Ronaldinho Hangs Up His Cleats

The soccer world has lost a legend today as Ronaldinho has called it quits after an amazing playing career. This generation grew up with Ronaldinho and I’m sure he has influenced a ton of fans into playing and watching soccer.

He was impossible to hate and made everything look so effortless.  Of course, he was only playing in Brazil right now and not at a high level but the man made the game fun — which I wish a lot more players would do so today. In terms of entertainment value, Ronaldinho may have been the best player ever. He finishes his career with a World Cup, Ballon d’Or, a Champions League title, 2 La Liga titles, and a Serie A title. Not too shabby.

I leave you all with a highlight video and here’s to hoping someone comes along that is 50% as entertaining and skilled as ‘dinho.