Here Comes FogGate

SBNationThe Patriots embarrassed the Falcons on Sunday night in their Super Bowl LI rematch. For some in the stadium, the game was hard — and at times impossible — to see because of thick fog.

While that’s not great for the folks that were there, it seems the Los Angeles Chargers are going to suffer the most from the fog.

The Patriots are already the best team in the NFL the past decade and a half. Bill Belichick is going to go down as one of if not the best coach of all time because of his run with New England. He’s known to not only get the most out of his players, but also strategically, even if he did cheat that one time.

The Chargers haven’t been particularly good and would obviously benefit from some clear tape. That’s not going to happen.

Great — another year, another controversy for the Patriots (not really though). Anybody who watched the Sunday night beatdown of the Falcons noticed that NBC was forced to use different angles due to the immense fog that crept into Gillette Stadium. Of course, this isn’t a real controversy but we can use this an example of what extent people will go to blame the Patriots:

Julio — are you serious? “Not trying to make excuses” but blames the fireworks for creating that fog. Somebody please tell Julio that fog of that amount is not creating by fireworks. The Jets play Atlanta this week who — guess what — will also have to try to watch film of the Falcons but nobody really cares about them so you don’t hear a word. Wouldn’t surprise me if ESPN was debating the fact on whether or not the Patriots pumped in fog machines right now.

On a real note, the Patriots won’t be able to study their own tape either so they are at the same disadvantage. That being said, this team looked real good against the Falcons in all three phases of the game. They look to be clicking at exactly the right time.


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