LeBron Goes Full Villain-Mode After Knicks Win

LeBron has been in the news cycle a lot before the Knicks game last night due to his comments that they should have drafted Mavs’ rookie Dennis Smith Jr. rather than Frank Ntilikina. Smith Jr. has of course been lighting up the league, which means LeBron is certainly not wrong — but the context of this irked the Knicks, especially Enes Kanter.  The game was certainly chippy and this scuffle between Kanter and LeBron occurred in the first quarter.

The Knicks dominated most of the game and according to ESPN, had a 99.2% chance of winning with a 75-56 lead towards the end of the third quarter. However, the Knicks did what they do best and found a way to lose to Cleveland — which prompted the below instagram post by LeBron after the game.

I absolutely love the move. The only thing missing from LeBron’s game is that villain aspect. For years, he has tried to play the nice guy role when he should be taking Kobe’s lead and play with the villain mentality. He was at peak-LeBron when he was on the Heat and everybody hated him. Hopefully, this is a sign of things to come because the nice guy image is not working.

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