Premier League Week 1 Picks

Friday sees the beginning of the long Premier League campaign spanning from August to May. The defending champions Chelsea FC look to regain the throne in what will prove to be a tumultuous season. As the season goes on, we’ll do a write up on some of the significant matchups. For now we’re just going to pick, so let’s get to it.


Arsenal v Leicester

  • Allen – Arsenal
  • Danny – Arsenal

Brighton v Man City

  • Allen – Man City
  • Danny – Man City

Chelsea v Burnley

  • Allen – Chelsea
  • Danny – Chelsea

Crystal Palace v Huddersfield

  • Allen – Palace
  • Danny – Palace

Everton v Stoke

  • Allen – Draw
  • Danny – Everton

Man United v West Ham

  • Allen – Draw
  • Danny – West Ham

Newcastle v Spurs

  • Allen – Spurs
  • Danny – Spurs

Southampton v Swansea

  • Allen – Draw
  • Danny – Swansea

Watford v Liverpool

  • Allen – Liverpool
  • Danny – Watford

West Bromwich v Bournemouth

  • Allen – West Brom
  • Danny –  Bournesmouth

Season Total (updated after Week 1)

Allen – 5W – 5L

Danny – 4W – 1 L





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