It’s Finally Over.

After the month’s and month’s of crap spewing every which way regarding the Browns draft, we finally got some answers.  With the 1st overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, The Cleveland Browns Selected, Baker Mayfield.

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The whole lead up to the draft almost all of the pundits had the Browns selecting Darnold first overall.   Darnold was my preferred option, and the more I look back, the more I believe that had to do with him being the cardboard cutout of an NFL Starting Quarterback.  Despite everything, Baker was always in the back of my mind to be picked.  He intrigued me the most.   This kid is a winner.  He’s not putting up a front like, Johnny Manziel.  He will come in and work his ass off to beat Tyrod Taylor.  That has always been what Baker Mayfield does.  Naturally, the Browns got absolutely ripped for taking him.  Fans were upset that the golden boy from USC was not selected, and the national perception is that the Browns just picked Johnny Manziel again.  It is simply not true.  There is 1 similarity between the two, and that is their both dicks on the field.  Other than that, they are two completely different football players.

Baker Mayfield

Baker comes into the NFL having been one of College Football’s most productive players ever.  The above PFF scores don’t mean dick really, but it helps us compare him to everyone else.  A recent article on SB Nation really highlights the main differences between all of this years top QB prospects,

“In college:

  • Josh Allen was a tall mediocrity.
  • Sam Darnold coughed up gobs and gobs of turnovers.
  • Lamar Jackson had a slight physique and got hit (and sacked) a lot.
  • Josh Rosen got crushed a lot and never had a chance to shine because of iffy line play and a bad running game, not that he can’t become a great NFL QB himself.

The knock on Mayfield is he’s … a little short, I guess? He’s 6’1, which is on the smaller side for a quarterback, but he still had fewer passes swatted at the line than the 6’5 Allen did.” ( 

I knew all of this going in with Mayfield.  I knew how dominant he was in college, and I still didn’t think the Browns would even consider him.  Public opinion of the team is pretty poor obviously, and I just thought the Haslam’s would not have drafted Mayfield after what happened with Johnny Football. That public perception is wrong, and I am glad the team is ignoring it.

On field, Baker Mayfield is more than capable of being the Cleveland Browns franchise quarterback.  He’s deadly accurate.  In his three years at Oklahoma Mayfield had finished with 68.1, 70.9, and 70.5 completion percentage.  That is at 69% on average.  That is insanely good for a 6 ft. 1 Quarterback.  In terms of play style, Mayfield excels within the pocket.  He is going go through his progressions, and fire the ball downfield.  The scrambling you see is mostly a fail safe, not his first instinct.  He would be decent in designed runs, as he is used to the Run-Pass Option offense.  It is not something you will catch him doing a lot of, as he is a gunslinger.

So, Browns fans quit bitching about Baker Mayfield being picked over Darnold.  This guy is money, and is going own being QB one of the Cleveland Browns.  He is going to put his balls on the line for his teammates, and when we eventually see him on the field it will be because he earned it.  Baker’s always earned it.

Fourth overall was also a pick the Browns got unanimously ripped for.  I on the other hand was doing cartwheels.  With Bradley Chubb on the board, the Browns opted to pick the highest ranked corner in the draft.  It woulda sent me up a fucking wall if the Browns pissed away a draft pick on another edge rusher.  Currently our two edge guys are Myles Garrett, and Emmanuel Ogbah.  Ogbah is less known, but is only entering his third season.  Last season Ogbah played in only 10 games due to injury, and was tied for the team lead in sacks with 4.  He played in 16 games in 2016, and finished with 5.5 total sacks.  What exactly is wrong with Emmanuel Ogbah?   He is super young, on a team friendly deal, and has prior success in oh I don’t know….THE NFL.

The Browns may have reached with Denzel Ward, but he was the best Corner in the draft per many outlets.  I haven’t watched this kid play much, but multiple reports say that Ward is one of very few College corners who plays man-to-man.  That is 100% exactly what the Browns need.  The past few years the Browns have trotted out nothing but JAGS in the secondary, and people are still going to bitch?   Would you prefer Tramon Williams? No? Johnson Bademosi anyone? Nah, you’d rather have Buster Skrine. Give me a break. I’ll leave you with Defensive Coordinator, Gregg Williams statement on the pick.  This comes in Josh Edwards Orange and Brown Report Article explaining the pick.

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“Ward. The reason is our need for a press cover cornerback. Denzel probably plays that position as well as anyone I’ve seen in college football in some time. We probably play the most press of any team in the league. There’s another reason. I’ve got a video of 28 snaps of Myles Garrett pass-rushes last year where he gets within two steps or less of the quarterback when the ball comes out. Basically, we aren’t covering long enough to let him get to the quarterback. Myles and others—especially [defensive end] Emmanuel Ogbah—will get more chances because of Denzel.” Ogbah, Williams said, was a major reason why the Browns went Ward over Chubb. “Ogbah’s a rising star in this league,” Williams said. “He’s got a chance to be Chubb.” High praise”  

Couldn’t have said it better myself, Gregg.  Come get some baby!

A full breakdown of the rest of the picks can be found here.   I frankly don’t care about the picks outside of 1 and 4.  I wanted the Browns to identify their guy, and select him at 1.  They did that with Baker.  Now we wait for the new shitheads to arrive, and hit the field.  Go Browns!

Welcome Back, You Fucking Shit Stains.

It’s not a lot but it is something.  The Cleveland Browns have started up Organized Team Activities (OTA’s).  For the first time this new look Browns team will be together in one place.  It is their first chance to wipe off the stink of 2017.

This wasn’t the biggest news of the day regarding our beloved Shit Stains:

Josh Gordon officially signed his Exclusive Rights Tender, putting him on the books for 1 year at roughly $790,000.  This is actually pretty significant to me in terms of Josh staying on the field.  Now, Josh Gordon is on the last of all last chances.  Should single little nugget of Mary Juana enter his body, he is fucked.  No if’s, and’s, or but’s.  With this extension, and the Browns publicly backing him earlier this year, I feel like the Sobriety is going well?  I don’t want to speculate, but I feel like the Browns are comfortable with tagging him.  Hopefully this means no more fuck ups?  Tyrod Taylor spoke to the media today, and stated that Josh was participating in workouts and looked good.

I was all happy about the Browns returning, and working out as a team again.  But, then I got a rotten fucking stench:

LOL okay, Hue.  Go Browns!

Browns Re-Sign WR, Jarvis Landry to 5 Year, $75.5 Million Extension.

Holy shit!  That is some serious dough being forked over by the Browns.  As soon as the trade went down the belief was that a deal would be done at some point.  It finally happened this morning, and Landry’s payoff is massive.

A lot of chirping about this being an over payment, blah blah blah.  I don’t agree with that statement, but I also don’t disagree.  The guaranteed money, and term is a bit much in my opinion.  $47 million is the most guaranteed money any active receiver is making, but there is no debating the fact that he produces.  What do the Browns suck at ( I know  everything! HAHA)?  They suck at throwing, catching, and completing first downs to sustain drives.  Those drives eventually lead to points.  Jarvis is one of three receivers in the  to have at least 400 catches since 2014.  Not bad!

Jarvis Landry.JPG

Jarvis lead the league in catches last year, and had 60 first down catches.  He catches the ball, and gets first downs at an exceptionally high rate.   That is something that sounds really fucking simple, but the Browns did not have a reliable guy in Landry’s mold pretty much ever.

Overall I like this move and have zero issue with overpaying.  The $15 million per year the Browns just shelled will drop their available cap to around $70 million. Boy that Landry contract is really putting us in cap hell!  Fuck outta here with that.

So far so good with Landry since coming over from Miami.  At first you feel bad for the guy, going from South Beach to Cleveland.    From 6-10 to 0-16 I figured he wouldn’t be too pleased, but he seems excited, and thrilled to be in Cleveland (Now I know the $75.5 million reasons why).  He’s even got the skill position players together to work out in the offseason.  Something we never see from the lowly Browns:

Kind of a lame video, but at least we have some decent Football players, who appear to be excited to work together.  Team Chemistry gets overblown in terms of impact, but with these Browns anything is positive.   That video is a tease.  I need these guys on the field, and I need these guys on the field now.

Go Browns.  T-Minus 2 weeks until draft day.

landry gif.gif

Patriots Trade Brandin Cooks to Rams For First Rounder

Nice little bombshell dropped by Schefty on a fine Tuesday night — The Patriots’ trade their #1 (maybe?) WR for the Rams’ first round pick.

My first reaction was of course why the hell would the Patriots do that? Cooks was that deep threat that the Patriots always seemed to lack since the Randy Moss days and had a pretty solid season. But then on a closer look, Cooks was still on his rookie contract. If there’s anything I’ve learned from Bill Belichick, it’s that players will rarely get that big second contract with him unless they absolutely deserve it. Was Cooks good? Absolutely. Good enough for 14 million a year potentially? Hell no.

The Patriots shipped him off to LA for a higher draft pick than they traded for him essentially making him a rental and an upgrade in the next draft. Not a bad piece of business. Though after dealing Amendola, the Pats look to be heavily relying upon Edelman returning from an ACL tear and Gronk — who god knows what is going through his head these days.



The real question is if Cooks has even woke up from this yet. All jokes aside, Cooks was a fun addition to the 2017 Patriots team and a guy you wanted to pair up with Brady to win a Super Bowl. I’m sure he’ll slot in right as that DeSean Jackson type mold that McVay was looking for and it’ll be interesting to see if the Rams can take that next step into winning a playoff game. Thanks for the ride Cooks.

So, We’re doing Josh Allen?

Well this morning I got some unfortunate news regarding the Browns choice of Quarterback.

Oh boy!  A guy who knows a guy says the Browns are going to pick Josh Allen and Saquon Barkley in round one of the 2018 NFL draft.   I guess I am not surprised rumors of this nature are spreading like wildfire.  With there being 4-5 Quarterback Options, and the Browns picking 1st overall it was bound to happen.  While I don’t love this news, because I hate the player, I am not too surprised to be hearing it.  From now until draft day I am sure there will be a tweet, story,  or media clip that has the Browns leaning on picking the Browns with each of the top 5 QB’s (Mayfield, Rosen, Darnold, Allen, Jackson).

Honestly, I do not even really care who they pick.  After years and years of trading down, settling for the 4th or 5th guy, or picking project guys in the middle rounds, I just want them to identify a guy and pick him #1 overall.  If that is Josh Allen then so be it.  I do not love the player overall, but he does have positive qualities.

Obviously, you have the large frame and a rocket arm.  Those things make any fan, coach, and wide receiver droll.  The problem is, he has issues with his feet within the pocket, and he has horrid accuracy.  At the 2:27 mark of the video Allen misses his a wide receiver deep down the field in single coverage.  Josh slings it so far he couldn’t put it within 5 yards of his target.  With his arm he should be throwing guys open, especially when they are in single coverage.  Good example of positive footwork however. Allen avoided pressure in the pocket, and stepped up to give himself more time to hurl it. Not good, but not great.

The throw at the 2:31 mark is more alarming.  Allen couldn’t hit his Wideout on a simple swing pass.    Not only was his ball inaccurate, but he threw the poor kid right into the Linebacker.  Put that ball on his back shoulder, the Receiver should be able make that linebacker miss for a big gain, or at the very least a first down.

1:36 Mark, Allen has two receivers bunched to his right, the outside receiver on the hash mark runs a 5 yard out.  The receiver has the corner beat, but Allen throws a jump pass off his back foot.  The ball was picked off easily by the Iowa Corner.  You’d think a guy who can supposedly throw the ball 90 yards from his knee’s would try setting his feet?  If he sets his feet, squares the shoulder, and fires the fucking thing his receiver probably has a catch there.    Sometimes with this kid, it looks like he has absolutely no clue with his feet sometimes, and sometimes he looks like a tap dancer moving throughout the pocket.  The first throw I highlighted is an example of Allen using his feet to buy time within the pocket, stepping up, and hurling it deep.  Problem was he overthrew his receiver.  Still, it was a good example of his footwork looking good.

The great part of being a Browns fan is, I can talk myself into ANY QB at ANY time. Problem is, I can talk myself out of them as well. None of the Quarterbacks this year are slam dunks, but Allen has the most questions. That scares me. The good news is Baker Mayfield has his visit in Cleveland today, and would bet that there will be a report of Baker Mayfield being the leading QB in the Clubhouse by my morning shit. While I don’t take this report 100% seriously, it was written by as credible source as they come (MMQB/Peter King). Josh Allen will get a serious look from Dorsey and Co. It’s a matter of whether or not he can pass Darnold and Mayfield. We’ll see where that rocket arm takes him.


Is Johnny Manziel Back?

There goes that man, Johnny Fucking Football.  Johnny made some steps to a comeback yesterday when he took part in the University of San Diego Pro Day.  It doesn’t really mean all too much in terms of an NFL return, but it was nice to see Johnny in the news for something positive.  According to a multitude of outlets, 13 NFL teams sent a scout attend the event.  Keep in mind this was USD’s Pro Day.  This was mainly for USD prospects, so I would bet a number of those 13 teams were there more or less for those players, not Manziel.

Interesting to see what teams were in attendance.  The New England Patriots caused a stir when they brought Johnny inside to get an exact measurement.

Image result for Patriots manziel

Oh boy would that ever be interesting! I think the weirdest aspect of this whole event was that the Browns sent a scout to USD.  We paid a scout to watch a player we had in the building for 2 years, and no matter what happens he ain’t coming back.  I am going to assume the Browns sent their area scout for the other players working out.  If not, well then that’s just very Cleveland Browns.  Let’s pay a guy to scout a guy we had for two years less than 2 years ago.  Brilliant, Jerry!

Schefty here saying that it went well, which is great to hear.  Johnny has been ramping up the comeback train for the last few months.  He has a CFL Offer on the table (Hamilton Tiger Cats), and he is scheduled to play in a development league this spring.  It will just be a few weeks, but it will be a chance to see Johnny running around in pads again.  I for one cannot wait!

I may be alone in this opinion, but I loved Johnny when he was on the Browns.  It was a marriage that was never meant to be, but it wasn’t all bad.  Outside of one game (his debut against the Bengals) Johnny wasn’t half bad on the field.  In some games he actually carried the offense on his shoulders.  Problem was his top two receivers were under 6 ft tall.  He never got to work with Josh Gordon, and there was no running game support.  It was all Johnny running around, and slinging it.  He actually showed progression from year 1 to year 2 and that had me hopeful.  But alas, it wasn’t meant to be.  Off the field is obviously another story.  I still believe to this day that if he hadn’t gone off the rails (Boom. Roasted!) he would’ve developed just fine.

Here’s to hoping we get to see Johnny Football scramblin’ like Tarkenton again.  He puts asses in seats for good reason.  Can you imagine what this rinky dink flag football league coverage will be like this spring?

Thank You #73- G.O.A.T.

Well, this just sucks.  Last week we were in the middle of Browns Free Agency, and things were looking exciting.  Everything was swell up until last Wednesday, when Joe Thomas announced his retirement.  Joe spent all of his 11 seasons as a member of the Cleveland Browns.  It is a retirement that is much deserved, it just sucks because the Browns never won a few games for their constant stalwart.

Image result for joe thomas blocks two people

Lets make one thing clear: Joe Thomas is the best Left Tackle the game has ever seen.  Joe was drafted third overall in 2007 NFL by the Browns.  From that point on, Joe played a whopping 10,363 consecutive offensive snaps for the team that drafted him.  This is a record that may never be broken.  For 10,363 of those Snaps Joe played at an elite level.  Eventually injuries took a toll.

I mean, that is just stupid.  30…only 30 freaking sacks!  What a beast on the football field this man was.  The Cleveland Browns may have sucked for my whole life, but for 11 seasons at least we had one truly elite football player.    Now, bear with me for a second while I attempt to locate Left Tackle highlights on YouTube…

Probably the most impressive stat of Joe’s illustrious career:

Just a brutal stat right there, especially for players, coaches,  and front office executives associated with the Cleveland Browns.  All of these numbers, and statistics add up to the greatest Left Tackle to ever play.  Joe will be a first ballot Hall of Famer once he comes up for voting, which will be in about 5 years. Hopefully one day, we’ll be able to look back at 2007-2017 and laugh along side Joe.  He’s all the fans had during that time.  Coaches changed, Quarterbacks busted, and Front Offices’ were fired.   Joe Thomas was always there.

The Browns should be disgusted at themselves.  How can you not put together a winning team for Joe Thomas?  Some loaded offensive lines went to waste here, and that really fucking hurts.  What hurts more is Joe never got to experience winning.  I will say this, and I am sure many others will echo it: There is no one more deserving of winning some football games than Joe Thomas.  It was great to have one elite player be a constant for many years, but it hurts to have failed him so miserably.  I would’ve been devastated if the Browns traded Joe, but looking back at it we definitely should’ve sent him to the Patriots in 2014 or 2016.

What’s next for Joe Thomas?  Whatever the fuck he wants.  The best part about Joe Thomas is his personality.  Well known for his sense of humor on Twitter, Joe has been boosting his presence in the media this year.  As we know, he tore his one of his triceps in week 7 this past season.  This injury famously ended his 10,363 snap streak, but during his new found off-time Joe began to expand his brand.  He did all sorts of interviews with news outlets, sports shows, and even started his own Podcast with ex Browns Receiver, Andrew Hawkins, called the Thomahawk Podcast (Highly recommend).

Image result for Joe Thomas podcast

Whatever Joe chooses to do, he will succeed that is one fact I do know.  He has stated that he has interviewed to be an NFL analyst for a few networks, and has more coming in the pipeline.  Not everyone got to see how great Joe Thomas was at Tackle, but many will get to see how smart/entertaining he is.  Hopefully he will be able to fill the large shoes of one, Sergio Dipp.

Image result for Joe Thomas hour

It’s been great to have one nice thing over these past seasons.  Joe never bitched, never called out his teammates, or coaches about the constant losing.  Joe showed up and continued to excel on the field.  Wherever Joe ends up (Canton) he will be a star.  Looking forward to the entertainment and laughs he will bring on MNF, or something similar.  Speaking of jokes he’s got some good ones:


Packers Cut Jordy Nelson & Bring in Jimmy Graham


Yesterday was the most wild day of free agency I can remember in a long time as the NFL continues to dominate headlines even in the middle of March. One of the bigger moves of the day saw the Packers cut ties with their longtime #1 target Jordy Nelson.

The Packers of course however would not release Jordy without a reason. And that reason was due to a former basketball player (if you haven’t heard 30 times every season)

FINALLY, a weapon for DeShone Kizer (jokes). The leader in red zone TDs for tight ends has found a new home in Lambeau. There was a massive amount of talk of a reunion in New Orleans for Graham but they were unable to agree on a number. The Packers took this opening and swooped in to sign the dangerous TE to add an interesting weapon in Aaron Rodger’s arsenal. I actually like the move because Jimmy Graham was being wasted out in Seattle. They refused to throw to him and then would toss a fade every time they got in the end zone. Painful to watch. The Packers are going to be a pretty fun offense to watch now (their defense is still garbage — but hey who cares!). However, the fallout from Jordy Nelson is sure to hurt Packers Nation.

Jordy Nelson had unreal chemistry with Aaron Rodgers which I think will hurt them a bit. Nelson no doubt will be a hot commodity on the open market, despite being 32 years in age. If he’s looking for a new home, there’s another cold weather team that wouldn’t mind having him suit up — and it looks like it’s mutual.

Amendola Takes His Talents to South Beach

I’m going to be honest here — I had no idea Amendola was even a free agent? Does that mean I won’t miss Danny Playoffs? Absolutely not.

It’s a gut punch that he’s going to the Dolphins and staying in the AFC East. Will the Patriots be fine? Of course they will. Belichick will pull the ball boy into the receiving corp and the engine will chug along per usual. Does it suck? Absolutely. Amendola, though not producing much in the regular season usually was always clutch when it mattered. Take a look at this year:


Easily the Patriots playoff MVP outside of #12. Can I blame Amendola, a 32 year old slot receiver with a history of injuries, for cashing in? I can’t. Right now it’s reported as a 2 year, 12 million dollar contract which is way more than the Patriots would have offered. The Patriots, per sources, had a chance to match and refused as their crowded receiving corp could not find a spot for ‘Dola. He will be missed and that two point conversion catch during the Falcons was the clincher to go into overtime. His best moment will still go down in Patriots’ history:


Let the Madness Begin (Continue).

Schefty LOL 2

What a fucking weekend it has been throughout the NFL.  The NFL league year starts tomorrow, when free agent signings/trades can be finalized.  Yesterday saw the legal tampering period open.  That means we have plenty of contract agreements, trades, and players getting cut.  It is truly fantastic, and this year the Browns were in the forefront.

The Cleveland Browns fired three trades in succession.  They traded a 4th round pick in 2018, and a 7th in 2019.  Absolute peanuts compared to Unrestricted-Free Agents who are signing mega deals.

Not a bad deal at all!  Shows the Browns are serious about adding some play makers.  Landry will play one season on the $16 million dollar franchise tag.  I really liked this trade even more once the following broke:

Tyrod!  Welcome aboard, guy.  Love this trade, because it enhances the Jarvis Landry deal.  Landry is a 5-8 yard pass catcher, who lead the league in catches this past season with 112.  These two seem like they were born to play together, and I am hoping this may help Taylor expand his game.

Still not done, the Browns made a THIRD trade right after the Tyrod Taylor trade was announced:

This one came at a complete shock.  The Browns shipped off second year Quarterback, DeShone Kizer for Green Bay Corner, Damarious Randall.  Sad to give up on Kizer, but he will be given a better chance to win out in Green Bay.  He won’t have to deal with Hue Jackson on a daily basis.  The Packers are getting an athletic specimen of a Quarterback.  The dude is a cardboard cutout of what you want in a Franchise Quarterback.   Kizer is a freaking oak tree standing at 6’4, 233 lbs.  He’s got the body to with stand NFL punishment, and can run with the best of Quarterbacks.  DeShone will need time and coaching to fix his footwork, and woeful accuracy.

Kizer bomb.gif

To the Browns end of the deal we go.  Damarious Randall was drafted in the first round, 30th overall in the 2015 NFL Draft.  Randall came out of college as a Free-Safety, but had been playing corner with Green Bay.  He has nabbed 10 interceptions through two seasons, regular season, and playoffs.

As was reported by numerous outlets over the weekend, the Browns will be moving Randall back to his natural position.  This allows Jabrill Peppers to play in a more natural spot, which is strong safety closer to the line of scrimmage.  Last season Peppers was hardly able to make plays, because he was lined up a million fucking miles away from the line of scrimmage.  It was one of few decisions Williams made that I hated.  Glad to see they may have learned from that.

The Browns were still NOT done.  On Saturday morning they fired off their fourth and final trade of the Weekend:

Danny Shelton was shipped off to New England, and the two teams swapped mid-round draft picks.  Not a bad trade for either team here.  Danny Shelton isn’t a star lineman by any means, but he is a valuable piece to your defensive line rotation.  His role is limited to clogging A gap during the run game.  Don’t expect Shelton to improve your pass rush, as he’s only been able to record 1.5 sacks in his three seasons.

Image result for Danny Shelton

This all before any of the other teams made real significant moves.  This past evening saw free agents agree to terms with new teams.  There have been a shitload, so I am just going to highlight a few:

Interesting move from the Bears here.  They are starting to add outside skill players to compliment the running attack.  Robinson is coming off a year in which he was out for the whole year with a torn ACL.  The Penn State product has had success in the past (1400 yards in 2016), but down years and injuries have plagued him.  If he and Cam Meredith can return to form, that forms a nice duo on the outside for Mitch Trubisky.

Robinson stats

Another Wide Receiver choose his destination fairly quickly:

Sammy Watkins sucks.  This guy is a fucking joke.  Hyped up heavily his draft year, he’s never fulfilled expectations.   Guess that makes him a perfect fit for the Kansas City Chiefs?  The writing is on the wall for this guy.  The Buffalo Bills decided to get rid of their only outside receiving threat for pennies on the dollar this off-season.  Watkins was a solid option in Los Angeles, but had the franchise tag rescinded.  Have fun with Andy Reid.

Finally to the big boys.  The Quarterbacks.  We had a slew of shitty Quarterbacks sign some atrocious contracts today.  First and foremost our man, Kirk Cousins.

This deal right here will be applauded by many players.  Kirk gambled on himself the previous two seasons in Washington.  That gambled played off as he now has a fully guaranteed contract worth $84 million dollars with the Minnesota Vikings.  Congrats Kirk Cousins, and god speed to the Vikings.  If it don’t work out, well that really sucks. Have fun!

(I can easily see this not working out)

The funny part is, Kirk wasn’t even the first QB to pick a landing spot:

Case Keenum agreed to a 2 year, $36 million dollar contract with the Denver Broncos. $18 million?!? You’re going to give Case Keemun $18 million dollars?! This is a brutal move by Elway and the Broncos. Case Keenum played WAY over his head in 2017-18. Even if this contract is only two years, that is still a shitload of money to pay a Quarterback. That’s a shitload to pay a Quarterback who you will be replacing in draft night. John Elway has to be one of the most overrated executives in professional football.

Last but not least we have Sam Bradford and Teddy Bridgewater. Teddy signed with the J-E-Ts. He is coming off a brutal knee injury which saw him miss the past two seasons. If we’re being honest, Teddy Bridgewater sucked before the injury.

Many other domino’s fell on Tuesday, and we’re STILL not at the league new year. The Browns are poised to make some moves to bolster their roster. Get er done, John.

Go Browns!