Christian Pulisic Claims Americans’ Expectations For Him Are Too High

Not exactly what you want to be hearing from the future of the US Men’s National Team but here we are. Why would Pulisic say this? Well let’s take a live look at ESPN..

Comparing him to Messi & Ronaldo? Never change ESPN. This is definitely a bit far-fetched and I will admit the expectations for Pulisic are essentially to save the US men’s soccer program — especially after the embarrassment this fall of not qualifying for the World Cup this year. The fallout has already started, with young star Jonathan Gonzalez committing to Mexico over the United States.

“I would say that the expectations some Americans put on me is too much,” he said. “But I don’t take it that way. I know no one means harm to me or wants to put too much pressure on me. It’s kind of what they’ve done or do in the past. A lot of countries do.”

 The quote isn’t that outrageous but the US needs this kid to be everything that Freddy Adu wasn’t. US Soccer has never been as down as it is right now and this kid is one of the brightest stars. He plays a significant role on a top team in a top four league in Europe so things are looking bright.

“It’s not about completely restarting. It’s not like we have everything wrong or we panic,” he said. “It’s about developing what we already have into even better. I think if we continue to do that then of course players will come up and there will be new talents. I think if we do that and build on what we already have, we can really create something.”

It does seem like he has a good head on his shoulders and he’s only 19. Get this team a real coach and see if he can shine.

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