Flash Watch 2017 Edition

Mid-week last week, Browns fans were hit with a little nugget regarding the future of one Josh Gordon.  Today via Bleacher Report, we were hit with a bit of news regarding Flash, “Cleveland Browns receiver Josh Gordon reportedly has a “better than 50-50″ chance of being reinstated during the 2017 season”.

FUCK.  I cannot fall for this again.  I can’t do it.  Every single time without fail, I fall for Josh’s charade.

One of Gordon’s mentor’s, Tim Montgomery, has since come to say, “he’s coming”.  I would love Josh Gordon back on this football team.  I think he has a great chance to become a fraction of what he was under Hue Jackson.  Jackson is a questionable in-game coach at best, but he is a fantastic motivator & leader — maybe he can get something out of Josh.  That’s the optimist in me, and the fucking SUCKER who is falling for the Josh Gordon trap again. How do I fall for this on an annual basis?  Glad you asked:


2013 Josh Gordon that’s fucking why.  He “flashed” first ballot Hall of Fame potential.  He showed insane athletic ability at such a young age — and did it playing with Brandon Weeden, Brian Hoyer, Alex Tanney, and Jason Campbell.   Josh Gordon finished the 2013 season with 87 catches, 1,646 yards, and 9 touchdowns.  He did this playing in only 14 of 16 games.  He was suspended (shocking)  for the opening two games of the year.

Image result for 2013 Josh Gordon

Do I want Gordon back on this football team?  Abso-fucking-lutely.  Gordon has everything it takes to be a great wide-receiver in the NFL.  First, he is a monster –currently he is listed as 6’3″, 225 lbs.  With that massive frame, he is out of this world fast. He can blow by any corner in the league and make it look like he’s not trying a la prime Randy Moss.  He is a great route runner — Gordon has an uncanny ability to see spots in coverage to break his route for whatever shit bag quarterback is playing at the time. Obviously he has stellar hands to compliment his athletic prowess.  Do I think he will be peak Josh if he does comeback?  Absolutely not.  If the Browns can get 50% of 2013 Gordon, that would be a major win. God knows what his contract situation is at this point, so I won’t even bother to go into details on that.   They desperately need play-makers on offense as now they’re effectively down to ZERO.

Reports were out that he was planning on being released from rehab on 9/21.  Josh dropped a hint via his snap chat:  

Who knows what that means?  I take it the reported 9/21 release date was false.  Either way, I just hope that whatever happens both Josh and the fans can get some closure.  All I want is another 10 or so games of him as a Brown. Finish it off right, and he can go off to whatever team he wants to go to.  Come on home Josh.  One last kick at the can.

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