Jared Goff buys his O-Line Yeti Coolers and Hennessey

Rams — so hot right now. After a 42-7 (and honestly shouldn’t have even been 7) dismantling of division rival Seahawks, Jared Goff went out and rewarded his lineman for the great season that they’re having. The Rams, as you know, had the worst offense in the NFL last year.  Sitting at 10-4, with one of the most explosive offenses — life is now much better in LA than it was last year. A big part of that is obviously first year head coach Sean McVay but a lot of credit has to go to Goff and his offensive line.

We see this every year when QBs reward their lineman for not allowing them to get killed. Goff went out and got these boys Yeti Coolers and Hennessey to put in them — love the move. The two coolers together are worth $800 so not an overly expensive gift but still Yeti Coolers are awesome. Granted Zeke got his lineman last year golf carts..

Image result for zeke gator offensive line

But I like the move by Goff. Gotta start small and then raise your gift game.


Sidenote — If you’re Russell Wilson, do you just not get them anything? Something to keep an eye on.

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