It’s Finally Over.

After the month’s and month’s of crap spewing every which way regarding the Browns draft, we finally got some answers.  With the 1st overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, The Cleveland Browns Selected, Baker Mayfield.

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The whole lead up to the draft almost all of the pundits had the Browns selecting Darnold first overall.   Darnold was my preferred option, and the more I look back, the more I believe that had to do with him being the cardboard cutout of an NFL Starting Quarterback.  Despite everything, Baker was always in the back of my mind to be picked.  He intrigued me the most.   This kid is a winner.  He’s not putting up a front like, Johnny Manziel.  He will come in and work his ass off to beat Tyrod Taylor.  That has always been what Baker Mayfield does.  Naturally, the Browns got absolutely ripped for taking him.  Fans were upset that the golden boy from USC was not selected, and the national perception is that the Browns just picked Johnny Manziel again.  It is simply not true.  There is 1 similarity between the two, and that is their both dicks on the field.  Other than that, they are two completely different football players.

Baker Mayfield

Baker comes into the NFL having been one of College Football’s most productive players ever.  The above PFF scores don’t mean dick really, but it helps us compare him to everyone else.  A recent article on SB Nation really highlights the main differences between all of this years top QB prospects,

“In college:

  • Josh Allen was a tall mediocrity.
  • Sam Darnold coughed up gobs and gobs of turnovers.
  • Lamar Jackson had a slight physique and got hit (and sacked) a lot.
  • Josh Rosen got crushed a lot and never had a chance to shine because of iffy line play and a bad running game, not that he can’t become a great NFL QB himself.

The knock on Mayfield is he’s … a little short, I guess? He’s 6’1, which is on the smaller side for a quarterback, but he still had fewer passes swatted at the line than the 6’5 Allen did.” ( 

I knew all of this going in with Mayfield.  I knew how dominant he was in college, and I still didn’t think the Browns would even consider him.  Public opinion of the team is pretty poor obviously, and I just thought the Haslam’s would not have drafted Mayfield after what happened with Johnny Football. That public perception is wrong, and I am glad the team is ignoring it.

On field, Baker Mayfield is more than capable of being the Cleveland Browns franchise quarterback.  He’s deadly accurate.  In his three years at Oklahoma Mayfield had finished with 68.1, 70.9, and 70.5 completion percentage.  That is at 69% on average.  That is insanely good for a 6 ft. 1 Quarterback.  In terms of play style, Mayfield excels within the pocket.  He is going go through his progressions, and fire the ball downfield.  The scrambling you see is mostly a fail safe, not his first instinct.  He would be decent in designed runs, as he is used to the Run-Pass Option offense.  It is not something you will catch him doing a lot of, as he is a gunslinger.

So, Browns fans quit bitching about Baker Mayfield being picked over Darnold.  This guy is money, and is going own being QB one of the Cleveland Browns.  He is going to put his balls on the line for his teammates, and when we eventually see him on the field it will be because he earned it.  Baker’s always earned it.

Fourth overall was also a pick the Browns got unanimously ripped for.  I on the other hand was doing cartwheels.  With Bradley Chubb on the board, the Browns opted to pick the highest ranked corner in the draft.  It woulda sent me up a fucking wall if the Browns pissed away a draft pick on another edge rusher.  Currently our two edge guys are Myles Garrett, and Emmanuel Ogbah.  Ogbah is less known, but is only entering his third season.  Last season Ogbah played in only 10 games due to injury, and was tied for the team lead in sacks with 4.  He played in 16 games in 2016, and finished with 5.5 total sacks.  What exactly is wrong with Emmanuel Ogbah?   He is super young, on a team friendly deal, and has prior success in oh I don’t know….THE NFL.

The Browns may have reached with Denzel Ward, but he was the best Corner in the draft per many outlets.  I haven’t watched this kid play much, but multiple reports say that Ward is one of very few College corners who plays man-to-man.  That is 100% exactly what the Browns need.  The past few years the Browns have trotted out nothing but JAGS in the secondary, and people are still going to bitch?   Would you prefer Tramon Williams? No? Johnson Bademosi anyone? Nah, you’d rather have Buster Skrine. Give me a break. I’ll leave you with Defensive Coordinator, Gregg Williams statement on the pick.  This comes in Josh Edwards Orange and Brown Report Article explaining the pick.

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“Ward. The reason is our need for a press cover cornerback. Denzel probably plays that position as well as anyone I’ve seen in college football in some time. We probably play the most press of any team in the league. There’s another reason. I’ve got a video of 28 snaps of Myles Garrett pass-rushes last year where he gets within two steps or less of the quarterback when the ball comes out. Basically, we aren’t covering long enough to let him get to the quarterback. Myles and others—especially [defensive end] Emmanuel Ogbah—will get more chances because of Denzel.” Ogbah, Williams said, was a major reason why the Browns went Ward over Chubb. “Ogbah’s a rising star in this league,” Williams said. “He’s got a chance to be Chubb.” High praise”  

Couldn’t have said it better myself, Gregg.  Come get some baby!

A full breakdown of the rest of the picks can be found here.   I frankly don’t care about the picks outside of 1 and 4.  I wanted the Browns to identify their guy, and select him at 1.  They did that with Baker.  Now we wait for the new shitheads to arrive, and hit the field.  Go Browns!

So, We’re doing Josh Allen?

Well this morning I got some unfortunate news regarding the Browns choice of Quarterback.

Oh boy!  A guy who knows a guy says the Browns are going to pick Josh Allen and Saquon Barkley in round one of the 2018 NFL draft.   I guess I am not surprised rumors of this nature are spreading like wildfire.  With there being 4-5 Quarterback Options, and the Browns picking 1st overall it was bound to happen.  While I don’t love this news, because I hate the player, I am not too surprised to be hearing it.  From now until draft day I am sure there will be a tweet, story,  or media clip that has the Browns leaning on picking the Browns with each of the top 5 QB’s (Mayfield, Rosen, Darnold, Allen, Jackson).

Honestly, I do not even really care who they pick.  After years and years of trading down, settling for the 4th or 5th guy, or picking project guys in the middle rounds, I just want them to identify a guy and pick him #1 overall.  If that is Josh Allen then so be it.  I do not love the player overall, but he does have positive qualities.

Obviously, you have the large frame and a rocket arm.  Those things make any fan, coach, and wide receiver droll.  The problem is, he has issues with his feet within the pocket, and he has horrid accuracy.  At the 2:27 mark of the video Allen misses his a wide receiver deep down the field in single coverage.  Josh slings it so far he couldn’t put it within 5 yards of his target.  With his arm he should be throwing guys open, especially when they are in single coverage.  Good example of positive footwork however. Allen avoided pressure in the pocket, and stepped up to give himself more time to hurl it. Not good, but not great.

The throw at the 2:31 mark is more alarming.  Allen couldn’t hit his Wideout on a simple swing pass.    Not only was his ball inaccurate, but he threw the poor kid right into the Linebacker.  Put that ball on his back shoulder, the Receiver should be able make that linebacker miss for a big gain, or at the very least a first down.

1:36 Mark, Allen has two receivers bunched to his right, the outside receiver on the hash mark runs a 5 yard out.  The receiver has the corner beat, but Allen throws a jump pass off his back foot.  The ball was picked off easily by the Iowa Corner.  You’d think a guy who can supposedly throw the ball 90 yards from his knee’s would try setting his feet?  If he sets his feet, squares the shoulder, and fires the fucking thing his receiver probably has a catch there.    Sometimes with this kid, it looks like he has absolutely no clue with his feet sometimes, and sometimes he looks like a tap dancer moving throughout the pocket.  The first throw I highlighted is an example of Allen using his feet to buy time within the pocket, stepping up, and hurling it deep.  Problem was he overthrew his receiver.  Still, it was a good example of his footwork looking good.

The great part of being a Browns fan is, I can talk myself into ANY QB at ANY time. Problem is, I can talk myself out of them as well. None of the Quarterbacks this year are slam dunks, but Allen has the most questions. That scares me. The good news is Baker Mayfield has his visit in Cleveland today, and would bet that there will be a report of Baker Mayfield being the leading QB in the Clubhouse by my morning shit. While I don’t take this report 100% seriously, it was written by as credible source as they come (MMQB/Peter King). Josh Allen will get a serious look from Dorsey and Co. It’s a matter of whether or not he can pass Darnold and Mayfield. We’ll see where that rocket arm takes him.


So……..We’re Doing Darnold?

So, yesterday was Sam Darnold’s Pro Day at the University of Southern California.  These events are fucking stupid plain and simple.  Sam’s was especially stupid, because it was pouring rain out (Does USC not have a bubble?) which got all the analysts hot and bothered.  Whatever Sam did on the field during this workout is absolutely 100% irrelevant.  I could care less how far he throws, how tight the spiral is, and if he can hit an uncovered dude wearing shorts.  I simply don’t care.  NOTHING and I mean nothing matters football wise, until I see it on the field in an NFL game. I am more interested in finding clues as to who the Browns are leaning to picking come April. This Pro Day was interesting for that reason.

it's happening.gif

Well well well!  Looks like there may be a leader in the Clubhouse for the number one overall pick?  Jimmy Haslam swapping spit with the Darnold family, while Sammy was slingin’ the rock in the rain.  Many share the belief that draft stock doesn’t necessarily go up after a pro-day, but your stock can go down.  Pro Day’s are seen as a way to solidify your standing with teams.  It is sounding like Sam really solidified himself as the top Quarterback Prospect in this years draft.  The overwhelming thought around the league is that the Browns will take Sam Darnold 1st overall.

I truthfully don’t know who this guy is, but he strongly believes the Giants are on the clock.  This would mean Darnold locked in as the first overall pick.  This whole thing reeks of taking him first overall.

I mean that is one hefty contingent travelling out to  watch this kid run around in shorts. Sounds like there was a dinner held with Darnold and the Browns brass the night before his workout as well.  It just seems like this guy is the guy, and everyone is doing their due diligence prior to being selecting their guy. I saw some people griping that Jimmy Haslam was meddling again, and to that I say fuck off.  The number 1 pick of the 2018 NFL draft is the most important single event in the 18 years since the Browns have returned.  You bet your ass he’ll be there. The Browns finally control their own destiny in terms of who to draft. They don’t have to see who trades up and down, they don’t have to worry about guys not falling to them, and they don’t have to settle for the third or fourth best Quarterback option. They haven’t have this opportunity since ’99 when Tim Couch was drafted 1st overall, and the Browns as we know them hadn’t played a single game yet. This year, the Browns have the pick of the litter.

In other news, it appears Sam Darnold actually wants to play in Cleveland? Albert Breer published an article documenting Sam’s day with the Browns.  Darnold had some interesting thoughts with throwing coach, Jordan Palmer (Yes, Carson’s brother).


All the signs are there, and it really does appear that Sam Darnold will be chosen first overall.  Better yet, Sam seems excited about playing for the team and likes the idea of sitting for a year.  So here I am on 3/22/2018 saying the Browns will pick Sam Darnold.  For the get-go he’s been regarded as the unanimous best Quarterback (among writers/analysts), and his Pro Day solidified that, and all of the Browns major decision makers where there to see it.

It’s gotta be Darnold, right?

With the First Pick of the 2018 NFL Draft, The Cleveland Browns Select: Josh Rosen.

The last Quarterback on that should be on the Browns draft board this April is a man by the name, Rosen.  Josh Rosen was UCLA’s starting Quarterback for three seasons, before declaring for the draft this winter.  He is widely seen as the “most NFL Ready” prospect in this years draft class.  Let’s see what the hoop-la is all about.

This kid can definitely sling the rock a bit after watching the highlight tape.  When most of the so-called “experts” say he’s the most ready, I can certainly see what they’re talking about.  Rosen looks the sharpest out of any of the guys I’ve previously looked at.   The dude sets his feet, squares his shoulders to the the target, and lets it fly.  He is first and foremost, a pocket passer.   Unlike the majority of this years QB prospects, Rosen is not a dual threat.  Don’t expecting to see this dude hurdling would-be tacklers like Lamar Jackson, or scrambling around the pocket like Darnold.

Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 12.43.59 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 12.46.09 PM.png

Josh is all about standing from the pocket, reading the defense, and firing the ball.  The stats above reflect that.  His Freshman and Junior seasons he was able to play a full slate of games, whereas his Sophomore campaign was shortened to only 6 games due to a shoulder injury.  In each of his two full seasons he has thrown for over 3,000 yards.  While he did throw for 3,669 and 3,756 respectively, the 8.3 yards per attempt indicates he isn’t going to take risks with the ball.  Darnold is a guy who trusts his arm, and is willing to put it into coverage if he has to.  Rosen is less of a gunslinger in that sense.

Despite not being much of a runner, that doesn’t mean Rosen can’t move.  He demonstrates the ability to move laterally within the pocket, while keeping his eyes downfield.  In the NFL he won’t be given the time to move so freely in the pocket like the GIF below, but it is still a good trait to have.


The biggest gripe I have with this kid is his attitude.  It’s been well documented how he grew up in a well-off family blah blah blah.  He isn’t afraid to speak his mind, and not always about football.  He can be quite vocal about current events/politics.  None of that bothers me in the slightest.  Players absolutely 100% should be able to voice their opinions regarding a multitude of subjects.  It’s Rosen’s thoughts on football that crawl up my tail pipe.  It was widely reported by The Sporting News that Josh was using football more as an avenue to build his net worth.  Erik Galco explains, “According to sources who have spoken with people close to Rosen, he has been focused since high school on using football to make money and support the type of lifestyle he wants. He’s OK with challenging the system and being a mouthpiece for divisiveness because he appreciates the attention it draws”

What. A. Prick.  Look, it’s perfectly fine to express opinions and earn as much as you can.  Especially with how owners treat players, he should maximize his earning potential.  It’s the, “Mouthpiece for divisiveness……and attention it draws” with which I have a problem.  Basically, what that is telling me is Josh Rosen thinks he’s smarter than everyone else, and s willing to stir the pot.  That attitude simply will not work in Cleveland.  At times, Hue Jackson takes shots at players via the media.  How will this prick handle it?  It certainly sounds like he would fire back, causing all sorts of nonsense.

For those reasons, I am OUT.  I am set with Josh Rosen.  I just feel like his attitude and demeanor would not work on the Browns.  Seems like a bad fit.  When shit inevitably hits the fan, is this guy going to start calling everyone out?  Who knows.  I’d rather not find out.  In terms of Football, he is definitely the most complete Quarterback entering the Draft.  That being said, I don’t see as high a ceiling for him compared to the others.  His basement will be higher than the others, as he has better mechanics inside the pocket.  Basically what I am saying is, I see in Rosen having Alex Smith Potential.

I would hope come draft day, John Dorsey feels the same way.   I honestly have a strong belief that Dorsey will not select him.  Today we did get a hint as to whom the Browns were leaning towards:

April needs to get here soon.

With The First Pick of The 2018 NFL Draft, The Cleveland Browns Select: Josh Allen.

Image result for Josh Allen

Silly season continues, as this past weekend has been the NFL Combine.  Prospects from all over this great land assembled in Indianapolis to do a bunch of meaningless drills, and interviews.  That brings us to our fourth Quarterback will most certainly be discussing as an option at first overall, or even fourth.

Out of all the options at Quarterback in the 2018 Draft Class, Josh Allen is down towards the bottom.  Why you ask?  Easy, there have been about 100 Josh Allen’s in past NFL Drafts.  First off, he’s a fucking monster standing at 6’4, 240 lbs.  Just a fucking linebacker playing QB.  These are obviously seen as positive traits. He is a guy who will be able to withstand NFL punishment.   Another talking point is his hands, big people have large hands, and Josh Allen’s hands are pretty big.  These are all contributing factors to this guys cannon of an arm.

josh allen stats.PNG

josh allen stats 2

The career stats for Allen are as posted above.  The biggest takeaway: What the fuck happened this year?  I see a significant statistical drop-off in almost every major category in 2017.  He threw 12 less TD’s in 2017. He also declined in interceptions, which is obviously a good thing.  Just head scratching statistics.  This guy can throw it 90 fucking yards, but he averaged only 6.7 yards per attempt in 2017?  He is a surprisingly decent runner.  In 2016 he ran for 523 yards and 7 TD’s.  Again, those numbers plummeted in 2017, where he only rushed for 204 yards, and 5 TD’s.  For such a big body.


So, the kid has a good arm.  He can move around in the pocket ala Big Ben, should the Browns draft him to be the Quarterback of the future? ABSOLUTELY NOT.  First off, I hadn’t watched ANY of this kids games, because well I am not a Wyoming fan.  He is coming from that typical two-bit, punching Judy College offense.  The QB is hardly under center, and almost every fucking play is a run-pass option.  He hasn’t displayed the ability to take snaps under center consistently, at least from what I am seeing.  I watched that highlight tape (the first time I’ve watched Josh Allen) and I saw less than 10 snaps come from under center.  I saw a few bootlegs, but that’s about it.

Basically what I see when I watch this tape, is a big dude who relies on his natural arm strength.  He’s got accuracy issues that may not ever be fixed.  Doesn’t matter how far you throw it when you can’t hit the target.  But, Danny! What if the Browns develop him properly?!   We have a Josh Allen on the Roster already, and his name is DeShone Kizer.  Kizer is a a guy who is massive, has a rocket arm, can run, and has insane accuracy issues.   Kizer may never be fixed, which leads me to believe we wouldn’t be able to develop Allen in the first place.

kizer gif.gif

(^Looks sexy doesn’t it^)

For that reason, I am OUT on Josh Allen.  The question is, are the Browns out on him too?  I sure hope so…

With The First Pick of the 2018 NFL Draft, The Cleveland Browns Select: Lamar Jackson.

Image result for lamar jackson

Lamar Jackson seems to be the least talked about high-end prospect the 2018 NFL Draft has to offer.  Make no mistake about it, Lamar Jackson deserves consideration to be picked first overall, or just the first round in general.  The fact he isn’t getting much attention is very weird.



Now, the easy comparison here is obviously Michael Vick.  They are both run-heavy Quarterback’s, with athleticism through the freaking roof.  At any second Jackson could take off, and run the ball 90 yards to the house.  In college, Mike Vick had one huge knock to his game.  His ability to throw the ball down the field.  Vick lacked the down field accuracy, and power if he were to stand in the pocket.


Now, based on what I have been watching of Jackson it seems as if he is ahead of where Vick was just throwing the ball down the field.  His passes have more zip, and accuracy than anything Vick threw at Virginia Tech.

lamar jackson stats 1

lamar jackson stats 3

Looking at Jackson’s’ stats here I am pleasantly surprised.   Obviously his best year came in 2016, where he threw for 30 TD’s, and rushed for another 21.  That’s your Quarterback accounting for 51 total touchdowns.  That is insanity right there.  In 2017 his stats dropped………barely.  In a season where he was hyped less than the year before, Lamar came out and balled.  Interestingly enough, he ran for 3 less TD’s, AND threw for 3 less TD’s than 2016.  However, his total yardage increased for both rushing and passing.  In 2017 he threw for 3,660 yards.  That is up from 3,543 in 2016.  2017 saw Lamar rush for 1,601 yards, which is an improvement from the 1,571 in 2016.

holy lamar.gif

All of those stats, and insane highlights bring us to the main Question: Should the Browns take Lamar Jackson at number 1?  Short answer: No.  I would have no problem with the Browns if they decided they wanted to pick Lamar Jackson.  First overall would be a bit of a reach despite the Heisman Season, highlights, and numbers.  Drafting Lamar Jackson so high would require the Browns to tailor the entire offense to him.  This is fine and all, but the gimmicky read-option/pistol offense seems to only work in spurts in the NFL.  Defenses are just too fast for it.  If you draft Lamar Jackson that high you don’t force him to become a pure pocket passer.  That would ruin the kid, and is just not doing his talent justice.  I feel like it’s easier to ask a Pro-Style quarterback to run more, than it is to ask a running quarterback to stay in the pocket.

If Dorsey decides Lamar is the guy, by all means draft Lamar Jackson.  I would prefer they tried to trade back into round 1 in the 15-32 area.  They have the draft capital to do so (Thanks Sashi, love you mean it).  But, Browns fans should not sleep on Lamar Jackson.  This dude is fucking electric, and I was shocked to see he virtually matched his Heisman winning season.  Hell, 2017 was probably the better year.  Fewer TD’s, but total yardage increased.  Will John Dorsey show some serious balls, and draft Lamar Jackson to be the Browns Quarterback of the future?

Lamar Jackson marry me.gif

With The First Pick of The 2018 NFL Draft, The Cleveland Browns Select: Sam Darnold

Image result for Sam Darnold Browns

Here we go with the second Quarterback on my Rookie QB wish-list.  Sam Darnold from USC.  Darnold is coming off a 4,000 yard Sophomore campaign.  Coming into the year Darnold was seen as a unanimous #1 overall pick.  Both USC, and Darnold himself disappointed in 2017, but not bad enough to ruin his draft stock.  USC finished 11-2, and got waxed in the Cotton Bowl by Ohio State.

History has not been kind to USC Quarterbacks.  They are consistently pumped up as the next great thing, and it never pans out.  They are all seen as the (my favorite word!) prototype NFL signal caller. What is the prototype?  It’s a 6’4 225 pocket passer, who has a rocket arm.   All USC Quarterbacks fit that mold when their slinging the rock against the fucking Oregon State Beavers.

Image result for John David Booty usc

(Look even John David Booty made it to an SI cover)

In the NFL it is a different story.  More often than not, they amount to shit.  Occasionally, guys are able to carve out a decent career (Carson Palmer, Matt Cassel).

Lets take a brief look back at USC Quarterbacks past:

Matt Leinart:

Selected 10th overall in 2006, by Arizona Cardinals. Career record: 8-10.

Image result for matt leinart Cardinals bust

This guy straight sucked.  First of all this is nothing but pure bias on my part, but NEVER EVER take a lefty Quarterback.  He was one of those guys labeled the “prototype” NFL QB.  Problem is he threw like a Sally.  Leinart toiled around with the Texans, Raiders, and Bills before calling it quits.

Image result for Leinart bills

Matt Barkley:

Selected 98th overall by the Philadelphia Eagles.  Career Record: 1-5

Image result for matt barkley eagles

Another USC QB, another bust.  Barkley was regarded as a sure fire first round draft pick in 2011.  That didn’t stop him from returning to USC for his Senior season in 2012.  Big mistake.  Going into the year, Barkley was the unanimous number 1 pick with all the draft nerds, and leading Heisman trophy candidate.  His team was ranked #1 in the country to go along with it.  By years end USC had lost five games, Barkley had a shoulder injury that ended his season, and he had fallen out of the first round in draft projections.

Barkley was drafted by Philadelphia 98th overall in 2013,  and he never saw the field.  Philly traded him to Arizona in 2015, who cut him weeks later.  As a backup Matt got a few starts with Chicago in 2016, but still went 1-5.  He was on the Arizona Cardinals roster in 2017, but was inactive for all 16 games.

Image result for Matt Barkley bad

Mark Sanchez: 

Selected 5th overall by the New York Jets in 2009.  Career Record: 37-35

buff fumble


Ahhhhhh yes!  The Sanchize.  I remember it well.  Mark Sanchez came on to the scene with slightly less fanfare than the other two hacks.  However, in his draft year he soared up draft boards right behind the consensus #1 overall pick, Matt Stafford.  The Jets took Sanchez 5th overall after trading up with the Cleveland Browns.  Sanchez had an immediate impact.  The Jets went 9-7 and 11-5 his first two seasons as starter.  He even managed to take his team to the AFC Championship twice.  The kicker?  They beat the Patriots in Foxboro, in January.

Image result for Jets Patriots playoff

It all went down hill from here for Marky Mark.  The Jets would miss the playoffs each of the following two seasons, and finally Sanchez was traded to the Philadelphia Eagles in 2015.  Since then, he’s been a journeyman backup.  He’s suited up for Denver, Dallas,, and Chicago.  I’m sure he will pop up in some camp this August.

These are the three most recent examples of over-hyped USC stiffs.  Carson Palmer gets an honorable mention, as his career turned out to be mediocre at best once he took that shot to the knee in the 2005 Wild-Card game against Pittsburgh.

Image result for Carson Palmer knee steelers

Just goes to show you there is enough of a trend for me to have MAJOR doubts picking a highly rated USC Signal Caller.  However, there is something about Darnold that leads me to believe he could be the exception to the rule.  Of course, once again he is seen as the “Prototype” NFL QB.  The kid is a fucking Mack Truck standing at 6’4, 225lbs.  That will come in handy at the NFL for sure.  Darnold has a big arm, and he is not afraid to stand in the pocket and sling it.

A few things standout watching these two clips, Sam has some fuckin’ confidence in his arm, eh?  He is willing to stand in there, and fit the ball into tight windows to make plays.  At 2:05 of the second video, Sam is being pressured from the outside on a four man rush.  He is able to use his vision, and footwork to evade pressure, and he fires a missile to his receiver in the back of the endzone.  The throw at 2:05 seriously gave me a chubby for Darnold.

I also noticed that he is surprisingly good using his legs.  Not only can he move around the pocket to create throwing lanes, Darnold can take off and get chunks of yardage.  It also appeared like USC ran some designed QB running plays to get him into space.  He rushed for 332 yards and 7 touchdowns in his two years at USC.  Not bad all.

Image result for Sam Darnold Rushing

What I do definitively like about this kid, is his attitude.  There were reports that he would head back to Southern Cal for his Junior season simply to avoid the Browns.  That’s not the case obviously, as he and Josh Rosen declared for the draft this past January.   Seems like the kid has a good head on his shoulders, and it’s not lodged up his clam like Josh Rosen.  Rosen walks around with the stench of prick following him around.  Darnold is humbled, well spoken, and seen as a true leader by his teammates.  After-all, he does have the “C” on his jersey.

Will Dorsey and the gang find all this enough to grab Sam Darnold with the 1st or 4th pick in the draft?  We’ll see…

Cleveland Browns’ Quarterback Sam Darnold/Josh Rosen Declares for NFL Draft.

Kudos to Sashi Brown. Really, what an absolute masterpiece of a tank job. Last night, USC’s Sam Darnold, and UCLA’s Josh Rosen both declared for the NFL draft. Cleveland’s offseason will come down to which one they’ll choose. Personally, I’m not too thrilled with either one. I really feel like Rosen, and Darnold will go 1 and 2, a la Mariota and Winston, or Goff and Wentz. In that regard, we’re stuck with one of them, so let’s pick one and roll with it. Build the fucking team around him.

Right now if you put a switchblade to my balls, and asked me who the better Quarterback was, I’d say Rosen. He’s got a more rounded game than Darnold. He’s obviously very smart, makes the right reads, and doesn’t force it too much. I see Rosen having a Alex Smith type career. Not great, but not bad in any way.

Now, for Darnold. Based on chatter surrounding these two, Darnold seems like he’ll be the pick. He’s not the better of the two quarterbacks right now, but he has the tools to have a higher ceiling than Rosen. Sam is big, 6’4 225 lbs, a frame which will come in handy in the AFC North. His highlight clips indicate that he has more willingness to take risks with the Football. I’m more than ok with it, so long as he can be coached properly on when to take them.

I like the fact that Darnold is willing to make some risks to make plays. Based off the highlight clip he can do it with his legs as well. He’s certainly not Michael Vick, but he can improvise with his legs when needed.

As mentioned in previous posts it’s going to come down to which one isn’t a Nancy boy. Who’s willing to accept the challenge of joining the Cleveland Browns. So far, Darnold is the leader in that regard:

So I sit here on January 4th and am telling you that Sam Darnold will likely be picked 1st overall in April. I’m not exactly thrilled, but I still have some hope. Unfortunately, the only quarterback that’s really intrigues me is Baker Mayfield.

He presents the most upside out of any quarterback out there. He’s got the swagger, drive, and ability to lead a team on Sunday’s. There are obviously off the field concerns, but I generally feel like he wants it more on the field than the QB he’s most compared to, Johnny Manziel.

The Rose Bowl was telling in a negative way for Mayfield. He had his Sooners up 31-17 at the half. They ended up losing the game 54-48. I thought it would be a game where Mayfield would go out, and take a win from Georgia. It never happened. Suspect play-calling was an issue, but Mayfield seemed to wilt. It was a concerning game for him.

Still a long way to go, but again it just seems inevitable Darnold will be the guy. The Browns have some options, as they pick 4th overall as well.

Oh I can certainly fuck with that.