Bye Week Episode 5

It’s the week before the fantasy playoffs and we have the answers for the burning questions on your mind. AB is gone — who is your plug-in WR for the most important matchup of the year. Jimmy Graham has put up two duds and why you should still trust him. We finish with our bust of the week and bold predictions to end the fantasy season.


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Mark Ingram & Alvin Kamara are first RB Pro-Bowl Duo in 42 years

You have to go all the way back to the St. Louis Cardinals duo of┬áJim Otis and Terry Metcalf in 1975 to find another RB tandem that made the Pro Bowl together. Now we’re not even going to pretend to know who those guys are since they’re now irrelevant but I’m a little surprised the tandem of DeAngelo Williams & Jonathan Stewart never made it. Nonetheless, this is a huge accomplishment to a backfield that most people were ready to give to Adrian Peterson (ha.ha.) when the season started. The Saints obviously started off 0-2 and tons of people were ready to write them off. Nobody had even really heard of Alvin Kamara before the seasons tarted.

With the Saints primed for a divisional championship, you would expect Drew Brees to have the historic numbers he always has had. This season however, he’s kind of taken a backseat to let his backs do the punching for the Saints offense. Both Ingram & Kamara have had stud seasons. Ingram is sporting 1,045 yards and 11 TDs while the front-runner for rookie of the year has done it through the air and ground. Kamara has 652 yds, 7 TDs rushing while recording 684 yds and 5 TDs receiving. Of course, the Pro Bowl is always a consolation prize to a Super Bowl trip so the Saints would love to see these guys not be able to play — but still a huge accomplishment. The only worry for the Saints now is that if Ingram is selected to the first All-Pro team, he has a clause to be released from his contract — which is a great idea to cash in (shoutout whoever his agent is).