Tom Brady is your 2017 NFL MVP

Well there it is folks; Tom Brady wins the MVP award at forty years of age, the oldest player ever to win the NFL’s highest honor. To put it into perspective, Ram’s head coach Sean McVay just won Coach of the Year at 32. For those of you that struggle with math, Tommy Touchdowns is eight years older than the coach of the year in the most physical league of all major sports. It truly does not make sense that Brady is still able to compete at this high of a level.


This is Brady’s third NFL MVP award, and is just another piece of hardware to add to the trophy case. You may hear the critics get their takes in before the game tomorrow, saying how Brady has won this award twice in the past but the Pats didn’t win in those seasons. That those teams weren’t as good as other Patriots teams, and this team is in that same category. That winning the award will get inside Brady’s head during the game. Some may even go as far as bringing up the awkward kisses with his Dad and son.


Well I am here to tell you that after tomorrow, that will not be the case, and there is no chance this affects his gameplay. Hell, I wouldn’t even be surprised if he doesn’t know that he won it! Brady continues to play like he has something to prove, and has even indicated he is still not over the whole Deflategate suspension. Continuing that mentality throughout this season has the Patriots back in the big game, and I just don’t see them losing. Time and time again, they have shown us that no matter how many points they are down, Belichick’s preparation and gameplan is better than anyone else’s, especially in the playoffs.

If you have gotten this far, it is clear that I am picking the Patriots. Final score:

Patriots 31 Eagles 21 (and another Superbowl MVP for the GOAT)

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