Author: OwenSixteen016

Welcome Back Josh!

Well.  How have we gotten here?  How has it gotten this bad?  It’s been awhile since I’ve last written about my beloved Browns.  This year has been extra painful.  The signs of a competitive team were there.  It all came crashing down thanks to Jacoby Brissett and the Indianapolis Colts.  In the second quarter of

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Flash Watch 2017 Edition

Mid-week last week, Browns fans were hit with a little nugget regarding the future of one Josh Gordon.  Today via Bleacher Report, we were hit with a bit of news regarding Flash, “Cleveland Browns receiver Josh Gordon reportedly has a “better than 50-50″ chance of being reinstated during the 2017 season”. FUCK.  I cannot fall for this again.  I

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The Future is Here

2017 will bring yet ANOTHER starting QB for the Cleveland Browns. DeShone Kizer, the Browns’ second round pick, will be the teams 27th starting QB since re-joining the league in 1999.  It has been continued futility for the Brownies as a whole, but the quarterback position has been an absolute mess. On Wednesday, Hue Jackson

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