On This Day 2 Years Ago — Conor McGregor Became a Superstar

December 12, 2017 marks two years from the day where Conor McGregor became arguably one of the biggest stars in the sports world. On the uprise before this fight, this solidified him and well, the rest is history. He knocked out the reigning featherweight legend Jose Aldo with just one fateful punch in 13 seconds.

This goes in the category of one of those unforgettable sports moments. McGregor had that look that nothing was going to stop him that night — and nothing did. Aldo, obviously was emotional after being bullied in the lead-up.


McGregor of course has gone on to win the lightweight belt and cash in on a huge fight with Floyd Mayweather. Aldo however has lost against Max Halloway twice and looks to be on his way out. It’s safe to say McGregor came in and broke him.

2 years though and he still hasn’t defended a belt. Hm.

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