Browns Hire Todd Haley as Offensive Coordinator

The Browns made some more news last night, as many insiders began to report that Todd Haley would be named Offensive Coordinator for the Cleveland Browns.  Previously, the Browns had interviewed Ben McAdoo and Mike Mularkey.  Neither name really moves the needle.  This hiring comes just over a week after Haley was fired from the same position with the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Haley spent the previous six seasons with Steelers as Offensive Coordinator.  Before Pittsburgh, Haley spent two and a half seasons as head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs, and a year under Ken Wisenhunt as the Arizona Cardinals offensive coordinator.

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More recently, Haley has been the Offensive Coordinator for the Pittsburgh Steelers.  He is the brains behind the Bell, Brown, Ben, and Bryant.  He was fired this season after the Steelers lost 45-42 at home to the Jacksonville Jaguars in the AFC Divisional Round.  His team scored 42 fucking points on the 5th ranked defense in terms of points allowed.  In the regular season the Steelers finished third in total yards per game on offense with, 377.9.  In his first full season the Steelers finished 20th in yards per game, and the remaining years they would not finish below 10th in the league in offense.  In the the end, the long-lasting feud between Haley and Roethlisberger was  too much to overcome.

Haley’s most impressive work doesn’t come from Pittsburgh as many believe.  His time with Matt Cassel in Kansas City to me is his finest work.  Haley turned Matt fucking Cassel into a Pro-Bowl Quarterback, and he managed to lead them into the Playoffs.   In 2010 Haley and Cassel finished at 10-6, which was good enough to win the AFC West.  Cassel was named a Pro-Bowl Alternate, as he finished 2010 with 27 touchdowns and 7 interceptions.   Anyone who can make a JAG like Matt Cassel look like a Pro-Bowler can play (coach) for my team any day of the week.


I am certainly optimistic about this hiring, because Haley has a track record of offensive success. He has worked with Tony Romo, Kurt Warner, Ben Roethlisberger, and Matt Cassel  most recently.  All of them had success.  Hell, even Kurt Warner still holds a close place in his heart for Todd:

At the end of the day this is just a hire.  Just a nice name on paper to droll over for a few months, and then call for his firing.  One positive that can come from this move is Dorsey continues to get his ducks in a row.  He’s got his two Front Office Executives, and now an Offensive Coordinator.    Hopefully a new head coach is not too far off, and he has a plan that will be fully executed.


The Kansas City Chiefs Put on a Choking Clinic on Saturday

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Once again the Kansas City Chiefs failed to win a home playoff game.  Shocking, I know.  This time, the perennial losers gagged away a 21-3 halftime lead to Marcus Mariota, and the Tennessee Titans.  Even the Chiefs made themselves blush at the choke job that would ensue.

The game started out like a typical Wild-Card playoff game.  The home team had gotten out in front of the playoff newbie, Tennessee Titans.  Kareem Hunt capped off a 6 play 81 yard drive with a 1 yard touchdown run to make it 7-0 Chiefs.  After multiple three-and-outs from Tennessee, Alex Smith found Travis Kelce for a 13 yard touchdown to make it 14-0.  Smith was on fire, leading a 5 play 76 yard drive in just 3:24.

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The Titans managed to cut into the lead before the half, making 14-3 with a Ryan Succop field goal.  Smith was having none of it, and lead a 9 play 79 yard drive for six.  Smith hit Demarcus Robinson for a 14 yard score.  21-3 Chiefs right before the half.  It looked as if the Chiefs home playoff curse would finally be erased.  21-3 was the score heading into half-time.

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The second half started, and the tide would turn completely.  As the third quarter started, the feeling was that the Titans were on life support.  Marcus Mariota took over.  Prior to the game it had widely been mentioned that Mariota had regressed this season.  He turned the ball over frequently, while not making the kind of plays you would think a dual threat Quarterback can make.  Mariota stepped up BIG in this one.  To start the second half he lead a 15 play, 91 yard march towards pay-dirt.  Mariota would cap off the drive by throwing a six yard touchdown pass to……Marcus Mariota.

In all honesty, it was one of the coolest plays I have ever seen.  Mariota scrambled around the pocket like he was Fran Tarkenton re-incarnated.  As he rolled to his left he zipped a pass towards his receiver, Corey Davis.  The ball bounced off Chiefs Cornerback, Darrelle Revis directly back into the hands of Mariota.  Mariota corralled it, and took it to the pylon for 6.  The Titans took a whopping 8:29 off the clock, and cut the lead to 21-10.

In typical Kansas City Chief fashion, they proceeded to go three and out the following possession.   On 3rd and 1 from the KC 28, the Chiefs were stuffed on the most Chiefs play of all time.  They motioned about 7 guys pre-snap, and ran a Quarterback bootleg option which got fucking STUFFED for no gain.  3 and out, and the ball going back to the Titans.

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The Titans would strike back on the ensuing possession.  Derek Henry rumbled his way 35 yards to cut the lead to 21-16.  The two point conversion attempt failed.

Take a look at #24 in red.  Darrelle Revis.  That’s a man, who doesn’t give a flying fuck.  It’s a goddamn shame that he is still a NFL player.  Wasted talent in a fucking mercenary, who won’t make play due to “business decisions”.  He’s a fucking sally.

The Chiefs would pick up one first down on their next possession, but stalled shortly after.  Another punt.  Mariota would take the rains, and lead another long march into Chief territory.  Finally, on the 11th play of their drive, Mariota hit Eric Decker for a 22 yard touchdown.  The score was 22-21 Titans, after they missed a second straight two point conversion attempt.

After stopping the Chiefs yet again, Titans put the game away with this final run by Derek Henry.

Man, just a master-piece from the Kansas City Chiefs.  I cannot believe I picked them to win?!  How stupid?!  The Kansas City Chiefs, are the Kansas City Chiefs.  Next year with Pat Mahomes don’t get sucked in.  Whether the QB is Trent Green, Alex Smith,  or Pat Mahomes they will always be the same.  Count on them to choke when it matters most.  Andy Reid is their coach after-all.  Count on Andy Reid to inexplicably not give the ball to key offensive weapons in playoff games.  This past game the NFL’s leading rusher, Kareem Hunt touched the ball only 11 times.  Andy Reid, man. So, next year in October when you get your rocks off to the Kansas City chiefs running over teams, just remember, they’ll limp dick in the playoffs.

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Chicago Bears Hire Matt Nagy

According to Adam Schefter, the Chicago Bears have hired former Kansas City Chiefs’ OC Matt Nagy. The terms of the deal have not been released.

The Bears have struggled offensively for years under John Fox, so it’s no surprise that they  went with a more offensive minded coach. Nagy had been with the Chiefs since 2013 where he was their Quarterbacks coach until 2015 when he was promoted to Offensive Coordinator.

This past year, the Chiefs had the league’s 5th best offense averaging 375.4 yards and 25.9 points per game. On the other end of the spectrum, the Bears were the 30th ranked offense averaging 287.4 yards and 16.5 points per game.

With Nagy now on board, let’s hope he can elevate second year QB Mitchell Trubisky the same way Sean McVay did for Jared Goff this past year.


AFC Wildcard Preview: Tennessee Titans vs. Kansas City Chiefs.

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Saturday afternoon will feature the first of two AFC Wild Card Playoff Matchups.  The 5 seed, Tennessee Titans will travel to Kansas City, to take on the 4 seed, Chiefs. The Chiefs haven’t won a home playoff game in their last 5 attempts.  Tennessee has not qualified for postseason play since 2008.  Looks to me like this one has all the makings of a shitty Wild Card match-up.

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Tennesse Titans: 

The Titans are back in post season play for the first time since 2008.  That was a 13-10 loss at the expense of the Baltimore Ravens.  This season has been a bit of a roller coaster for them.  At times, Marcus Mariota looks flawless, and the Titans look like a real contender.  Other times, they look mediocre at best.  They finished the year with a 9-7 record.  The problem with the Titans is I don’t feel like they had any real signature wins this season.  Their best wins on paper were at home against Seattle in week 3, and at Houston in week 4.  Nothing to write home about.  The Titans Defense will have it’s handsfull with the Chiefs Offense.  They rank 17th in the NFL in points allowed (356), and 13th in yards allowed.  They have played a weak schedule as well.

Marcus Mariota was poised to take the proverbial “Next Step” in 2017, but has fallen short.

Mariota stats.JPG

WOOF.  Brutal season from the ex Oregon Duck.  Obviously, it’s the turnovers that present the largest concern.  Generally in the postseason, whoever wins the turnover battle, wins the game.  Mariota is going to have to make plays with his legs, along with his arm.  He is known for his ability to extend plays with his feet.  He did rush for 312 yards, and 5 rushing touchdowns on the year.  Personally, he sucks.  Look for him to look like shit.

Kansas City Chiefs:

Much like their opponent, the Chiefs have had an up-and-down 2017.  They started out looking the immediate Super Bowl Contenders beating the New England Patriots 42-27 on opening night.  Four more wins came at the expense of the Eagles, Chargers, Redskins, and Texans.  They were off to a 5-0 start, and we go a boat load of the “Kansas City Chiefs are Super Bowl Contenders” talk.

They would go on to lose 6 of their next 7 games.  The losses came at the hands of the Steelers, Raiders, Cowboys, Giants, Jets, and Bills.  They certainly showed their true colors.  They did finish the season with four wins in a row over the Raiders, Chargers, Broncos, and Dolphins.  All crap bag teams.

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Chiefs Quarterback, Alex Smith seems to be on borrowed time with Patrick Mahomes breathing down his neck.

smith stats.JPG

Still a solid year for Smith.  He doesn’t turn the ball over whatsoever.  This trait is vital, in the playoffs.  Ultimately, Smith’s ball protection will likely be the key too the game.  If Tennessee can force some turnovers, then they may be able to sneak out a win.

Smith will be looking to chuck the rock to Tyreek Hill, his speedy deep threat. Hill has 1,183 yards, 7 touchdowns in 2017.

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Kansas City has the league’s leading rusher at their disposal, in Kareem Hunt.  Hunt finished 2017 with 1,327 rushing yards, and 8 touchdowns.  Look for Hunt to make an impact running the ball, catching it in the passing game, and make an impact on special teams.

The Chiefs defense ranks 15th in the league in points allowed, and 28th in yards allowed.  Not quite the stout Kansas City Chiefs defense of years past.  However, they do have insane playmakers in Justin Houston, Marcus Peters, and Tamba Hali.

Final Verdict: 

Chiefs 21 – Titans 10

The Chiefs are just far too well rounded for the Titans, who just barely got in.  I don’t love the Chiefs going much further, but they’ll throw their fanbase a bone, and win a meaningless Wild Card game in 2018.

I leave you with a photo from the Chiefs last home playoff win:

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