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Revisiting the Minneapolis Miracle

It’s been about 5 days now since what may go down as the best NFL playoff finish ever. The Minnesota Vikings, led by long-time backup Case Keenum, were able to shock the Saints after a back-and-forth 2 minutes which both teams kicked go-ahead FGs. If that wasn’t enough to believe, take a look at the

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The New Orleans’ Newspaper Was Ruthless Today

The Saints took care of business yesterday scraping out a 31-26 victory over the Carolina Panthers. The headline today? The front page of Monday's Times-Picayune @JeffDuncan_ @LarryHolder @DuncandHolder pic.twitter.com/XT8QQCoCjb — Timothy Givens (@TGGivens) January 8, 2018 Ruthless. Jerry Richardson was putting the team up for sale, which actually became official after the game — per

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