BREAKING NEWS: Hue Jackson, and Todd Haley Have Been Fired.


hue jackson relief

First things first, I’d like to extended a hearty fuck you to to Hue Jackson.

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You know it is sad, when you get more excited about a coach firing, than on-field success.  Honestly this news hitting us at 11 AM felt better than beating the Jets.

Today was finally the day.  The nightmare that was Hue Jackson has finally been extinguished.  If he hadn’t thrown absolutely everyone in front of the bus, lied, and trashed the players constantly, I’d feel a little sorry for him.  Instead I feel nothing but joy, and hope to never see him on another NFL team.  If I do, I hope he is coaching with his butt-buddy Marvin Lewis.  Those two can lose in the wildcard round together for years to come in Cincinnati.  I will always hold a strong sense of pure hatred for the very sight of Hue Jackson.  A consummate bull-shitter, who was never cut out to be an NFL Head Coach.  After 1-15, he should have never been brought back.  That spiraled into 0-16, and now 2-5-1.

Todd Haley is a bit different, this one is more of a surprise.  I would’ve though Dorsey would have given him some more time to develop the offense, and scheme.  Obviously this was not the case, as he was fired within an hour of Hue.  The two had been fighting like school girls through the media pretty much since Hard Knocks began.  I initially loved the hiring of Todd Haley, thinking he would work great with a young Quarterback.  But reports are saying he was paying zero attention to Jackson.  He was doing whatever he wanted.  Hue Jackson is a fucking moron, and not qualified to Coach an NFL team, but listen to your boss you fucking shithead.  It’s annoying to think we botched games, because Todd would be going stag.  Fuck you dude, running around basically sabotaging games, series’, play-calls.

Gregg Williams will be our Head Coach until the end of the season.  He will likely be terrible. All Browns coaches are terrible.  What can ya do?  Never get excited about the Browns ever again in the future, you’ll only be let down.

Good news is: Chiefs this week!  Yippie!!




Browns Hire Todd Haley as Offensive Coordinator

The Browns made some more news last night, as many insiders began to report that Todd Haley would be named Offensive Coordinator for the Cleveland Browns.  Previously, the Browns had interviewed Ben McAdoo and Mike Mularkey.  Neither name really moves the needle.  This hiring comes just over a week after Haley was fired from the same position with the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Haley spent the previous six seasons with Steelers as Offensive Coordinator.  Before Pittsburgh, Haley spent two and a half seasons as head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs, and a year under Ken Wisenhunt as the Arizona Cardinals offensive coordinator.

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More recently, Haley has been the Offensive Coordinator for the Pittsburgh Steelers.  He is the brains behind the Bell, Brown, Ben, and Bryant.  He was fired this season after the Steelers lost 45-42 at home to the Jacksonville Jaguars in the AFC Divisional Round.  His team scored 42 fucking points on the 5th ranked defense in terms of points allowed.  In the regular season the Steelers finished third in total yards per game on offense with, 377.9.  In his first full season the Steelers finished 20th in yards per game, and the remaining years they would not finish below 10th in the league in offense.  In the the end, the long-lasting feud between Haley and Roethlisberger was  too much to overcome.

Haley’s most impressive work doesn’t come from Pittsburgh as many believe.  His time with Matt Cassel in Kansas City to me is his finest work.  Haley turned Matt fucking Cassel into a Pro-Bowl Quarterback, and he managed to lead them into the Playoffs.   In 2010 Haley and Cassel finished at 10-6, which was good enough to win the AFC West.  Cassel was named a Pro-Bowl Alternate, as he finished 2010 with 27 touchdowns and 7 interceptions.   Anyone who can make a JAG like Matt Cassel look like a Pro-Bowler can play (coach) for my team any day of the week.


I am certainly optimistic about this hiring, because Haley has a track record of offensive success. He has worked with Tony Romo, Kurt Warner, Ben Roethlisberger, and Matt Cassel  most recently.  All of them had success.  Hell, even Kurt Warner still holds a close place in his heart for Todd:

At the end of the day this is just a hire.  Just a nice name on paper to droll over for a few months, and then call for his firing.  One positive that can come from this move is Dorsey continues to get his ducks in a row.  He’s got his two Front Office Executives, and now an Offensive Coordinator.    Hopefully a new head coach is not too far off, and he has a plan that will be fully executed.