Browns Re-Sign WR, Jarvis Landry to 5 Year, $75.5 Million Extension.

Holy shit!  That is some serious dough being forked over by the Browns.  As soon as the trade went down the belief was that a deal would be done at some point.  It finally happened this morning, and Landry’s payoff is massive.

A lot of chirping about this being an over payment, blah blah blah.  I don’t agree with that statement, but I also don’t disagree.  The guaranteed money, and term is a bit much in my opinion.  $47 million is the most guaranteed money any active receiver is making, but there is no debating the fact that he produces.  What do the Browns suck at ( I know  everything! HAHA)?  They suck at throwing, catching, and completing first downs to sustain drives.  Those drives eventually lead to points.  Jarvis is one of three receivers in the  to have at least 400 catches since 2014.  Not bad!

Jarvis Landry.JPG

Jarvis lead the league in catches last year, and had 60 first down catches.  He catches the ball, and gets first downs at an exceptionally high rate.   That is something that sounds really fucking simple, but the Browns did not have a reliable guy in Landry’s mold pretty much ever.

Overall I like this move and have zero issue with overpaying.  The $15 million per year the Browns just shelled will drop their available cap to around $70 million. Boy that Landry contract is really putting us in cap hell!  Fuck outta here with that.

So far so good with Landry since coming over from Miami.  At first you feel bad for the guy, going from South Beach to Cleveland.    From 6-10 to 0-16 I figured he wouldn’t be too pleased, but he seems excited, and thrilled to be in Cleveland (Now I know the $75.5 million reasons why).  He’s even got the skill position players together to work out in the offseason.  Something we never see from the lowly Browns:

Kind of a lame video, but at least we have some decent Football players, who appear to be excited to work together.  Team Chemistry gets overblown in terms of impact, but with these Browns anything is positive.   That video is a tease.  I need these guys on the field, and I need these guys on the field now.

Go Browns.  T-Minus 2 weeks until draft day.

landry gif.gif

Patriots Sign Jordan Matthews to 1 Year Contract

Towards the end of last week, the Patriots announced the signing of Jordan Matthews — the former Eagles & Bills WR. Take a quick look at his stats and you may think this is not a bad signing.


If you’ve actually watched Jordan Matthews — you’d know he drops the ball A LOT. He cleaned up his act in Buffalo a bit but posted very low numbers for the minimum amount of games that he played. I do not like this signing but the contract details came out today:

I really can’t hate on that. This is the ultimate low-risk, low-reward that we have come to see in the Belichick era. Essentially getting a decent WR for 1/6 the cost Amendola was. Sure, ‘Dola was loved here and has 100x the chemistry with Brady but he was going to get paid way more anywhere else. This is essentially the minimum for a guy who’s only going on his 5th season in the NFL, a couple removed from a near 1000 yard season. I’m not expecting big things out of Matthews but he has shown some bright spots and was a stud at Vanderbilt. That being said, signings of Jeremy Hill & Jordan Matthews aren’t exactly the thrilling offseason moves we were hoping for.

Packers WR Arrested At LAX For Joking About Bomb


Green Bay Packers wide receiver Trevor Davis was arrested at LAX on Sunday morning after cops say he joked about smuggling a bomb into the airport … TMZ Sports has learned. Yeah, they DON’T PLAY about that at LAX!!!

Law enforcement sources tell us the 24-year-old — a 5th round draft pick out of Cal in 2016 — was at the Hawaiian Airlines ticket counter with a female companion to check into a flight when the attendant asked the usual security questions about their luggage. 

Instead of playing it straight — we’re told Davis turned to the other woman and said, “Did you remember to pack the explosives?” 

She apparently said, “No” and tried to get him to stop. He then said, “Just kidding” — but it was too late.

We’re told cops were called and Davis was immediately taken into custody for misdemeanor criminal threats. He was booked — mug shot and all — and then released.


Trevor Davis — take a bow for being the biggest moron of the day. Has a bomb joke ever been funny? Probably not — so let’s give it a try at the airport! I’ve never heard of Trevor Davis, so I’m gonna take a quick assumption and say he isn’t worth too much to the Packers.

Obviously, he doesn’t have a bomb but to make that joke going through TSA and at LAX no less? Bro — be better. So much for your Hawaii trip. Gotta be a Top 5 embarrassing moment getting arrested trying to make a bomb joke in an airport. Way to go buddy.

Patriots Trade Brandin Cooks to Rams For First Rounder

Nice little bombshell dropped by Schefty on a fine Tuesday night — The Patriots’ trade their #1 (maybe?) WR for the Rams’ first round pick.

My first reaction was of course why the hell would the Patriots do that? Cooks was that deep threat that the Patriots always seemed to lack since the Randy Moss days and had a pretty solid season. But then on a closer look, Cooks was still on his rookie contract. If there’s anything I’ve learned from Bill Belichick, it’s that players will rarely get that big second contract with him unless they absolutely deserve it. Was Cooks good? Absolutely. Good enough for 14 million a year potentially? Hell no.

The Patriots shipped him off to LA for a higher draft pick than they traded for him essentially making him a rental and an upgrade in the next draft. Not a bad piece of business. Though after dealing Amendola, the Pats look to be heavily relying upon Edelman returning from an ACL tear and Gronk — who god knows what is going through his head these days.



The real question is if Cooks has even woke up from this yet. All jokes aside, Cooks was a fun addition to the 2017 Patriots team and a guy you wanted to pair up with Brady to win a Super Bowl. I’m sure he’ll slot in right as that DeSean Jackson type mold that McVay was looking for and it’ll be interesting to see if the Rams can take that next step into winning a playoff game. Thanks for the ride Cooks.

So, We’re doing Josh Allen?

Well this morning I got some unfortunate news regarding the Browns choice of Quarterback.

Oh boy!  A guy who knows a guy says the Browns are going to pick Josh Allen and Saquon Barkley in round one of the 2018 NFL draft.   I guess I am not surprised rumors of this nature are spreading like wildfire.  With there being 4-5 Quarterback Options, and the Browns picking 1st overall it was bound to happen.  While I don’t love this news, because I hate the player, I am not too surprised to be hearing it.  From now until draft day I am sure there will be a tweet, story,  or media clip that has the Browns leaning on picking the Browns with each of the top 5 QB’s (Mayfield, Rosen, Darnold, Allen, Jackson).

Honestly, I do not even really care who they pick.  After years and years of trading down, settling for the 4th or 5th guy, or picking project guys in the middle rounds, I just want them to identify a guy and pick him #1 overall.  If that is Josh Allen then so be it.  I do not love the player overall, but he does have positive qualities.

Obviously, you have the large frame and a rocket arm.  Those things make any fan, coach, and wide receiver droll.  The problem is, he has issues with his feet within the pocket, and he has horrid accuracy.  At the 2:27 mark of the video Allen misses his a wide receiver deep down the field in single coverage.  Josh slings it so far he couldn’t put it within 5 yards of his target.  With his arm he should be throwing guys open, especially when they are in single coverage.  Good example of positive footwork however. Allen avoided pressure in the pocket, and stepped up to give himself more time to hurl it. Not good, but not great.

The throw at the 2:31 mark is more alarming.  Allen couldn’t hit his Wideout on a simple swing pass.    Not only was his ball inaccurate, but he threw the poor kid right into the Linebacker.  Put that ball on his back shoulder, the Receiver should be able make that linebacker miss for a big gain, or at the very least a first down.

1:36 Mark, Allen has two receivers bunched to his right, the outside receiver on the hash mark runs a 5 yard out.  The receiver has the corner beat, but Allen throws a jump pass off his back foot.  The ball was picked off easily by the Iowa Corner.  You’d think a guy who can supposedly throw the ball 90 yards from his knee’s would try setting his feet?  If he sets his feet, squares the shoulder, and fires the fucking thing his receiver probably has a catch there.    Sometimes with this kid, it looks like he has absolutely no clue with his feet sometimes, and sometimes he looks like a tap dancer moving throughout the pocket.  The first throw I highlighted is an example of Allen using his feet to buy time within the pocket, stepping up, and hurling it deep.  Problem was he overthrew his receiver.  Still, it was a good example of his footwork looking good.

The great part of being a Browns fan is, I can talk myself into ANY QB at ANY time. Problem is, I can talk myself out of them as well. None of the Quarterbacks this year are slam dunks, but Allen has the most questions. That scares me. The good news is Baker Mayfield has his visit in Cleveland today, and would bet that there will be a report of Baker Mayfield being the leading QB in the Clubhouse by my morning shit. While I don’t take this report 100% seriously, it was written by as credible source as they come (MMQB/Peter King). Josh Allen will get a serious look from Dorsey and Co. It’s a matter of whether or not he can pass Darnold and Mayfield. We’ll see where that rocket arm takes him.


Browns Sign Ex-Cardinals Stiff, Drew Stanton.

Image result for Nick Young meme

The Browns made a bit of surprising news here on Sunday, by signing long-time Backup Quarterback, Drew Stanton.  What this move tells you is: 1-Quarterback taken at #1 is almost guaranteed, and 2-Dorsey is making it damn clear that guy will not play for at least 1-2 seasons.  I don’t necessarily have an issue with this signing, as the Browns go through QB’s like…………well I don”t know, they go through a lot.

Image result for browns injured quarterback

Image result for browns injured quarterback

Image result for browns injured quarterback

As you can see, Stanton will come in handy next season.  The Browns aren’t known for keeping Quarterback’s healthy, so adding a guy with experience is never a bad thing.  Stanton will provide that insurance in case Tyrod goes down, and mentor whichever guy is picked at #1.  This free’s up Tyrod to focus on solely on improving the actual team on the field, and focus on winning each week.   I am not saying Tyrod should ignore the Rookie coming in, but I’d rather him focus on producing a few wins than mentoring a Rookie. A few interesting notes about Drew:

1-In 2009 Drew was the Backup for number 1 overall pick, Matt Stafford.

2-In 2012 Drew was the Backup for number 1 overall pick, Andrew Luck

3-Since 2013 Drew was the Backup for former number 1 overall pick, Carson Palmer.

That makes this signing a little more clear to me.  This guy has a history of working with rookie QB’s, and more specifically rookie QB’s that went first overall.  That seems like it will be valuable experience. The only issue I really have with this deal is the fact that we committed to a Backup Quarterback for over 1 season.  I just think that is unnecessary to commit to any Backup for more than one year.   I guess a two years would mean that Drew Stanton is considered a strong Backup?  That’s great and all, why not just go year to year with him?  Weird move going for two years.

One thing is for certain, this man is a fucking GIF machine, and I absolutely love it.


stanton 2.gif

stanton 3.gif

Hopefully we won’t have to see this guy play, but if we do I am sure there will be entertaining moments.   Also, to be fair to Drew he is 4-1 in his last 5 starts, and that’s about as much as you can ask out of your Backup.

Go Browns.

Browns Sign Ex-Bills Cornerback, E.J. Gaines.

The Browns continued to add to their Roster yet again, as Free-Agency is slowly coming to a halt.  Friday, they reached an agreement with former Bills and Rams Cornerback, E.J. Gaines.  Gaines was originally drafted in the Sixth round of the 2014 NFL Draft by the Los Angeles Rams.  Gaines was traded to Buffalo this past season for Wide Receiver, Sammy Watkins.  When healthy, this dude has been a solid contributor to both the Rams and Bills.

Lovely!  The Browns have added a young corner with the potential of being a number 1.  At times he’s showed the ability to play up to that level.  Injuries, and Tre’Davious White have prevented him from blossoming into a number 1.  The money and term on the deal is just perfect too.  Gaines missed all of 2015 with Lisfranc, and missed 5 games in 2016 with a Thigh Injury.  1 year at $4 million seems like a reasonable amount to pay.  If he gets injured, or sucks they will move on, and it will be fairly easy.  If he performs at a high level, then they’d probably look to an extension.  Lets take a look at what Gaines brings on the field:

The nerds had E.J. scoring an average of 86.6 in 2017.  That’s good for the 13th best average score among corners.  But what does any of that really mean?

Well that certainly means more to me.  This guy appears to be one of the better cover corners in the league.  He’s good at keeping guys quiet while going somewhat unnoticed, as E.J. only has 1 interception in his entire career.   The Gaines signing makes it look like the three corners the Browns will go with next year are as follows: 1. Gaines 2. Carrie 3. Boddy-Calhoun.  That seems like an upgrade from 2017.  The Cornerback crew the Browns rocked with in 2017: 1. McCourty 2. Taylor 3. Boddy-Calhoun.  Boddy-Calhoun has developed into a very good slot corner, and at times McCourty played like a true number one corner.  Despite all this, the Browns clearly wanted to get younger and faster.  Bringing in Carrie and Gaines likely means the end of Jamar Taylor in Cleveland.  Taylor struggled last season with an increased workload.  He was bumped to the number 2 corner spot after Joe Haden was released from the team.  Taylor is most remembered for being completely emasculated by T.Y. Hilton this past season.

The Browns are continuing to add solid pieces to their roster.  In the week and half since the league New Year began the Browns have added: Tyrod Taylor, Jarvis Landry, Damarious Randall, Donald Stephenson, Chris Hubbard, Chris Smith, Carlos Hyde, T.J. Carrie, Terrance Mitchell, E.J. Gaines, and Darren Fells.  Some names are bigger than others on that list, but all have contributed to winning programs in the NFL.  These are the players the Browns needed to fill out the roster, that way they are not relying on Rookies so often.  They will use rookies to supplement the talent they already have, rather than force them to be starters right away.  The Roster is substantially better than it was just two weeks ago, and we still have the draft to go.  Go Browns.