Japanese Kayaker Drugs Rival and Gets Eight-Year Ban

The Japan Anti-Doping Agency have handed Japanese kayaker Yasuhiro Suzuki an eight year ban after he spiked his rival Seiji Komatsu’s drink which caused him to fail a drug test.

The agency revealed that Suzuki spiked his rivals drink with an anabolic steroid back in September at the national championship.

After failing his drug test and being disqualified from the 2017 Canoe Sprint Japan Championships, Komatsu denied taking any drugs. This led to an investigation and when Yasuhiro was questioned about it, he confessed. Per Japenese public broadcaster NHK, he told federation officials “he was frustrated and did not think he could win.”

The Japan Canoe Federation has since overturned the sanctions they handed down to Komatsu after his failed test.

This is so awesome and embarrassing at the same time. If you’re Yasuhiro you can’t fold like a house of cards the moment they question you. If there’s no paper trail and no real evidence against you, just play stupid. He’s 32 years old and with this ban he wont be able to kayak again until hes 40. So unless he takes steroids himself and gets in crazy shape these next eight years, this might be the end for him.

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