LeBron Goes Full Villain-Mode After Knicks Win

LeBron has been in the news cycle a lot before the Knicks game last night due to his comments that they should have drafted Mavs’ rookie Dennis Smith Jr. rather than Frank Ntilikina. Smith Jr. has of course been lighting up the league, which means LeBron is certainly not wrong — but the context of this irked the Knicks, especially Enes Kanter.  The game was certainly chippy and this scuffle between Kanter and LeBron occurred in the first quarter.

The Knicks dominated most of the game and according to ESPN, had a 99.2% chance of winning with a 75-56 lead towards the end of the third quarter. However, the Knicks did what they do best and found a way to lose to Cleveland — which prompted the below instagram post by LeBron after the game.

I absolutely love the move. The only thing missing from LeBron’s game is that villain aspect. For years, he has tried to play the nice guy role when he should be taking Kobe’s lead and play with the villain mentality. He was at peak-LeBron when he was on the Heat and everybody hated him. Hopefully, this is a sign of things to come because the nice guy image is not working.


The Funniest Thing You’ll See Today: Jimmy Butler


Laugh out loud funny stuff from Jimmy Butler on a canoe. He’s been having a solid season out in Minnesota but is clearly not a fan out the outdoors. He’s wearing two life jackets and still manages to let out the loudest screech possible. The absolute kicker is when you find out that he’s only in ankle-deep water.


LiAngelo Ball Arrested in China for Shoplifting

Not a good day to be a Big Baller. LiAngelo Ball is locked up over in China — which I can’t assume is going to be easy to get out of. There’s no further details to what they shoplifted but not a good look to LaVar and the family. Lavar has gone on record saying that ‘Gelo is probably the least likely to make the NBA — essentially throwing him under the bus. I’m not sure what Gelo would be shoplifting as these kids are only supposed to be sporting BBB. I hate to give any attention to the Ball family,  but I cannot wait to hear what Lavar has to say about this. Most likely, he’ll deflect it and just talk about Lonzo’s next game or something but I will be waiting.

Or maybe Lavar wanted this to happen so we continue to talk about the Ball family even when you think there is absolutely nothing to talk about. Either way, not a good look for the Big Ballers and I have to imagine UCLA will hand out some short of suspension which is not great this close to the start of the season.

Stern Green-Lights the Idea of Marijuana Being Removed from Banned Substance List

SI- In an interview with former NBA player Al Harrington, ex-NBA commissioner David Stern said he is in favor of removing marijuana from the league’s list of banned substances.

“I’m now at the point where, personally, I think [marijuana] probably should be removed from the ban list,” Stern said. “I think there is universal agreement that marijuana for medical purposes should be completely legal.”

Harrington, who became a cannabis entrepreneur after retiring from the NBA, produced a documentary with UNINTERRUPTED to highlight the medicinal use of marijuana in professional sports. The 37-year-old said he believes “over 70 percent of athletes in major sports smoke marijuana.”

“I think it’s that big,” Harrington said. “Not only the players, but I think coaches consume, I think the owners consume. I think in sports it’s very prevalent and it’s right there.”

As part of the documentary, Harrington invited Stern to speak about the drug because “he was the commissioner during the roughest time for the NBA for drugs.”

Stern, who served as commissioner from 1984-2014, said his policies were appropriate at the time. “Some of our players came to us and said [players] were high coming into the game, so we began tightening it up,” he said.

Big words from the former NBA commissioner in regards to one of the (assumed) most frequent used banned substances in the NBA. I have to imagine that during the next CBA, this will be a highly debated topic as it is becoming legalized across the United States. It makes sense to not have something that is legal to use be a banned substance in the NBA. It always blows my mind how these athletes — not so much the NBA lately — can’t just wait until they are out of the league (see: Josh Gordon, Justin Blackmon) before they start up the drug habits. It makes huge sense here to just remove it from the list and avoid the problem altogether.

The big stand-out from this article was Al Harrington saying that he believes over 70 percent of athletes in major sports smoke marijuana. Obviously, we take Al Harrington’s word with a grain of salt but that is an absurdly high number to roll out into the public. We knew the major sports leagues’ drug testing is sub-par at best but give me a break. It’ll be interesting to see if Silver has any reaction to what his old commissioner says especially considering Stern could have easily taken this path when he was in office.

Meanwhile, JR Smith still has no idea it’s banned.

Lakers Have No Right to Complain About Gortat

ESPN – Brandon Ingram said Lonzo Ball and the Los Angeles Lakers did not take kindly to Marcin Gortat’s tweet about how John Wall “will torture” the rookie point guard when the Washington Wizards visit L.A. on Wednesday.

“Yeah, of course we did,” Ingram said when asked whether he saw Gortat’s tweet on Monday. “Everyone has social media, definitely saw it. The competitor in Lonzo, of course he didn’t take it so well, and with his teammates behind him, we didn’t take it so well.”

The Wizards center was responding to a video of Ball’s father, LaVar, saying, “Washington is coming in Wednesday? They better beware because Lonzo ain’t losing again [this week].”

What a joke — what do they expect? People aren’t going to let LaVar run his mouth and not come right back at the Lakers. Here’s the tweet in question:

First off before addressing anything, Gortat is absolutely correct. John Wall is one of the premier PGs in the league and will absolutely have his way with the rookie Lonzo all night long. Let’s get this straight — the Lakers are NOT good. The only reason anybody is even paying attention to them is because of the sitcom that the media has run with which is LaVar Ball. I actually do expect the Lakers to keep it close tonight as they are hosting a Wizards team travelling out west but give me a break. Lonzo & the Lakers can’t expect

According to The Washington Post, “Nah, no mercy,” Wall responded when asked if he would show leniency to the 19-year-old rookie point guard despite his braggadocious father.

John Wall plays with an aggression that I’d put only second to Russell Westbrook. It’ll be great to see Lonzo put in his place, as he should be all season long. John Wall is 10-5 against starting rookie point guards — should be 11-5 after tonight.

Celtics vs. Cavs Recap

Opening night in the NBA did not disappoint. An off-season filled with excitement and interest carried over to Tuesday night. Unfortunately the night began with sadness. Less than 6 minutes into the first quarter, Gordon Hayward came off a back screen alley-oop attempt, flew through the air, came down off balance and awkwardly landed on his ankle. As he spun himself on the ground, we were shown the horrific scene — his ankle was facing the wrong way. After the game, it was reported that he had dislocated his ankle and had a fractured tibia. He was stretchered off the court and has been brought back to Boston for further testing and surgery.

After that gruesome injury, the Celtics were in a daze and the Cavs out-scored the Celtics 45 – 26. At halftime, it was reported that Gordon Hayward stuck around to see his teammates during the half to let them know he was okay. Knowing that Hayward was okay, the Celtics came out out red hot and by the end of the third they were able to come within 1 point, nearly erasing a 19 point deficit.

The 4th quarter was pure electricity — each team trading the lead multiple times. In the end what did the Celtics in, was a corner three from Kevin Love with 46 seconds left.


Although the Celtics started the season off with a loss, there were a few positive take aways.

The first has to be the fight that this team has — only having 4 returning players from last years 53 win team and only 1 starter, we weren’t sure what to expect from this team.

Although losing Gordon Hayward will hurt the C’s, his injury will provide more playing time for Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum. Two young players who played very well last night. Jaylen scored 25 points, had 6 rebounds and 2 steals. Jayson also had played well, after having a shaky first half which is expected from a rookie playing his first game, he still recorded a double – double 14 points and 10 rebounds. These two players have been given a great opportunity — lets hope they don’t blow it.

We all knew this was Kryie’s team, but now because of the injury he will be looked to even more on and off the court. He will be asked to score more than he has ever scored before and as it stands the season rests on his shoulders.

The starting lineup moving forward should look like:

PG – Kyrie Irving

SG – Jaylen Brown

SF – Jayson Tatum

PF – Marcus Morris

C – Al Horford

Gordon Hayward Fractures Ankle in First Quarter as a Celtic


Awful stuff in the first quarter of the Celtics game. Hayward went up for a routine play and came down right on his ankle. Immediately thought to be a broken leg, looks to be a fractured ankle. Unreal stuff watching this live — hope he has a speedy recovery.





Good to see that players can put aside their team allegiances aside for each other as well.