So……..We’re Doing Darnold?

So, yesterday was Sam Darnold’s Pro Day at the University of Southern California.  These events are fucking stupid plain and simple.  Sam’s was especially stupid, because it was pouring rain out (Does USC not have a bubble?) which got all the analysts hot and bothered.  Whatever Sam did on the field during this workout is absolutely 100% irrelevant.  I could care less how far he throws, how tight the spiral is, and if he can hit an uncovered dude wearing shorts.  I simply don’t care.  NOTHING and I mean nothing matters football wise, until I see it on the field in an NFL game. I am more interested in finding clues as to who the Browns are leaning to picking come April. This Pro Day was interesting for that reason.

it's happening.gif

Well well well!  Looks like there may be a leader in the Clubhouse for the number one overall pick?  Jimmy Haslam swapping spit with the Darnold family, while Sammy was slingin’ the rock in the rain.  Many share the belief that draft stock doesn’t necessarily go up after a pro-day, but your stock can go down.  Pro Day’s are seen as a way to solidify your standing with teams.  It is sounding like Sam really solidified himself as the top Quarterback Prospect in this years draft.  The overwhelming thought around the league is that the Browns will take Sam Darnold 1st overall.

I truthfully don’t know who this guy is, but he strongly believes the Giants are on the clock.  This would mean Darnold locked in as the first overall pick.  This whole thing reeks of taking him first overall.

I mean that is one hefty contingent travelling out to  watch this kid run around in shorts. Sounds like there was a dinner held with Darnold and the Browns brass the night before his workout as well.  It just seems like this guy is the guy, and everyone is doing their due diligence prior to being selecting their guy. I saw some people griping that Jimmy Haslam was meddling again, and to that I say fuck off.  The number 1 pick of the 2018 NFL draft is the most important single event in the 18 years since the Browns have returned.  You bet your ass he’ll be there. The Browns finally control their own destiny in terms of who to draft. They don’t have to see who trades up and down, they don’t have to worry about guys not falling to them, and they don’t have to settle for the third or fourth best Quarterback option. They haven’t have this opportunity since ’99 when Tim Couch was drafted 1st overall, and the Browns as we know them hadn’t played a single game yet. This year, the Browns have the pick of the litter.

In other news, it appears Sam Darnold actually wants to play in Cleveland? Albert Breer published an article documenting Sam’s day with the Browns.  Darnold had some interesting thoughts with throwing coach, Jordan Palmer (Yes, Carson’s brother).


All the signs are there, and it really does appear that Sam Darnold will be chosen first overall.  Better yet, Sam seems excited about playing for the team and likes the idea of sitting for a year.  So here I am on 3/22/2018 saying the Browns will pick Sam Darnold.  For the get-go he’s been regarded as the unanimous best Quarterback (among writers/analysts), and his Pro Day solidified that, and all of the Browns major decision makers where there to see it.

It’s gotta be Darnold, right?

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