Devin Hester Officially Retires

Sad day in the NFL — although he was no longer on a team this year, Devin Hester was a legend. He re-defined the return game as the most dynamic player the NFL has seen? Does he deserve a spot in Canton? Let’s take a look at the opening kickoff of Super Bowl XLI

The Bears may have gotten stomped in this Super Bowl but this was an iconic play. Devin Hester came from the U and spent a majority of his career on the Bears.  He finished with 5 kick return TDs and 14 (!!) punt return TDs as well. Though he never was great as a positional player, there was no doubt you did not want to let this man return any kind of kick.

He honestly might be the last of the greatest returners with the NFL essentially eliminating kick returns but what a legend to end the era. So farewell to the only Madden player to ever get 100 speed and I hope that we see him in Canton.

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