Catch or No Catch?

What an ending to an absolutely crazy game. For those who didn’t watch, the Patriots took the lead with 56 seconds remaining, Big Ben threw a crossing route to Juju Smith-Schuster who took the ball 69 yards down to the Patriots 10 yard line. The very next play — Jesse James caught a 10 yard touchdown and it looked like Pittsburgh won the game, but hold on, they are reviewing the play but what for? It turns out that in slow motion —  James caught the ball, had 1 knee down and when he extended the ball towards the end-zone the ball came loose. The play was reversed and ruled an incomplete pass. The stadium went nuts and then two plays later the Pats pick off Big Ben to win the game. What an insane ending. Needless to say that the entire country flipped out.


Let’s remember this is the NFL and no one has a clue what is a catch and what isn’t. I personally believe the refs made the right call. As stated in the rules, the ball has to survive the ground — which it didn’t. You can clearly see the ball move and hit the ground when he extended. The whole country can cry as much as they want and Danny can tell us this is why football sucks but it doesn’t change the fact that the ball came loose and was ruled correctly.

Here is the reaction of Ryan Shazier and Juju Smith- Schuster

At the end of the day us Patriot fans are satisfied, we won the game, we won the AFC East, we now own the top spot in the AFC and will hopefully have home field advantage all the way to the Super Bowl. Not a bad day if you ask me.

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