The Browns Found A Way to Win Today


Andddddddddddddddd it moved.  Seriously though.  All along there was always this notion that it was too good to be true.  This was an annual thing, I had seen it before.  Josh Gordon post rehab, clear mind, clear blood stream.  It was always for not.  Generally ending in an indefinite suspension.  Last week, when Hue Jackson announced Josh was on course to practice on 11/22, I almost didn’t believe him.  The mentality I took each year was let me see it, and I’ll believe it.  Well today, my wish was granted.  Josh returned to the practice field for the first time since training camp in 2015-16.  All I needed was visual confirmation.

Hard to really judge what kind of shape he’s in considering I’m a disgusting slob, but that looked pretty good! Seems to be the general reaction from the team after today.  Hue Jackson was quoted in saying, ” He’s something.  It was a good first day….”.  The sounds coming from the media, and coaches echo what I have been saying about this guy.  Dude is a natural talent.  The rumblings from the beat writers that troll this team are that Josh was easily the best receiver on the field in practice.  It’s just practice but, my god am I excited to have a real offensive weapon to watch!!

Say what you want, but today was a win for the Browns.  They get a guy back who could be a massive difference maker.  Hopefully Josh is the spark the offense needs.  Josh coming back should take some pressure off Kizer in the 5 or so games he is eligible to play.  He forces defenses to devote extra man power in stopping him, leading to other wide receivers being open, or more opportunities to run the ball.

Josh is eligible to play in his first game next week against the San Diego Chargers.  The remaining schedule looks like so:


Week 13:  @

Image result for Los Angeles Chargers logo

Week 14: 

Image result for Green Bay packers

Week 15: 

Image result for baltimore ravens

Week 16:  @

Image result for Chicago Bears

Week 17: @

Image result for pittsburgh steelers

It’s so great to have Josh back for the playoff push.  You heard me:

In all seriousness, this is not the easiest slate of games especially since we suck.  Hopefully Josh can help bring us a few wins.  We’re getting into, “JUST ONE WIN PLEASE” territory.  I’ll say Josh brings the Browns 3 wins.  Gordon, Coleman, Duke, Crowell, Njoku, Devalve is a unit of skilled offensive players that should be able to win 1 or 2.  Lets get rolling.

Welcome back Josh!!!!!!!

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