Fantasy 101: Preparing for Playoffs

It’s that time of year, the temperature is getting colder, the days are getting shorter, and most importantly, it’s almost Fantasy Football Playoffs time.  At this point, you should know if you are in the running to make playoffs, and I have a few pointers from lessons learned that are important to remember as you prepare your army for battle.


#1: Don’t Get Cute

Every year I see people try to out-think the playoffs, and it hurts them in the end.  You need to Start your Studs, and rely on their talent.  Do not over-weigh the match-ups.  Here is a prime example.  I have Tom Brady as my starting Quarterback.  I do not love his match-up against Pittsburgh in the playoffs, but there is no chance that I am sitting the greatest quarterback of all time to dodge that match up.  I will be enraged if I lose because of a streaming Quarterback such as Ryan Fitzpatrick, Jay Cutler, or Tyrod Taylor (I actually think Tyrod is a great streaming option, but he is not a better QB than Tom Brady).  If I’m going to lose, I’m going to do it with my best players.


#2:  Have a Plan

You at this point should know who is reliable, who you want to ride through the playoffs, and who is the next man up.  Depth of people who are mediocre as long term investments or name value only are no longer valuable.  Play your studs and handcuff them where you can.

There is a caveat to this, and that is if you have been streaming options week to week.  As an example, I have not had a consistent and reliable second running back all year, every week I piece together the best option I can.  This is not an ideal situation, but is sometimes what you must do to give yourself the best chance to win any week.  If this is the case, it is even more important have a rough-plan for the playoff weeks so you don’t get stuck in a bad situation during the most important weeks!


#3: Cheer Loud

Fantasy is a hard thing to win every week, so if you are running in the playoffs, congratulations!  This means that you have a team that can win in any given week, and that’s all you need in the playoffs, a few wins.  At this point, you’ve set up your team as best as you can, now you just need a little luck.


Fantasy playoffs are an exciting precursor to the actual NFL playoffs.  If you are in the playoffs, Don’t Get Cute, Have a Plan, Cheer Loud, and good luck!


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