The Browns Found A Way to Win Today


Andddddddddddddddd it moved.  Seriously though.  All along there was always this notion that it was too good to be true.  This was an annual thing, I had seen it before.  Josh Gordon post rehab, clear mind, clear blood stream.  It was always for not.  Generally ending in an indefinite suspension.  Last week, when Hue Jackson announced Josh was on course to practice on 11/22, I almost didn’t believe him.  The mentality I took each year was let me see it, and I’ll believe it.  Well today, my wish was granted.  Josh returned to the practice field for the first time since training camp in 2015-16.  All I needed was visual confirmation.

Hard to really judge what kind of shape he’s in considering I’m a disgusting slob, but that looked pretty good! Seems to be the general reaction from the team after today.  Hue Jackson was quoted in saying, ” He’s something.  It was a good first day….”.  The sounds coming from the media, and coaches echo what I have been saying about this guy.  Dude is a natural talent.  The rumblings from the beat writers that troll this team are that Josh was easily the best receiver on the field in practice.  It’s just practice but, my god am I excited to have a real offensive weapon to watch!!

Say what you want, but today was a win for the Browns.  They get a guy back who could be a massive difference maker.  Hopefully Josh is the spark the offense needs.  Josh coming back should take some pressure off Kizer in the 5 or so games he is eligible to play.  He forces defenses to devote extra man power in stopping him, leading to other wide receivers being open, or more opportunities to run the ball.

Josh is eligible to play in his first game next week against the San Diego Chargers.  The remaining schedule looks like so:


Week 13:  @

Image result for Los Angeles Chargers logo

Week 14: 

Image result for Green Bay packers

Week 15: 

Image result for baltimore ravens

Week 16:  @

Image result for Chicago Bears

Week 17: @

Image result for pittsburgh steelers

It’s so great to have Josh back for the playoff push.  You heard me:

In all seriousness, this is not the easiest slate of games especially since we suck.  Hopefully Josh can help bring us a few wins.  We’re getting into, “JUST ONE WIN PLEASE” territory.  I’ll say Josh brings the Browns 3 wins.  Gordon, Coleman, Duke, Crowell, Njoku, Devalve is a unit of skilled offensive players that should be able to win 1 or 2.  Lets get rolling.

Welcome back Josh!!!!!!!


Fantasy 101: Preparing for Playoffs

It’s that time of year, the temperature is getting colder, the days are getting shorter, and most importantly, it’s almost Fantasy Football Playoffs time.  At this point, you should know if you are in the running to make playoffs, and I have a few pointers from lessons learned that are important to remember as you prepare your army for battle.


#1: Don’t Get Cute

Every year I see people try to out-think the playoffs, and it hurts them in the end.  You need to Start your Studs, and rely on their talent.  Do not over-weigh the match-ups.  Here is a prime example.  I have Tom Brady as my starting Quarterback.  I do not love his match-up against Pittsburgh in the playoffs, but there is no chance that I am sitting the greatest quarterback of all time to dodge that match up.  I will be enraged if I lose because of a streaming Quarterback such as Ryan Fitzpatrick, Jay Cutler, or Tyrod Taylor (I actually think Tyrod is a great streaming option, but he is not a better QB than Tom Brady).  If I’m going to lose, I’m going to do it with my best players.


#2:  Have a Plan

You at this point should know who is reliable, who you want to ride through the playoffs, and who is the next man up.  Depth of people who are mediocre as long term investments or name value only are no longer valuable.  Play your studs and handcuff them where you can.

There is a caveat to this, and that is if you have been streaming options week to week.  As an example, I have not had a consistent and reliable second running back all year, every week I piece together the best option I can.  This is not an ideal situation, but is sometimes what you must do to give yourself the best chance to win any week.  If this is the case, it is even more important have a rough-plan for the playoff weeks so you don’t get stuck in a bad situation during the most important weeks!


#3: Cheer Loud

Fantasy is a hard thing to win every week, so if you are running in the playoffs, congratulations!  This means that you have a team that can win in any given week, and that’s all you need in the playoffs, a few wins.  At this point, you’ve set up your team as best as you can, now you just need a little luck.


Fantasy playoffs are an exciting precursor to the actual NFL playoffs.  If you are in the playoffs, Don’t Get Cute, Have a Plan, Cheer Loud, and good luck!


Holy Shit, This Really Sucks!

Oh dear lord.  I can’t really tell if I have a gut feeling, or reaction to this news.  I’m numb at this point.  La Canfora Reports, “Browns owner Jimmy Haslam’s interest in having Peyton Manning join his franchise in a prominent team president/top executive role is very strong and sincere, league sources said, with the owner desperate to find ways to put a winning football operations and coaching staff together. The Browns are winless this season and have just one victory since the start of the 2016 season, when coach Hue Jackson was paired with general manager Sashi Brown, and Haslam is hoping his long relationship with Manning can lead him to Cleveland.”

Image result for Peyton Manning face

I think I should probably be excited by this potential move, but I’m not.  I’m more or less thinking of ways it would fail.  A lot of the time, the ol’ player turned front office executive fails miserably no matter the franchise.  Peyton would certainly bring a healthy resume on the field, but it’s as an executive that he’s done absolutely nothing.  That worries me.  I would hope that Peyton would not be diving head first into GM duties.  I would feel more comfortable with him as “Director of Football Operations”, or some other bull shit label.   Give him a position where he has input on personnel decisions.  I have zero doubt in my my mind that Manning knows what it takes to win, and the qualities winning teams need to possess.  His input would be extremely beneficial.  As long as he wouldn’t have final say on roster decisions.

Image result for Peyton Manning Browns

Last week, it was Mike Singletary coming into Cleveland with interview binders and now we got the goober Peyton himself rumored to be on his way.  It’s well known that Browns Owner, Jimmy Haslam is a prominent booster for the University of Tennesse.  While his relationship goes way ack, and brings some validity to this rumor, I think there is less than zero percent chance he would come here.  I would feel so much better about the QB, but this just seems so outlandish.  I doubt Peyton is going to leave his cushy advertisement gigs, to have his named tarnished in Turd Brown.




0-10!  Perfection baby!   Another Sunday, and yet another loss for the Cleveland Browns.  Chalk this up as another game they could’ve, should’ve won.  The Browns defense did their part.  Hue Jackson, DeShone Kizer, and the rest of the Browns offense are 100% to blame for yet ANOTHER loss.

Image result for deshone kizer sucks

The game started off mellow enough with the Browns forcing the Jaguars to punt after an anti-climatic opening possession.  Directly after the punt Kizer threw his first pats DIRECTLY to Jaguars linebacker, Melvin Smith.  Smith intercepted the ball around the Jaguar 45 yard line, and returned it all the way back to the Browns 30.  A few plays later Blake Bortles floated a 10 yard touchdown pass to veteran tight end, Mercedes Lewis.

Image result for marcedes lewis browns

After exchanging three-and-outs, DeShone Kizer decided to throw on his big boy pants, and lead a fast touchdown drive.  The drive was capped off by a Duke Johnson 27 yard touchdown catch.  From here on, there is absolutely nothing to write about.  The offense couldn’t do dick.  70% of the game was played at a 10-7 score, and these fucking stiffs couldn’t manage three fucking points. Couldn’t even tie the game for a measly few minutes.  Hell I’d take a tie at this point.

After Kizer’s impressive TD drive, the Browns offense was done for the afternoon.  Kizer finished the game 16 of 32, 1 touchdown, and 2 interceptions.  The game ended with Kizer getting strip sacked at his goal-line, and the Jags falling on the ball in the end zone.  19-7 was the final.  0-10 we go.

Much like the all the previous losses, this one hurt bad.  I mean, your defense battled it’s ass off to win.  They put you into position to win a football game, and you shit down your leg.  Granted, it’s a fantastic defense in Jacksonville.  They attack the QB with lineman, linebackers, and defensive backs.  I understand it was going to be tough, but you couldn’t manage another 3?  This game just screams, “GET US A VETERAN”.  Imagine if the benched Tyrod Taylor played today?  I guarantee the Browns make it up the mountain to score at least 3 more points.  It is frustrating to watch.


5 Positives:

  1. Myles Garrett is a goddamn specimen.  His partner Emmanuel Ogbah is an absolute freak as well.  Both caused a lot of trouble for Blake Bortles.
  2. Kizer only threw 2 interceptions.  So far, Nathan Peterman has thrown 5 for the Buffalo Bills.  #Tyrod2Cleveland? 😉 Related image
  3. Corey Coleman was back this week.  He also didn’t get hurt (yet).  8 catches for 80 yards is solid.  We had 1 real life wide receiver dressed today!
  4. Duke Johnson continued to impress.  Overall he was the best offensive player today. Johnson caught 4 passes, for 56 yards, and 1 touchdown.
  5. The Defense is legit overall.  Continue to add depth via the draft, and watch that unit grow.

Week 12 brings the Bengals.  Currently, they are up 13-7 on the Broncos.  Again, the Browns can win this game, but likely won’t.

Image result for hue jackson sucks

^^^ Fire the man.^^^

Image result for tyrod taylor santa hat

Shut up.  Let a guy dream.

R.I.P Terry Glenn

Not the way you wanted to start your week, but this morning we found out that former New England Patriot Pro Bowl Wide Receiver, Terry Glenn, passed away at the age of 43.

Former NFL players reacted to the sad news:


The first touchdown pass of Tom Brady’s career was a 21-yard reception by Terry.

He was an incredible talent on the field, an Ohio State legend and a 2x Pro Bowler in the NFL. Glenn was named to the Patriots All-1990’s Team.

Terry left behind his wife and three children. He was promoted to Offensive Coordinator for the Texas Revolution of the Champions Indoor Football League on April 3, 2015 and coached up until his death.

R.I.P Terry Glenn.



What to do at Quarterback?


Moving towards the end of another miserable year, it is time to start evaluating the Browns roster, and identify spots in which they need to add depth during the offseason.  There is no position more glaring than Quarterback.  Or is there?

Kiz stats

Kizer’s rookie stat line is not pretty at all.  No Browns Quarterback since Bernie Kosar has had a pretty stat line, but that’s neither here nor there.  The problem with evaluating Kizer, is the fact that Hue gets trigger happy, and yanks from some games.

Hue likes to call one of the more complex offensive schemes in the NFL. That doesn’t help. It’s a hybrid of the West Coast offense, which is pass heavy. Hue loves to motion 7 guys pre-snap, have a billion fakes, and make it so Kizer has defenders on his throat faster than most.

It doesn’t help that DeShone has the worst collection of offensive skill players in the league.  This past weeks game was Kizer’s best.  He was 21 of 37 for 232, 1 touchdown, and 1 interception.  He rushed for 57 yards, and a score on the ground.

It was a performance that I had expected from Kizer for most of the season.  After his strong start against the Steelers, I expected similar performances  games with around 200 yards, a score, and an interception.

Hopefully in the coming weeks Kizer’s game can grow.  Help is on the way with Corey Coleman back this week, and Josh Gordon along the horizon.  I would LOVE to have Kizer play the full 7 games remaining.  Lets see if he’s got anything in him.  If they compete to win 2, 3, maybe even 4 games roll with the kid in 2018.  Use the draft to re-stock the talent pool, and build on what you have.  If he goes  1 win or less it’s time to move on.  BY move on, I mean bring either a vet in, or draft a rookie high.  Kizer would then be relegated to backup duties, and I think it would make a for a fantastic backup plan.

What scenario do I want to see play out?  Well, I would love to end the QB discussion in one foul swoop.  Enough, is enough……..

Kirk fucking Cousins.  That’s right.  You hate Dan Snyder?  Oh no worries!  Our team sucks so bad we’ll have over $70 million in cap space to offer you a monstrosity of a contract.  I am as big of a Kirk Cousins supporter as there is out there.  He gets the job done on mediocre teams.  Hell, last year on a bubble playoff team he threw for nearly 5,000 yards.  I’d love to throw a whole shitload of money at him, and use our absurd number of picks to build on the talent already in the room.  Couple that with a few more free agent veterans to supplement the rookies  Hell, maybe we could kick the tires at a Terelle Pryor return to Cleveland?

Kirk brings experience, leadership, and continuity to the Browns QB room for the first time in years.  If he somehow doesn’t pan out, you’ve got Kizer in the wings as an insurance plan.  Not bad at all.

Image result for kirk cousins

Backup plan if he re-signs in Washington, or is traded out west? There was a very good Quarterback relegated to the bench this past week in Buffalo.  Tyrod baby.  Most of all the same logic applies.  He would be less money, but still a healthy amount.


I mean look at those stats?  Buffalo is benching a guy with an overall QBR in the 90’s.  I would absolutely love for the Browns to kick the tires on him if he hits the open market.  I wonder what the Browns record would be if we had a Quarterback with that stat line?

When it comes to the 2017 draft class that was hyped to be a god send, I would love to stay away from it.  We passed on Wentz, Goff, Watson, Trubiski, Mahommes, and others.  Again I think it would best for all parties involved, to not draft a QB high.    It allows the Browns to sign a vet, and develop what they have int he system already.  What is the point of drafting a guy from college who has a high probability of becoming a bust?  Sam Rosen? Pass.  Sam Darnold?  Since when has USC EVER developed a good to very good NFL QB?  Palmer is the only one the comes to mind.  Whats John David-Booty up to these days?

If the Browns draft a QB, I would love to see them take a shot on Baker Mayfield, but I admit he will be boom or bust.  He’s a 6’2 220 lb Manziel.

Image result for baker mayfield flag

FINAL VERDICT:  Cousins, or Taylor coupled with sophomore DeShone Kizer.