Why Danny, WHY?

Danny Ainge tweeted a photo of Gordon Hayward walking by a pool without his ankle brace. Based on that smile, it looks like Hayward is doing well in his recovery from his gruesome ankle injury.

Danny, please don’t tease us like this. Celtics fans have finally gotten past the grieving stage in Gordon’s injury and are fully on board with him missing the season and coming back healthy next year. And now you go and do this. Come on. All this tweet does is stir the pot, get rumors started and play with our emotions.

I still don’t expect Hayward to come back this year, BUT…

If the Celtics did get Hayward back, never mind focusing on Cleveland, the Celtics might have the team to really challenge the Warriors. I know it sounds ridiculous but they’ve already beaten them once and they have the top ranked defense in the NBA. This could be their year! But probably not..

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