LiAngelo Ball Arrested in China for Shoplifting

Not a good day to be a Big Baller. LiAngelo Ball is locked up over in China — which I can’t assume is going to be easy to get out of. There’s no further details to what they shoplifted but not a good look to LaVar and the family. Lavar has gone on record saying that ‘Gelo is probably the least likely to make the NBA — essentially throwing him under the bus. I’m not sure what Gelo would be shoplifting as these kids are only supposed to be sporting BBB. I hate to give any attention to the Ball family,  but I cannot wait to hear what Lavar has to say about this. Most likely, he’ll deflect it and just talk about Lonzo’s next game or something but I will be waiting.

Or maybe Lavar wanted this to happen so we continue to talk about the Ball family even when you think there is absolutely nothing to talk about. Either way, not a good look for the Big Ballers and I have to imagine UCLA will hand out some short of suspension which is not great this close to the start of the season.

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