Au Revoir.

The Montreal Canadiens travelled to TD Garden last night for the final time in 2018. The teams played three times in 8 days in mid-January, which the Bruins took all 3 games. The Canadiens are just horrible. Each game they play the Bruins, it’s just listless. This one was not much different. Tuukka Rask took a seat on the pine omg for this one, and Carey Price sat for Antti Niemi.

The story of this one came just 37 seconds into the game:

Rookie Defenseman, Charlie McAvoy left the game after getting tripped up. This would be a huge loss if he misses extended time. Not going to speculate what the injury is, but it’s definitely a foot, ankle, leg issue. Unfortunate play, and hope to god the franchise is ok.

Much like the majority of the Bruins vs. Habs matchups this season, this one was a snoozer. With half of the first period gone, Kevan Miller saw his pass intercepted by Brendan Gallagher of the Canadiens. Gallagher walked in, and fired a shot past Anton Khudobin. 1-0 Canadiens.

After this point, the Canadiens stopped playing. The Bruins completed dominated, creating prime scoring chances left and right. Antti Niemi made a staggering 48 saves. Without him, this would have been an ugly scoreline.

Finally, 17 minutes into the third period, Jake Debrusk re-directed a slap pass from Defenseman Nick Holden past Niemi. It was finally a 1-1 game.

The Overtime Period saw the Bruins toy with the hapless Canadiens. The Bruins skated, and passed the puck at will. The Habs were dog tired, when Brad Marchand took a tour of the offensive zone with the puck. Finally getting to the high slot, he fired a puck past Niemi to win the game.

The Bruins take the season series from the Canadiens 4-0. Be more pathetic Montreal, you can’t. In all seriousness, there is a very long re-build ahead up there. The leading point getter up there has 40 points. It’s March 4th. Just a complete joke. I hope it’s a long, miserable, painful, sickening, and difficult road back for that decrepit franchise.

Glad the Bruins continued their strong play. This win gives them 3 in a row since getting spanked by Buffalo. Let’s hope Charlie McAvoy is OK, but it seems for the first time in years, the Bruins have depth to deal with an injury god forbid. Next up the Bruins take on the Detroit Red Wings on Tuesday. Another Atlantic Division foe, who is absolutely miserable. Should be another 2 points. As always, let’s go Bruins.

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