Lakers Have No Right to Complain About Gortat

ESPN – Brandon Ingram said Lonzo Ball and the Los Angeles Lakers did not take kindly to Marcin Gortat’s tweet about how John Wall “will torture” the rookie point guard when the Washington Wizards visit L.A. on Wednesday.

“Yeah, of course we did,” Ingram said when asked whether he saw Gortat’s tweet on Monday. “Everyone has social media, definitely saw it. The competitor in Lonzo, of course he didn’t take it so well, and with his teammates behind him, we didn’t take it so well.”

The Wizards center was responding to a video of Ball’s father, LaVar, saying, “Washington is coming in Wednesday? They better beware because Lonzo ain’t losing again [this week].”

What a joke — what do they expect? People aren’t going to let LaVar run his mouth and not come right back at the Lakers. Here’s the tweet in question:

First off before addressing anything, Gortat is absolutely correct. John Wall is one of the premier PGs in the league and will absolutely have his way with the rookie Lonzo all night long. Let’s get this straight — the Lakers are NOT good. The only reason anybody is even paying attention to them is because of the sitcom that the media has run with which is LaVar Ball. I actually do expect the Lakers to keep it close tonight as they are hosting a Wizards team travelling out west but give me a break. Lonzo & the Lakers can’t expect

According to The Washington Post, “Nah, no mercy,” Wall responded when asked if he would show leniency to the 19-year-old rookie point guard despite his braggadocious father.

John Wall plays with an aggression that I’d put only second to Russell Westbrook. It’ll be great to see Lonzo put in his place, as he should be all season long. John Wall is 10-5 against starting rookie point guards — should be 11-5 after tonight.

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