With the First Pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, Cleveland Browns Select: Baker Mayfield.

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This is a time of year that is just the worst for sports.  Football will be over this time next week.  That means we’re stuck with silly Draft hype.  We will be getting slammed with Senior Bowl, Combine, and Pro-Day bullshit until our ears bleed.  Figured now is as good a time as ever to break down the top Quarterbacks in this years draft class.  Let’s kick it off with Baker Mayfield, 2018 Heisman Trophy Winner.  Is he qualified to be selected number 1 overall?

There is something about this kid, man.  I’ve said it a few times, but Mayfield is really the only Quarterback that intrigues me to a high degree.  Darnold, Rosen, and Allen just don’t move the needle for me.  Maybe it is because those guys are more of the “Prototype” Pro Quarterback.  Tall pocket passers with good arm-strength.  Mayfield is anything but tall.  Mayfield stands at 6 feet tall, and 216 ponds.  Certainly not built like most Franchise Quarterbacks.

I certainly understand the risks with Mayfield going in.  Much like Johnny Manziel, Mayfield took the College Football world by storm with electrifying play.  Much like Manziel, Baker is considered shorter than the ideal NFL Quarterback, but still electrifies.  They both have had issues with off-the-field issues in the past as well.  With all the similarities, there are differences to point out.

The first major difference is the way in which Johnny and Mayfield ran their offense.  Johnny was running a college based, read-option offense.  It involved a lot of Johnny improvising, and chucking the ball up to Mike Evans.  Evans was a man playing among boys at that time.

Taking a look at the highlights, it is pretty clear how simple Johnny’s offense was at A&M.  He was a one read and run guy.  He hardly ever stood in the pocket, and made his progressions.  At the slightest bit of pressure, or sign the play was breaking down Johnny took off running.  In the This lead to many highlight reel plays in college, as in the open-field Johnny was so hard to stop.  The Texas A&M offense set him up to fail in the NFL.  It was too improvisational, and he had an NFL ready Wide-Out at his disposal in Mike Evans.

Johnny in the NFL was nothing short of a disaster, particularly outside of Football. The second his name was announced, his time in Cleveland was a media circus.  On-field wasn’t great in 2014. Despite what many will tell you, 2015 Johnny was mostly good on the field.  The only real disaster performance came in his first career start in 2014.

After a tough start in 2014, and entering rehab; Johnny came back strong in 2015. Despite having next to no weapons, or belief from his coaches, Johnny put up solid numbers in his first chunk of playing time in the NFL. He finished 2015 with 9 games played.  He threw for 1,500 yards, 7 touchdowns, and 5 interceptions.  He added 230 rushing yards on 37 attempts.  Johnny’s off-field issues took off during the middle of the 2015 campaign, and got so bad he was released in March of 2016.

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With Baker displaying tamer, albeit similar off-field concerns you would think the Browns would scratch him off their QB Short-list ASAP.  Based off the sound bites from this past Weekend’s Senior Bowl, Browns GM John Dorsey is intrigued with the Oklahoma Signal Caller, and maybe enough to take him with the number 1 overall draft selection this April.

First things first, Baker Mayfield is nearly a spitting image of what Johnny Manziel was in some ways.  He’s a fiery competitor, who isn’t shy with words or actions.  Manziel had his patented “Money Manziel Sign”, and Mayfield stuck his teams flag in the middle of Ohio State’s field, which got a lot of heat for reasons unknown.  Grow up you fucking pussies.  Oh, and he’s grabbed his junk on TV clear as day.

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To the naked eye, Manziel and Mayfield look like one in the same.  Mayfield runs a similar offense to what A&M was running in 2012-2013.  It is a lot of read option, run-pass option type plays.  While the offense is similar, Mayfield plays the game completely different than Manziel did.  He has balls.  By balls, I mean he doesn’t take off at the slightest sign of trouble, or his number 1 read is taken away.

Take a look at his 2018 Rose Bowl Highlights.  Mayfield expresses the pocket presence and poise that Johnny never had.  You can see on multiple big plays, Mayfield is in the pocket moving his eyes downfield, and eventually hitting his 3rd/4th option for a big gain.  He doesn’t rely on scampering through College Linebackers once the play breaks down.  He does run, but it feels like he runs more on design, than improvisation.

Baker has done it these past two years with a group of JAGS at Wide-Receiver.  I think this has actually helped himself.  He hasn’t had the downfield options that Johnny did, so he’s had to develop better deep throw accuracy.  I feel like the placement on his deeper throws is far superior to Manziel.  Manziel had the luxury of turning his head and throwing it as far as possible in the direction of Mike Evans.

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These are the career college stats for both Johnny, and Baker.  Those who have been saying these two are a cut from the same cloth are just wrong.  Johnny caught fire in 2012, and carried it into 2013.  Baker has consistently performed at a high level.  With each year, you can see Baker’s stats grow.  The most impressive growth I see is, Average Yards per Attempt.  Baker’s grew from 10.4. to 12.3, and finally 12.9.  It shows that he developed into a quality downfield passer as he learned the college game.  Manziel’s Average Yards per Attempt was, 8.8 in 2012, and 10 in 2013.  Not even in the same ballpark as Mayfield.  It goes to show you how different they really are.

Should the Browns take Mayfield with the number 1 overall pick this fall?  I think he is as good an option as anyone to be drafted by the Browns this spring.  There is is something about the kid that makes me so intrigued.  He has the desire, and drive to lead his team to victory.  He isn’t afraid of anyone, and it shows on the field.  Is he cocky?  He absolutely is, but you can see how much he motivates his teammates on the field.  Baker has had an off-field incident, but it hasn’t plagued him nearly as much as Manziel’s issues.  Everything about Mayfield leads me to believe he really has the motivational drive in him, whereas the confidence Manziel displayed was more or less a front.

Mayfield has even expressed desire in being the Qaurterback to turn things around in Cleveland (Hey Josh Rosen, he ain’t scared ya fucking pussy). Whether this is just Pre-Draft bull-shit being spewed is yet to be determined.

Will Baker Mayfield be the Browns Quarterback in the Future when they hit the podium in April?   We’ll see…

Lamar Jackson Has Declared For The Draft

Looks like we’re going to have quite the QB loaded draft this year. Lamar Jackson, the 2016 Heisman winner, has officially declared for the NFL Draft

At first, I didn’t think Lamar Jackson would get a shot at playing QB but thinking about it — the talent is there. This man literally carried Louisville his entire college career. He’s got a really strong deep ball and can make plays with his legs as well. I honestly think with some good coaching, this kid can be the best QB of this class.

Not too shabby for an irrelevant ACC team. I’m actually very interested to see where he lands — I know of a team who just had a big ESPN report published about them that doesn’t have a future QB.

Josh Rosen & Sam Darnold Both Declare for the NFL Draft

The California QBs that were touted as top picks before the season have both officially made their statements and declared for the draft within 1 hour of each other. Rosen, the UCLA product, made his statement on twitter first — followed up by USC’s QB Darnold doing the same but on Instagram.

There obviously was talk of both of them not wanting to go to the Browns because of the state of the franchise and I’m not going to get in depth in their abilities because Danny did so here. However, these two were selected as pre-season favorites to go early in the draft for a reason. Both slumped a little during their seasons and the records aren’t exactly eye-opening, but they both managed to have solid seasons.

If I had to choose one? And I’m sure Cleveland or the Giants will select a QB, if not both — I’m going Rosen. USC QBs never really pan out well  in the NFL(see: Leinart, Barkley, Sanchez, Kessler). I’d be shocked if the Browns went Darnold here as I feel even Josh Allen is a better prospect than him.

Either way, it is now official and the Browns are on the clock — let’s see if Rosen can be the game-changer to turn a franchise around.

Saquon Barkley Declares For The Draft


Penn State’s superstar running back Saquon Barkley is officially forgoing his senior year and has declared for the 2018 NFL Draft. He announced it through a post on his instagram



The pre-season favorite for the Heisman trophy started off the season in fire and helped lead Penn State make it all the way up to #2 before they ended up hitting a slight slump. Though they hung around, they were never in the playoff hunt and teams started to zero in on Barkley. He did have one of the better bowl performances of the year in Penn State’s 35-28 Fiesta Bowl win over Washington in which he had 137 yards and 2 TDs including a real casual 91 yard TD — ending his season total at 1,271 yards and 18 TDs.

He ended his Penn State career with 3,843 rushing yards which was just 90 yards shy of the Penn State record. He won’t care though as this was absolutely the right decision.

Barkley is a game-changer and an electric player who can run and catch. He’s top 2 on both Mel Kiper and Todd McShay’s board and I have to imagine he doesn’t make it out of the top 5.

The Colts pick third and GM Jim Irsay said that they might look to take a running back early — which makes sense with Frank Gore being as old as dirt. I think they like Mack but it’s hard to pass up on Barkley. It’d be interesting to see him paired up with a healthy Luck and a competent coach (if they get one). The Giants, who haven’t had a solid running back in forever, would also be an intriguing landing spot at #2 if they don’t decide to take a QB. Lots of intrigue this draft but this kid is absolutely going to be a stud.