Well…We’re Fucked.

In case you have been living under a rock the past couple of days, The Kansas City Chiefs have traded Quarterback, Alex Smith to the Washington Redskins.  In return, Washington received a 3rd round draft pick in 2018, and second year Cornerback Kendall Fuller.  In addition, Alex Smith signed a four year $91 million dollar contract extension with Washington.   The trade cannot be officially completed until March 14th, when the new league year begins.  Theoretically, there could be “take backs” called by one of these two teams between now and then.

This is a massive deal for many reasons, first being Kirk Cousins is officially out in Washington.  I will never understand that organizations’ contempt for him.  From the very second he was named starter over Robert Griffin III, Kirk was never really respected as a true Franchise Quarterback.  All while Kirk was showing them wrong on the field.  After 3 seasons, the Kirk Cousins saga is finally over in Washington, it’s going to very much heat up around the league come March.

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I initially thought Alex Smith would be the first big move of John Dorsey’s tenure as Cleveland Browns GM.  Like with many acquisitions, the Browns were beaten to the punch by another team.

Oh fucking well.  That’s the way the ball bounces for the Cleveland Browns.  Like the Jimmy Garoppolo deal the Browns were frozen out.  Likely this is a case of the Chiefs doing Smith a solid.

Sounds like Smith would not have been thrilled to play in Cleveland, not that he has any reason to be thrilled.  I am not overly frustrated because, well it’s Alex Smith.  He just got an albatross of a contract extension, and it seems as if the Browns were only willing to commit short-term.  The problem with this deal is that it likely takes 2 quarterbacks off of the “Veteran Bridge Starter” short-list for Dorsey.   With every Quarterback needy team salivating over Kirk Cousins, I thought for sure the Browns would swoop in and silently trade for Smith.  The Browns simply due to cap space are still likely in the conversation for Kirk, but I can’t imagine him not picking Denver.  How could you not?  The more I thought about it, the less I can see the Browns landing captain Kirk.  They should do everything in their power to land him, but I just don’t see it happening with Denver sitting there all QB needy.  John Elway is going to rob the Browns a third time.  You just know it.  The Broncos had offered a 2nd round pick, AND Aqib Talib for Smith, and that was turned down.  You can certainly see Elway pulling out all the stops to land Kirk.

The Jets and Bills feel like viable landing spots for him too.  Both teams are solid on the defensive side of the ball, and have a few quality pieces on offense to intrigue Kirk.  While I desperately want Kirk to dawn turd colored pants, it just doesn’t seem like a good landing spot for him.  They are likely on this list due to the shear amount of money available to spend.

Now that those two are out of the way, lets take a look the remaining Unrestricted Free Agent Quarterbacks this off-season:

  1. Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints.
  2. Hasn’t re-signed with the Saints yet. Would expect him back in NOLA.**
  3. Jimmy Garoppolo, San Francisco 49ers.
  4. **Technically has not re-signed with San Francisco.  He will re-sign there no doubt.**
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  6.  Kirk Cousins, Washington Redskins.
  7. **Will be a Bronco on 3/14.** 
  8. Image result for kirk Cousins 2018
  9. Case Keenum, Minnesota Vikings.
  10. **This guy blows.  Hard pass.**
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  12. A.J. McArron, Cincinnati Bengals.
  13. **Sashi Brown is rolling in his hypothetical grave**
  14. Teddy Bridgewater, Minnesota Vikings.
  15. **Will re-sign in Minny. Youngest QB on their roster with positive upside.**
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  17. Sam Bradford, Minnesota Vikings.
  18. **Viable option in the Alex Smith mold.  Can see him being high on the Browns wish-list**
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Overall, considering what is normally out there for Free-Agent Quarterbacks, it’s not a bad list.  There are a few other names that could be moved as well.  Tyord Taylor could be released or traded by Buffalo.  Initially, I was all-aboard Team Tyrod.  Then this years playoffs happened.  Boy oh boy did he ever suck in the Wildcard game against Jacksonville. He couldn’t hit check-down routes in the hands.  A brief look at his playoff stat-line:

Tyrod playoff stats

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Depending on his contract situation, and how he plays this Sunday, Nick Foles is another prospective bridge guy.  Big Dick Nick would have to put on one hell of a display for me to want the Browns to go after him.  If he is a Free-Agent, by all means give it a go.  If not, don’t sell the farm to bring him in.

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I seem to be changing this prediction as to which Veteran Quarterback I would like the Browns to bring in.  First I wanted Tyrod, then Kirk, then check down Alex, and back to Kirk.   It’s exhausting really.  I guess with new developments I will make a new prediction:

Based off of prior events, I would think that AJ McCarron will be fumbling snaps next season in Cleveland.  Just remember:

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Welcome to Cleveland, Katherine Webb-McCarron!!!!!!

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Revisiting the Minneapolis Miracle

It’s been about 5 days now since what may go down as the best NFL playoff finish ever. The Minnesota Vikings, led by long-time backup Case Keenum, were able to shock the Saints after a back-and-forth 2 minutes which both teams kicked go-ahead FGs. If that wasn’t enough to believe, take a look at the win probability chart:

And well the rest is history…

Even Case Keenum can’t believe what Case Keenum did. I wanted to let this sit for awhile to not give it the early reaction of being the best finish ever. Obviously the Music City Miracle was the first thing to come to mind.  It’s still an early reaction but this is a no-brainer for me. This is the best finish ever. How could you not like this — unless you’re a Saints fan of course.

Odin.Thor. Keenum. All Vikings legends.

The tackle attempt by Marcus Williams was of course an awful approach but he’s 20 years old and made a key interception in the game — the kid will bounce back. This season has been a great storyline for the Vikings and Case Keenum, who may not even be on the team next year with Bridgewater & Bradford both coming back. The Vikings of course are not able to ride homefield advantage all the way to the Super Bowl as the Eagles won their game.


PS — Reaction videos will never get old

Week 15 — Top 10 Power Rankings

What a week — my #1, #2 & #4 teams all lost and #3 won the game but lost their QB for the season to an ACL tear. Pretty much sums up how volatile this year has been. Tough to quantify the top 5 teams right now as who knows what’s going to happen this weekend. The Patriots-Steelers showdown at Heinz Field is sure to let us know a ton about the AFC race — and let’s not forget the Jaguars who won a big statement. Let’s take a stab at some sort of Top 10.

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  1.  New England Patriots (10-3) (LW: #1)

Had to do it — even despite the loss. The Patriots dropped a Monday night divisional game against the Dolphins, where Tom Brady is 7-9 all-time (don’t know if you heard this stat this week).  Not to mention that they were missing their best weapon due to suspension. The Patriots are still the best team in the NFL and will prove it by taking the win against a Steelers team in Pittsburgh. If they don’t? Well then they’re in trouble.

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2. Pittsburgh Steelers (11-2) (LW: #5)

The Steelers are the only top 5 team that won this week (minus the Eagles) — so by default they have to deserve atleast the 2 spot. This sets up essentially a winner-take-all homefield advantage game on Sunday evening. This one’s going to be good as the Steelers just squeeked out a win against the Ravens. Will the Patriots be able to stop Bell & Brown? Tune in.

Image result for philadelphia eagles3. Philadelphia Eagles (10-3) (LW: #3)

The Eagles may have won the game against the Rams and were well on their way to making a statement before Wentz went out of the game with what we later found on to be a torn ACL. Devastating stuff for not only the Eagles but NFL fans as well. Wentz was a stud this year and was trending toward winning the MVP. Now his Eagles are left in the hands of Nick Foles — which could be much worse. The Eagles should hang out to home-field advantage but nobody can be too happy in

Image result for minnesota vikings4. Minnesota Vikings (10-3) (LW: #2)

The Vikings lost a tough game in Carolina where they were playing catch-up the entire game.  They did bring it within striking distance only to watch Cam rip off a long run and Jonathan Stewart to have a career game. This team is still good despite the 8 game win streak being snapped. Can Case Keenum get it done and possibly secure the 1 seed? A game with the Packers and Aaron Rodgers looms in Week 16. This weekend? The Bengals have never won a game in Minnesota (0-5 all time).

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5. Jacksonville Jaguars (9-4) (LW: #7)

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: It is mid-December and the Jacksonville Jaguars are 9-4. No you haven’t? Neither have we. The Jaguars kept their cool and defeated Seattle in what felt like a playoff game. If Bortles can keep it under control, these Jaguars are legit. Trying to sneak into a first round bye, they will happily enjoy being the 3 seed in the playoffs. They close out with an easy schedule before taking on the Titans in a possible division clinching matchup in Week 17.


6. New Orleans Saints (9-4) (LW: #4)Image result for new orleans saints

The Saints lost on Thursday night against the Falcons in a thriller. The game was ugly but the Saints were in the position to win when Drew Brees was picked off in the end-zone with a minute to go. It’s safe to say they probably would have won this if Kamara wasn’t knocked out with a concussion on the first drive. If doesn’t exist, and the Saints find themselves right back in the thick of an NFC South race.


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7. Carolina Panthers (9-4) (LW: #9)

I will whole-heartedly admit that I have no idea what to do with the Panthers. This team can beat the best of the NFL when they’re on (see: Patriots, Vikings) but can’t seem to crack the Saints at all. Cam Newton proved once again that he’s an extremely dangerous weapon. Do teams want to play the Panthers in the playoffs? I don’t think so — but in reality I have no idea. Either way, they’re 9-4 and once again tied with the Saints. Next on their plate? The return of Aaron Rodgers. Yeah, we’re excited.

Image result for rams clinch first winning season since

8. Los Angeles Rams (9-4)  (LW: #6)

The Rams had a chance to make a big statement in a shootout against the Eagles. Of course, the big story here is the Wentz injury and not the fact that the Rams lost to a NFC contender at home. Their offense is still pretty legit but can they compete with the big dogs? Not too sure. A rematch against the Seahawks will tell us a lot about this team.


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9. Atlanta Falcons (8-5) (LW: NR)

Well look who we have here — the Falcons played their worst football in the beginning of the season and are starting to roll at the right time. There’s no time that would love to get back to the Super Bowl more than the Falcons to write the wrongs of last year. They sit in the last wildcard spot of an extremely competitive NFC race. They do control their destiny and have one more game against the Saints to end the season — so the NFC South is definitely in reach.

Image result for los angeles chargers

10. Los Angeles Chargers (7-6)  (LW: NR)

The hottest team in the NFL behind the Steelers? The Chargers, who started off 0-4 have rattled off 4 straight wins.. They have a huge game that may determine the AFC West this Saturday against the Chiefs in Arrowhead. A win here and well .. watch out for the Chargers. Rivers & Keenen Allen are starting to look like a deadly duo.

JUST MISSED: Seattle Seahawks (8-5) (LW: #8),  Kansas City Chiefs (7-6), Baltimore Ravens (7-6) (LW: #10)


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