The Future is Here

2017 will bring yet ANOTHER starting QB for the Cleveland Browns. DeShone Kizer, the Browns’ second round pick, will be the teams 27th starting QB since re-joining the league in 1999.  It has been continued futility for the Brownies as a whole, but the quarterback position has been an absolute mess.

On Wednesday, Hue Jackson named the rookie as the starter for preseason game number 3 against this year’s “you heard it here first” team in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  Jackson left the window open to fall back on his decision by not really tabbing him as the game 1 starter, and said “we are very excited about seeing DeShone in the role of starter for this week, as he is certainly positioning himself well to earn the starting job heading into the regular season.”  Leaving that fall back option just in case he really blew chunks against the Bucs.

Saturday brought a glimmer of hope for the Cleveland Browns that they haven’t seen since coming back in ’99.  Kizer showed actual legitimate potential at the quarterback position.  His numbers are not spectacular by any means, but they reflect positive steps at the game’s most important position.  Kizer finished 6 of 18 for 93 yards — no touchdowns and 1 interception.  Not glamorous numbers by any means, but in the monsoon, Kizer was 5 of 7 on third down and had numerous drops throughout the game.  Most notability by veteran stiff Kenny Britt on third down and Rannell Hall as well.  Hall caught a TD, but could not keep his feet in bounds to complete the catch.  Kizer demonstrated budding chemistry with second year wideout Corey Coleman, completing multiple third down conversions.

The play that stood out the most was one he didn’t make.  On first down from their own 1 yard line, Hue Jackson gave Kizer a test.  Kizer dropped back to air it out from his own endzone — seeing the pocket collapsing, Kizer used his athleticism to roll out the pocket and throw the ball away all with a defender in his face.

Kizer showed incredible poise and pocket awareness in his first start, and third game played overall.  He has an uncanny ability to move throughout the pocket, while keeping his eyes downfield.  In his first preseason game against the Saints, he put this trait on display.

On this third and fifteen from his own 47, Kizer felt the pressure from the interior d line, threw a pump fake, and stepped in the pocket to hit Richard Mullaney 52 yards down field.

Later in the same game facing a 4th and 2 with under 2 minutes to play and down by a score, Kizer stood in the pocket and threw a bomb to Jordan Payton.  Payton caught the pass in perfect stride for the game winning score.  Kizer took a shot as he threw but was still able to throw a missile about 45 yards hitting Payton in stride.

Early Monday morning it was announced via conference call that Hue Jackson named Kizer his starting quarterback for the regular season.  There is excitement about this football team — the defense hasn’t given up a touchdown since the 1st quarter of the opening preseason game and it finally looks like their may be hope at the Quarterback position.

Every DeShone Kizer play from Week 3 vs. Buccaneers:


Lets take a quick look at the 2017 Cleveland Browns schedule:

1 Sun, Sep 10 0006864_pittsburgh-steelers-8-logo-magnet_600  L Not much to predict here.  The Browns may keep it competitive, but the Steelers win easily. Apply this to week 17 as well.
2 Sun, Sep 17 L Tough to predict this one in all honesty.  Injuries are piling up on the Ravens, and Joe Flacco has yet to practice.  If he plays, the Ravens win at home.
3 Sun, Sep 24 W The Colts are not good.  With Andrew Luck, I still think this young Browns defense can beat up the offensive for Indy — and Indy’s defense blows.  Browns pickup their first win of the new campaign.
4 Sun, Oct 1 W Many are predicting a bounce back year from Andy Dalton’s crew.  Fools gold as always with these guys.  They lost two MAJOR pieces on their Offensive Line in the off-season.  Browns young defense feasts for a win.
5 Sun, Oct 8 W Three in a row for the boys in the turd colored pants.  Who knows who’ll be quarterbacking the J-E-T-S suck suck suck by this point?
6 Sun, Oct 15 L That D is too good.  Watt and Clowney are going to have themselves a feast on DeShone.  Texans win.  It could potentially be close if Tom Savage is still the starter at this point.
7 Sun, Oct 22 L Mariota, Murray, Walker this trio is absolutely filthy.  Titans win easily.
8 Sun, Oct 29 L When the Vikes want to, their defense has top 5 potential.  I see them living up to this hype against a young Browns offense.  Browns lose in London.
10 Sun, Nov 12 W The Lions are just meh.  They’ve got a decent offense with Stafford, Tate, and Jones, but I don’t see them being completely unstoppable.  Browns win by the skin of their teeth.
11 Sun, Nov 19 W Another team I haven’t the slightest clue who will be playing quarterback at this point in the season.  Seems like Bortles is on a short leash.  If Henne is starting, Browns win easily.  If Bortles is playing, Browns win easily.
12 Sun, Nov 26 L Typical second half of the season loss to the shitty Bengals.  It happens every year, and this year will be no different.
13 Sun, Dec 3 L Toss up.  I am seeing people predicting the Chargers to win the AFC West.  They’ve got some good young pieces on defense in Bosa, and Ingram.  If Keenan Allen can stay healthy, he and Rivers will coast to a victory.  If the injury bug bites I can see it being closer. 
14 Sun, Dec 10 L Loss.
15 Sun, Dec 17 W Predicting all AFC North Matchups to split this season, other than Pittsburgh.  I think the Browns can beat this Ravens squad.
16 Sun, Dec 24 W Browns should be able to claim a W over the re-building Bears.  Hopefully Mitch is still the QB at this point, but the Bears MO is to have their QB hit a billion times every year (see Jay Cutler).  Browns win with their aggressive front 7.
17 Sun, Dec 31 L
Final Record: 6-10

A few things stand out when taking a quick peak at their upcoming schedule.  Depending on how the offense looks in competitive games, I can see the Ravens and Colts games being potential wins.  Joe Flacco still has not practiced and injuries are piling up on the Ravens.  The Colts may still be sans Andrew Luck, and even with Luck I do not foresee the Colts being a contender in 2017.  Week 5 against the Jets looks to be a sure win as the Jets will likely field the worst group of 22 football players since the 2016 Cleveland Browns.  A mid-season meeting with the Jags seems promising, and week 16 against the Chicago Bears could be a win as well.

Godspeed DeShone.


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