Cam Newton Strikes Again

Cam Newton did his weekly press duties on Wednesday (which in itself isn’t consistent thanks to the female route question incident) and left abruptly after receiving a normal question. The legend of Cam Newton being a sore loser and acting ridiculous after a loss continues.

Cam is rivaling Odell at the point for biggest primadonna in the NFL. There was absolutely nothing wrong with this question but you can see Cam immediately shuts off and then leaves shortly after. Does the word “chunk” trigger Newton? Perhaps but this doesn’t really make sense. I’m sure we’ll get some muffled explanation from the Panthers brass but I doubt they’ll clarify this. Cam still needs to learn how to grow up after experiencing a loss, especially one that he was so detrimental to. He played like garbage, and in turn so did the Panthers. I’m sure if they win this weekend, he’ll be all smiles celebrating into the camera with his Superman pose like the clown he is.

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