OC NFL Season Preview: NFC South

The final part of our division picks bring us to the NFC South, home of last year’s NFC champion Atlanta Falcons. The NFC South is often regarded as one of the most even divisions but was recently dominated by the Panthers (3 of the last 4 crowns) until the Falcons took the torch last year. This division has managed to provide 2 of the last Super Bowl runner-ups so it will be interesting to see where it falls this year. Let’s take a look at the picks:

NFC SouthImage result for nfc south



Quick Hits

  • Hard Knocks pays off:  All writers have the Bucs in a playoff spots, with 3 of 4 predicting they’ll take the division crown.
  • Panthers Parity: Allen has the Panthers in a prime spot for a bounce-back with 12-4, with the other predictions have the Panthers not doing as well, falling as low as 6-10.
  • 28-3 Hangover: The Falcons look to bounce back well after losing their offensive coordinator. 75% of the staff believes they will have double-digit wins.
  • Not So Big Easy: Despite the shuffling of positions on the first three teams, all writers don’t see this year going that well for Drew Brees and the Saints — all finishing below .500.


That wraps up the division breakdowns — we’ll move onto awards and playoffs next.

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