Ex-NBA Player Charlie Villanueva has Toilet and Appliances Stolen

This will be the most bizarre story you hear all day, former NBA player Charlie Villanueva took to Twitter to complain about his Dallas home being burglarized. The thieves took off with what you would expect appliances, jewelry, etc — but this is where the story gets good, they also stole his toilet.

For Charlie’s sake, I hope he gets his toilet back. You just don’t steal another man’s toilet. Plain and simple.


LaVar Ball is Starting the “Big Baller League”

The most electrifying man in sports .. that isn’t in sports is back again! LaVar Ball has now come up with the outrageous idea of starting a basketball league for high school grads that don’t want to attend college. Stripping kids of free tuition to earn 10,000 a month playing for the Big Baller league. Amazing. I don’t know where this guy comes up with his ideas but he’s managed to become one of the biggest news stories of 2017 and to that I must tip the cap.

Ball’s Junior Basketball Association, which he says is fully funded by his Big Baller Brand, plans to pay the lowest-ranked player a salary of $3,000 a month and the best player $10,000 a month, Ball said. Ball is looking for 80 players to fill 10 teams that will seek to play at NBA arenas in Los Angeles, Dallas, Brooklyn and Atlanta.

However, the idea that he can essentially replace the NCAA is outrageous. Sure, the kids will earn up to  $10,000 a month but let’s be honest some of the kids at the bigger schools are probably being paid under the table. High school grads will undoubtedly be stupid for forgoing a chance at a free education just to play in LaVar Ball’s league but will it actually work? I can’t see this actually working.

However, players have gone overseas and came back to the NBA and found some success. If LaVar can strike a TV deal — can this actually work? The fact that we’re even considering the possibility of this just goes to show how powerful LaVar Ball has become. It’s absurd. If he can manage to snag one highly touted recruit, this does have potential to become successful.

The logo for the league features a silhouette of his son Lonzo, who plays for the Los Angeles Lakers, going to the hoop for a dunk.

“We don’t need a logo of a guy dribbling,” Ball said, an obvious reference to the NBA’s famous Jerry West silhouette. “Nobody does that anymore.”

Lonzo going for a dunk as the logo? LaVar’s troll game has literally reached new levels. 2018 will be the year of the XFL and the BBL and to be honest, I can’t even hate on it.

Isaiah Thomas Scrimmaging with Cavs G-League Team

Don’t look now but Isaiah Thomas is inching closer to playing his first game as a Cavalier.

Thomas, who injured his hip in last years Eastern Conference Playoffs, is reportedly going to scrimmage with the Cavs G-League affiliate this week, according to Dave McMenamin of ESPN.

It appears that the plan is for Thomas to participate in his first five-on-five practice with the Canton Charge, in either the Cavs’ practice facility or in Canton. This will be Isaiah’s first real competitive test in his rehab since joining the Cavs back in August.

There still is no definitive date for his return, but Isaiah made a comment that he’d like to return in early January. As it turns out the Cavs play the Celtics on January 3rd.. revenge game anyone?

Turkey Seeking Four-Year Prison Sentence for Enes Kanter

Prosecutors are seeking more than four years in prison for New York Knicks’ player Enes Kanter. Earlier in May, Kanter posted several tweets when he was detained at a Romanian airport. One included saying that the Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is the “Hitler of our century”. The six year NBA veteran’s passport was cancelled and wasn’t able to return to American until U.S officials stepped in. Updates on this story should be available soon.