Mike Singletary Reportedly Interviewed by Browns



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Un-fucking-believable.  According to Will Burge, Mike Singletary was hanging around Berea interviewing with the Browns.  It is still unclear what exactly he was interviewing for.  All that’s known is he had a huge binder with interview material. Not good.  Definitely not good.

^ This is good news.  Singletary turned himself into a complete laughing stock as Head Coach of the San Francisco 49ers. His record as their head coach was 18-22.  Not bad, but certainly nothing to write home about in any way.  He is probably more known for his media rants than wins and losses.

So what exactly could this clown be interviewing for?  Well, there are a few theories being workshopped on the matter:

  1. Singletary was a Defensive Assistant with Gregg Williams for the Los Angeles Rams in 2016.  The Browns could be looking to hire him in the same capacity.
  2. There seems to be a gap between the Front Office and Coaching Staff.  The two Front Office Guys (Depodesta, and Sashi Brown) are not from a Football background.  It is possible they are hiring a “Football Mind” to be the bridge from Front office to the coaching staff.
  3. Head coach is still a possiblity- or maybe coaching in the interim capacity, if Jimmy and Dee Haslam decide to axe Hue Jackson.
  4. Perhaps Hue Jackson will be fired, and Gregg Williams will be promoted to HC, while Singletary takes over as DC.

Personally, I see the second option being the most plausible.  The reports of the gap between the two groups within the two groups inside the organization have been damning.  I believe the Haslam’s are working to hire that “football mind” that would be able to work with both the Geek squad, and Hue and co. I can sadly see options 3 and 4 being legitimate as well.  Lets hope for the best here, but I have a sinking feeling.

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