Fuck Me Running, Not Again?!

72 hours before veterans are due to report to camp, Josh Gordon revealed he would not be present for the start of training camp.  Silly me.  How could I ever think he would be present for the start of camp?  Stupid of me.  Now Josh and the Browns are saying, “All good!  Just keeping up with treatment!  No suspension!”

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WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?! There is absolutely no way of knowing what is going on?  There is a high probability what is being reported is exactly what is going on.  Josh is taking a few weeks off to gain some extra counseling, prior to starting a full season in the NFL.  He wants to make sure he is sticking to his program, so he’s stepping away for some extra counseling.  I don’t necessarily believe that one bit.  In fact, it’s the first Adam Schefter story that I feel is complete bull shit.  But hey, it’s Schefty.  I guess it’s true?   Even the NFL is claiming that Josh’s absence is not suspension related, and he didn’t fail any tests.

I hope to Christ Josh hasn’t had any setbacks, for his own sake.  It had appeared he was working very hard to maintain his clean lifestyle, and return to the Football field.  Now the Schefter tweets are reassuring, but widely confusing.  I am glad he hasn’t been suspended YET, but camp starts in 2 days.  He had a full month to get the extra treatment/counseling he is referring to.  John Dorsey confirmed the team fully supports Josh, his decision, and hopes he gets the help he needs.  So whats the big deal?  Sounds like a man taking some initiative in recovery, right?  Well another wrench was thrown by Brian McCarthy, NFL Spokesman:

“No timetable for return…We’ll address the matter at the appropriate time” 

All of the tweets from Beat guys, the statement from the Browns, and Gordon are supposed to reassure me that everything is a-ok.  That tiny quote scares the absolute shit out of me.  Just sounds like there was a fuck up along the line here.  Josh is in stage 3 of the NFL substance abuse program.  He can be tested up to 10 fucking times a month.  I feel like a failed test is not likely, due the sheer amount of times he can get tested.  If he failed one, we’d probably know by now.  I can see missing tests as an issue.  Knowing you’ve slipped up, so you skip the tests.  To the NFL that’s as good as failing.  Raiders Wideout, Martavis Bryant has plenty of experience with this.

Who knows, as of now, I guess he’s good?  But we’ll have to wait to see Josh Gordon in 2018.  Some things never change.

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Some new faces in Cleveland, but they are still the same old shitstains at heart.

Welcome back, Football.

Isaiah Thomas Needs To Stop

Here we go again. IT and the Cavs return once again to the Garden on February 11th to face the Celtics. As you remember, IT declined the tribute video the first time he returned because he wanted his family to be there. Fair enough I suppose — the little guy did transform the franchise during a rebuilding period and is a big reason for the success of the Celtics now. Sure — nobody ever really declines a tribute video but we gave IT a pass there. Now he tweets out this today:

Isaiah, come on. Are we going to have to play him a tribute in the playoffs? This is why you don’t push it back. All of Boston loved IT, still does. The man put his heart on the line during the playoffs last night and pushed through when his sister died. All the respect in the world. Boston now lines up with Kyrie Irving who is an upgrade while IT and the Cavs are a disaster at this point.

There were some ramblings that Pierce was upset that they’d be showing the IT video during his night, which he should be. If IT would have just sucked it up and allowed the Celtics to show the video the first night he was back — this wouldn’t even be mentioned. Here we are now though, and at this point there shouldn’t even be a video shown. IT did great for the Celtics and he will always be appreciated but in the grand scheme of things, he spent 2 and a half years there. He’s not going to be mentioned with the Garnetts and Pierces of the Celtics and nobody is even thinking about retiring his jersey. He never actually won anything for the Celtics so it’s time to move on. Thanks for the memories IT but you shouldn’t really be dictating what’s going on in Boston anymore.


The Cavs Are In Mid-Season Meltdown Form

Somehow Cleveland does this every year and absolutely is garbage in the middle of the regular season. They’ll figure it out but LeBron emasculated his coach again last night like he’s done in the past:

Ty Lue is nowhere to be found while LeBron is taking over as coach. Who enjoyed this rant the most?

Kyrie is fresh off a 22 point comeback in London against the Sixers and is enjoying the 1 seed without their second best scorer in Boston while LeBron is taking over the coaching duties from this guy:

This is where it all makes sense why Kyrie left but let’s be honest — the Cavs will absolutely turn it on for the playoffs and do the same thing they do every year. For now though, it’s fun to see them melt down a little bit. They have one more easy game coming up against the Pacers and then Monday’s opponent?

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Isaiah Thomas Returns to the Court and to Boston

How IT played

In his first game back, Isaiah Thomas looked pretty good. IT had some rust, but he shot 6 of 12 from the field  and 3-8 from three. He finished the night with 17 points and 3 assists. For the most part he looked like the old IT – he had a drive where he beat his defender, created contact, and finished off the play for an and one. Although he hit his shots, they appeared to be wide open and not heavily contested. It will be interesting to see how he looks when he goes up against defenders like Patrick Beverly and Avery Bradley. Only then will we know if Isaiah is truly back. Coming off the bench, the Cavs have a plan to only play Isaiah 12-20 minutes and going forward he will not play back-to-back nights.

Celtics Fans’ Reaction

IT should and better get a standing ovation from the Boston crowd. Besides Brad and Danny, IT is the most important part of the Celtics turnaround from being a lottery team to reaching the Eastern Conference Finals. When IT was traded to the Celtics, they had a losing record and were expected to be a lottery team for the second year in a row. He elevated his game and took that team all the way to the playoffs. He was an embodiment of what Boston loves in their athletes — someone who is tough as nails, always plays with a chip on his shoulder and is willing to leave it all out there on the court.

Since the trade, IT has said that he wishes he didn’t play through his hip injury in last years playoffs because it cost him a large chunk of his 2017-2018 season. These are not the comments that a Boston fan wants to hear but what Isaiah maybe doesn’t realize just yet is that 15-20 years from now Boston fans wont forget what he did playing through his hip injury and the death of his sister.

Just like Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, when IT comes back Wednesday night he will be doused with love and cheers. He will hear thank you, IT chants/signs and possibly an MVP chant to top it off just so he knows how much this city cared for him.

Isaiah has asked that the Celtics not play a tribute video in his first trip back. In a response on Twitter, Thomas explains why he declined the tribute video “I would like to actually PLAY & have my family in the arena to appreciate the love the city/organization will show US? It ain’t about me its about my family.” The Celtics agreed to not play a video this time but they plan to do so in the future.

With all this love going to IT, does Jae expect to receive a standing ovation or a tribute video? I would expect him to get a video, but I’m not so sure he gets cheered. He was critical of the Boston fans cheering opposing player Gordon Hayward and basically called the fans racist and the fact that he gave Gordon a little bump in the air which led to his gruesome injury.

Why play IT against Portland instead of Boston?

Holding IT out on Wednesday is the smartest thing the Cavs could do for many reasons.

  1. It removes the threat of Isaiah pushing too hard to get his “revenge” on the Celtics front office.
  2. It takes the spotlight off of him and allows him to ease back into playing under the radar.
  3. The story shifts from Isaiah vs. Celtics to Lebron vs. Irving/ Celtics vs Cavs.

It stinks for the fans not to get to see IT play, but this is the smart move for him and the team moving forward.

Who Won the Trade?

Months after the trade went down, we still can’t determine who won this trade. The Celtics look fantastic with Kyrie and are playing tremendous basketball, but the Cavs get IT back and he could very well be the difference maker this year. The Brooklyn pick doesn’t look as valuable as it has the past few years. The Nets are currently 14-23 which puts them 10th from the bottom and gives them a 4.0% chance to land a top 3 pick and 1.1% to get the first overall pick. The idea was to either trade the lottery pick for an all star at the deadline or keep the pick to help with a potential rebuild if LeBron leaves. At this point with the pick being so low, the Cavs won’t be able to get that difference maker at the deadline and is probably best to keep it.

The biggest chip in the trade was Kyrie Irving who is playing like on an MVP level this year. There were questions as to whether he would work in Brad’s offense and would he put in the effort to play the defense. The answer to both questions are yes. Kyrie is playing the best defense of his career, just watching him play, he’s going all out and rarely taking a play off. Defensively he is averaging 3.1 rebounds, 1.2 steals and 0.3 blocks a game. Offensively he is averaging 24.8 points and 4.9 assists per game. He’s becoming more of a passer and has excepted the role of playing off the ball at times.

Jae Crowder, who the media was gushing over immediately following the trade is back to being the average role player he always was. It wasn’t fair to Jae that the media put expectations on him that he wouldn’t be able to reach. He’s a good 3 and D role player coming off the bench. He averages 8.6 points, 3.2 rebounds and is shooting 40% from three while playing 26 minutes a game.

Ante Zizic was a draft and stash by the Celtics a few years ago and received high praises from scouts in Europe. In his first year in the NBA he is bouncing back and forth between the NBA and the G-League. When he does get into games they are blowouts, he’s averaging 1.2 points and 1.2 rebounds.

Additional thoughts on the Irving and Isaiah

Kryie is a player that other young superstars would love to play with. The most notable superstar that has been on the Celtics radar for years has been Anthony Davis. The Pelicans have said multiple times that they have no interest in trading Davis. However if things get ugly in New Orleans, I could see a scenario where Davis forces his way out and asks to be traded to a team like Boston that already has a superstar in Irving and has a ton of young talent.

As much as we love Isaiah, he was a player that needed to touch the ball on every possession. He earned the nickname King of the Fourth because of the way he would take over the 4th quarter. With that being said, I wonder if Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum would have been able to develop the way they have if IT was here and healthy. Tatum in the 4th quarter this year is shooting 70% 17 for 24 from the field and has made 3 of 4 three pointers 75%. On the season he is averaging 14.1 points, 1.4 assists and 5.6 rebounds per game.

Jaylen Brown has also taken a big step from year 1 to year 2 and I’m not sure if he would have taken this big of a step if Isaiah was here. He is averaging 14.4 points, 1.2 assists and 5.7 rebounds per game.

As much as we love IT, Danny made the right move in trading him. It’s too early to declare a winner, but as of right now the Celtics have zero regrets about making this move and the fans agree.


Get a Load of This Piece of Shit!

I’ll make this quick.  I saw this this afternoon while anxiously awaiting to jump out the window due to boredom. Now I am trying to jump out due to embarrassment.  Each passing day the Browns do something to top themselves, and this stunt by this piece of shit Coach is no different.

Just when I said yesterday I hope that 0-16 is rock bottom.  They go and find a way to dig a little deeper. Bunch of pricks. This guy makes my blood boil, I don’t think I’ve ever hated a professional sports figure more than Hue Jackson.

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Lets take a brief look at what this pompous piece of shit had the balls to say last season:

“We can’t do that. We are not going to do that. We can stop right there. I’m not doing that. We are not going 1-15 or I’ll be swimming in the lake over there somewhere. I know me too well. I know me and I know these guys too well. We put out this front that where we are. We are not going 1-15 next year. You can write it if you’d like. Hue Jackson said it. We are not. That’s the way it is.”

Fast-forward one yea later, per Mary Kay Cabot, of Cleveland.com:

“Heck ya I’ve got to do it” about jumping in the lake. Says he will do it for the Hue Jackson Foundation, hopes a lot of people come out for it”

……He hopes people come out for it?  You know what Hue?  Go fuck yourself.  Seriously, what a pompous prick.  “Oh look at how safe my job is!”  “Wee!!!” Lets pray that he 1. can’t swim, 2. the lake is filled with battery acid. He seems so overly cocky about being employed next year, it makes me sick. I wish this man nothing but the worst. He’s awfully arrogant for the worst Head Coach in NFL History.

@Browns, MAKE IT STOP.  Fire this clown.

Indians Sign Yonder Alonso

The Cleveland Indians have filled their void at First Base by signing Yonder Alonso. The deal is for two years at $16 million, with an $8 million vesting option for a third year.

Although this move isn’t a big splash, the Indians get a comparable player to Carlos Santana at a bargain price. Santana signed with the Philadelphia Phillies for 3 years $60 million.

Last year, Alonso hit 28 HR and 67 RBI’s with a .266 BA, while Santana hit 23 HR and 79 RBI’s with a .259 BA.

Again, not a big splash but atleast there is no real drop off in production and you get him for a third of the cost.

Isaiah Thomas Scrimmaging with Cavs G-League Team

Don’t look now but Isaiah Thomas is inching closer to playing his first game as a Cavalier.

Thomas, who injured his hip in last years Eastern Conference Playoffs, is reportedly going to scrimmage with the Cavs G-League affiliate this week, according to Dave McMenamin of ESPN.

It appears that the plan is for Thomas to participate in his first five-on-five practice with the Canton Charge, in either the Cavs’ practice facility or in Canton. This will be Isaiah’s first real competitive test in his rehab since joining the Cavs back in August.

There still is no definitive date for his return, but Isaiah made a comment that he’d like to return in early January. As it turns out the Cavs play the Celtics on January 3rd.. revenge game anyone?

Holy Shit, This Really Sucks!

Oh dear lord.  I can’t really tell if I have a gut feeling, or reaction to this news.  I’m numb at this point.  La Canfora Reports, “Browns owner Jimmy Haslam’s interest in having Peyton Manning join his franchise in a prominent team president/top executive role is very strong and sincere, league sources said, with the owner desperate to find ways to put a winning football operations and coaching staff together. The Browns are winless this season and have just one victory since the start of the 2016 season, when coach Hue Jackson was paired with general manager Sashi Brown, and Haslam is hoping his long relationship with Manning can lead him to Cleveland.”

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I think I should probably be excited by this potential move, but I’m not.  I’m more or less thinking of ways it would fail.  A lot of the time, the ol’ player turned front office executive fails miserably no matter the franchise.  Peyton would certainly bring a healthy resume on the field, but it’s as an executive that he’s done absolutely nothing.  That worries me.  I would hope that Peyton would not be diving head first into GM duties.  I would feel more comfortable with him as “Director of Football Operations”, or some other bull shit label.   Give him a position where he has input on personnel decisions.  I have zero doubt in my my mind that Manning knows what it takes to win, and the qualities winning teams need to possess.  His input would be extremely beneficial.  As long as he wouldn’t have final say on roster decisions.

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Last week, it was Mike Singletary coming into Cleveland with interview binders and now we got the goober Peyton himself rumored to be on his way.  It’s well known that Browns Owner, Jimmy Haslam is a prominent booster for the University of Tennesse.  While his relationship goes way ack, and brings some validity to this rumor, I think there is less than zero percent chance he would come here.  I would feel so much better about the QB, but this just seems so outlandish.  I doubt Peyton is going to leave his cushy advertisement gigs, to have his named tarnished in Turd Brown.