The Garoppolo Effect

Midway through the season, the Patriots made a move that surprised a lot of people- trading Jimmy Garoppolo to the San Francisco 49ers for a measly second round pick. Based on the fact the Pats shipped off Jacoby Brissett to the Colts, one would assume that meant they wanted to keep Garoppolo long-term. Never assume with Belichick making the decisions. It seems like every single year a move is made by the Patriots and everyone thinks, “Why on earth did they do that? That was stupid” but every time it just happens to work itself out. Even though that is the case, this one feels different and I don’t like it.


When asked about the success of the 49ers, Tom Brady had nothing but good things to say about the situation, which obviously comes off as no surprise. In an interview with WEEI, Brady was quoted as saying “Any time you’re in a winning environment that definitely helps and I think guys really enjoy that. You take what you can and try to use it in other places if that’s where you go. Like I said, I think what they’re doing is a credit to them. I don’t think anyone should take credit for what those guys have accomplished.” The 49ers win over the Jaguars also impacted the AFC playoff picture, securing a first-round bye for the Patriots. I’m sure Brady wasn’t too upset by that.

The way Garoppolo was able to come in to a team that was getting embarrassed on a weekly basis and turned around the entire culture has been very impressive. There have been many arguments circulating around about whether the 49ers would be a playoff team is Garoppolo started at the beginning of the season. While I am not totally convinced, I think there is a chance they could have at least four more wins (Cardinals X2, Colts, Redskins). Does that get them into the playoffs? This would be a huge week 17 for them if that was the case.


Being a Patriots fan, there hasn’t been many times where I would actively root for another team. This has definitely changed since the trade, and I hope Garoppolo can carry on his success, whether or not he comes back to New England. Keep rockin’ Jimmy G.

The Jimmy G Era in San Francisco Begins With a Win

The Garoppolo era began yesterday with a 15-14 win at Soldier Field on a last-second FG by Robbie Gould (against his old team, nonetheless) to propel the 49ers to their second victory of the year.  Obviously a lost season for the Niners, who — to be honest are just spoiling their draft spot at this point, were able to have a bright spot this season after the big mid-season trade. With reports already that they are going to franchise tag Garoppolo after the season, Kyle Shanahan looked to the former Patriots’ backup QB to see if he could provide the spark that the Niners franchise needed.

Jimmy G finished the game going 26 – 37 with 293 yards and 1 interception. Not eye popping numbers but he did lead his team 92 yards to kick the game winning FG. Also, pretty hard to argue these stats:



Kidding obviously but this was a huge sign for the 49ers to see some positivity come out of Garoppolo. They’ll still end up with a high draft pick and look to add a star to bolster their rebuild. The future looks bright for the 49ers for sure but in the NFC West, it may be awhile until we’re able to see a competitive Niners team.