Cam Newton With the All-Time Cocky Move


We got a hot mic here! Obviously the Patriots-Steelers game stole the weekend but man what a cocky move from Cam Newton. It’s hard not to like it, even though Cam is arguably the most unlikeable person in the NFL. Clay Matthews calls out the route that McCaffrey is going to run — from seeing it in the past Panthers’ games and Cam Newton calls him out for watching film.

McCaffrey then looks to be running that wheel route, fakes and cuts inside — leaving him wide open for Cam Newton to zip the ball right in there for the touchdown. He’s out here playing Madden in real life — trash talk and all. This was an awesome move because if Cam misses him or he’s covered by any nature, he is the laughing stock of the week. I’m all aboard the Panthers bandwagon for the NFC now.

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