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With the First Pick of the 2018 NFL Draft, The Cleveland Browns Select: Josh Rosen.

The last Quarterback on that should be on the Browns draft board this April is a man by the name, Rosen.  Josh Rosen was UCLA’s starting Quarterback for three seasons, before declaring for the draft this winter.  He is widely seen as the “most NFL Ready” prospect in this years draft class.  Let’s see what

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Cleveland Browns’ Quarterback Sam Darnold/Josh Rosen Declares for NFL Draft.

Kudos to Sashi Brown. Really, what an absolute masterpiece of a tank job. Last night, USC’s Sam Darnold, and UCLA’s Josh Rosen both declared for the NFL draft. Cleveland’s offseason will come down to which one they’ll choose. Personally, I’m not too thrilled with either one. I really feel like Rosen, and Darnold will go

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Josh Rosen & Sam Darnold Both Declare for the NFL Draft

The California QBs that were touted as top picks before the season have both officially made their statements and declared for the draft within 1 hour of each other. Rosen, the UCLA product, made his statement on twitter first — followed up by USC’s QB Darnold doing the same but on Instagram. #UCLA QB Josh

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