Office Lock of the Day 10/17

As the start of the NBA season commences tonight, the Office LOTD is going to make its return appearance. After a brief stint, both the locks and bonuses managed to hit both times. With all four major sports now in rotation, although baseball is coming to an end — we have plenty to bet on. In honor of the NBA returning, we will move there for the action.

Record: 2-0-0       Streak: 2W    Last 10: WW

NBA: Boston Celtics (+3.5) @ Cleveland Cavaliers

For opening night, we have two fantastic games but we’re going to put the action on the ECF rematch between the Celtics and the Cavs. As we all know, this was a huge offseason for both teams which are trying to elevate themselves over that level that the Warriors are on. The teams shuffled players — sending Kyrie over for IT and Crowder. Kyrie needed a new change of scenary and got probably the best possible place for him to go. C’s fans are eager to see their draft pick Tatum is action who is slated to get the start tonight. Can’t sleep on their addition of a top 5 SF in Gordon Hayward either.

However, it’s damn near impossible to sleep on any team that has LeBron James step on the court. The King will certainly make this difficult for the Celtics and there’s no doubt a rivalry brewing between himself and Irving. But — he’s not 100% and I think that will certainly be a factor in tonight’s game. D-Wade and D-Rose aren’t scaring anybody and I think the youth from the Celtics is going to push them to keep this close — if not win outright. I like the Celtics with the points in a tough fought opening game.

Pick: Boston Celtics (+3.5)  (-105)   WIN


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