not clear)
  5. The last contact the Browns had with the Patriots  was on the 28th of October.  The Browns had Houston’s pick on the table, along with, “other goodies” per Pluto. Hell, the Browns offered to find the Patriots a backup QB. They’d sign him, and offer them up in the trade to go along with picks.
  6. It was made clear he was not for sale. Two days later, Jimmy was on his way to San Francisco.

This story has really crawled up my tail-pipe.  Nothing, and I mean nothing the Browns try, works out. Nothing will go their way.  Make it 18 years and counting.

This trade, the Browns were made to look like complete fools.  Hell, Browns coaches cited how upset they were Sashi couldn’t pull off a deal for the young signal caller.  They were upset he was “At home playing with his kids”.  He did everything in his goddamn power.  Bill ego-maniac Belichick stuck his middle fingers in the air directed at the Browns. Not sure if he is directing them at the Patriots as well.  With multiple sources reporting fishy Jimmy G trade details, it sounds like there could be SOME tension in, Foxboro.  The extent of which, will forever be unknown.

I’m still not completely sold on Jimmy, after-all he’s played only 7 and a half NFL games.  He’s looked damn good with dog shit skill players around him.  The most frustrating aspect of the situation is that this is just another missed opportunity at a Quarterback.  I mean, how would Jimmy look with David Njoku?  How about Josh Gordon?  It’s extremely frustrating, when every single door the Browns open is not correct. The missed draft choices are inexusable, but the failed Jimmy G trade was cited as a main reason Sashi Brown was fired.  So fuck you, Bill Belichick (Unless you come home to finish the job 😉 )

Hopefully, one of these days the Browns will catch a break.

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Jimmy Garoppolo highlights to make me want to kill myself: