The Kansas City Chiefs Put on a Choking Clinic on Saturday

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Once again the Kansas City Chiefs failed to win a home playoff game.  Shocking, I know.  This time, the perennial losers gagged away a 21-3 halftime lead to Marcus Mariota, and the Tennessee Titans.  Even the Chiefs made themselves blush at the choke job that would ensue.

The game started out like a typical Wild-Card playoff game.  The home team had gotten out in front of the playoff newbie, Tennessee Titans.  Kareem Hunt capped off a 6 play 81 yard drive with a 1 yard touchdown run to make it 7-0 Chiefs.  After multiple three-and-outs from Tennessee, Alex Smith found Travis Kelce for a 13 yard touchdown to make it 14-0.  Smith was on fire, leading a 5 play 76 yard drive in just 3:24.

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The Titans managed to cut into the lead before the half, making 14-3 with a Ryan Succop field goal.  Smith was having none of it, and lead a 9 play 79 yard drive for six.  Smith hit Demarcus Robinson for a 14 yard score.  21-3 Chiefs right before the half.  It looked as if the Chiefs home playoff curse would finally be erased.  21-3 was the score heading into half-time.

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The second half started, and the tide would turn completely.  As the third quarter started, the feeling was that the Titans were on life support.  Marcus Mariota took over.  Prior to the game it had widely been mentioned that Mariota had regressed this season.  He turned the ball over frequently, while not making the kind of plays you would think a dual threat Quarterback can make.  Mariota stepped up BIG in this one.  To start the second half he lead a 15 play, 91 yard march towards pay-dirt.  Mariota would cap off the drive by throwing a six yard touchdown pass to……Marcus Mariota.

In all honesty, it was one of the coolest plays I have ever seen.  Mariota scrambled around the pocket like he was Fran Tarkenton re-incarnated.  As he rolled to his left he zipped a pass towards his receiver, Corey Davis.  The ball bounced off Chiefs Cornerback, Darrelle Revis directly back into the hands of Mariota.  Mariota corralled it, and took it to the pylon for 6.  The Titans took a whopping 8:29 off the clock, and cut the lead to 21-10.

In typical Kansas City Chief fashion, they proceeded to go three and out the following possession.   On 3rd and 1 from the KC 28, the Chiefs were stuffed on the most Chiefs play of all time.  They motioned about 7 guys pre-snap, and ran a Quarterback bootleg option which got fucking STUFFED for no gain.  3 and out, and the ball going back to the Titans.

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The Titans would strike back on the ensuing possession.  Derek Henry rumbled his way 35 yards to cut the lead to 21-16.  The two point conversion attempt failed.

Take a look at #24 in red.  Darrelle Revis.  That’s a man, who doesn’t give a flying fuck.  It’s a goddamn shame that he is still a NFL player.  Wasted talent in a fucking mercenary, who won’t make play due to “business decisions”.  He’s a fucking sally.

The Chiefs would pick up one first down on their next possession, but stalled shortly after.  Another punt.  Mariota would take the rains, and lead another long march into Chief territory.  Finally, on the 11th play of their drive, Mariota hit Eric Decker for a 22 yard touchdown.  The score was 22-21 Titans, after they missed a second straight two point conversion attempt.

After stopping the Chiefs yet again, Titans put the game away with this final run by Derek Henry.

Man, just a master-piece from the Kansas City Chiefs.  I cannot believe I picked them to win?!  How stupid?!  The Kansas City Chiefs, are the Kansas City Chiefs.  Next year with Pat Mahomes don’t get sucked in.  Whether the QB is Trent Green, Alex Smith,  or Pat Mahomes they will always be the same.  Count on them to choke when it matters most.  Andy Reid is their coach after-all.  Count on Andy Reid to inexplicably not give the ball to key offensive weapons in playoff games.  This past game the NFL’s leading rusher, Kareem Hunt touched the ball only 11 times.  Andy Reid, man. So, next year in October when you get your rocks off to the Kansas City chiefs running over teams, just remember, they’ll limp dick in the playoffs.

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